Hi John and Pam

This is an up-date of the green Natzi groups turned into the IRS, as of Sep. 7, 2001.

My background:

I Check with Guidestar.org to see if the group is a 501(c)(3). Then, print hardcopy of Summary, Mission and Programs, Financials, Leaders, and Form 990 (annual tax return).

Go to Search engines like Google, Hotbot, Yahoo, and put in the company name. Select "Advance Search" with "exact words" of company name. Click on "Search".

Look for the numerous pages where the organization is politically active, requesting the organization member and/or the public to write their legislator, or government manager, to respond to "THEIR" agenda.

For example, Sierra Club produces several pages of propaganda then tells members, and the general public, to write, call, or e-mail legislators, or a Forest Service Manager, to do what's called for in the Sierra Club Agenda.

The Sierra Club provides Legislators addresses.

A Non-Profit organization is suppossed to provide education, not political activism, to the Public. What the Sierra Club is doing, is illegal.

This is against the law and the Internal Revenue Code, and the relative part of the IRC can be downloaded from your site at www.z600.com

I copy off the obvious violations where the organization is telling the public to contact their legislators, or local government managers. The violations are underlined in red, and hi-lited in yellow. In the margins, the violation is noted.

For example, "Write Your Congressman..." I put, VIOLATION IRC 4911(d). Or, Rev. Rul. 62-71, or both, in the margin.

The package is put together, which weighs a pound, or so, and is about one-half inch thick. Then, I make a copy of the package for my records.

I complete two IRS forms, termed, INFORMATION REPORT REFERRAL, Form 3949, and, APPLICATION FOR REWARD FOR ORIGINAL INFORMATION, Form 211. These are the cover letters for the package. The IRS local agency "Date Stamps" the IRF, Form 3949, for my records. (Any rewards will be taxable, but it takes 3 years)

These are the organizations, by date, turned into the IRS as of Sep. 7,2001

AMERICAN WILDLANDS                                  7/20
ALLIANCE FOR THE WILD ROCKIES                       7/19
colorADO ENVIRONMENTAL COALITION                    7/25
SWAN VIEW COALITION                                 7/25
FRIENDS OF THE BITTERROOT                           7/27
ARIZONA WILDLIFE FEDERATION                         8/2
MONTANA WILDLIFE FEDERATION                         8/2
MONTANA HUMAN RIGHTS NETWORK                        8/6
DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE                               8/14
OREGON NATURAL RESOURCE COUNCIL                     8/10
NATIONAL WILDLIFE FEDERATION                        8/10
FRIENDS OF WILD SWAN                                8/17
GREATER yellowSTONE COALITION                       8/21
WILDERNESS WATCH                                    8/23
COLD MOUNTAIN COLD RIVERS                           9/7
ECOLOGY CENTER                                      9/7
The contributions and grants for these guys for 1999 is over $150,000,000. They file bogus form 990 tax returns. Let's assume a 10 percent recovery penalty on un-paid taxes as a reward paid to me, that, contributes to my "SO-SO" security. But, let's put them out of business, before my reward.

John and Pam, I need your help. My research shows there are hundreds of these green Natzi groups out there. Please, somebody, join me in the delicious slaughter of these 4th Reich Natzis before Congress starts, finishes their investigations, and changes the tax law. Your reward will be substantial.

John, You have my permission to read this over the air. It's kinda like Joshua playing the Marine Corps Anthem after the sixth trip around the "WALL".

Send in more troops.

David Robinette

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