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Operation Glove in Face

by Larken Rose

I recently started what I call Operation "Glove in Face," where I publicly DARE the feds to prosecute me for not filing tax returns or sending money to the IRS. This isn't because I think the law is unconstitutional or invalid; it's because the LAW ITSELF shows that the income of most Americans is not taxable. The actual challenge to the feds can be seen here:

So here is what's been going on:

1) A few papers have refused to run the above ad (even as a normal paid ad), but now we've gotten a few to agree to run it. I'll let you know when and where it runs.

2) One of the subscribers on this list spent a day handing out hundreds of print-outs of the "please prosecute me" flier to people in front of the IRS and DOJ buildings in Washington, DC, including hundreds of IRS and DOJ employees. Bravo!

3) The IRS is trying to figure out what to do about me sending their paper-pushers copies of the "Theft By Deception" video. Examiners are being told to call a certain office if they receive a copy of the video, no doubt so the employees can be given a booster shot of extortionist indoctrination (and I'm betting the higher-ups want to confiscate the video).

4) The news has been spreading that an attorney was recently convicted of willful failure to file, after relying on the "show me where the law makes me liable" approach. In light of that, and the ongoing We The People publicity campaign, I feel the need yet again to point out something that angers a lot of "patriots."

The "patriot movement," or whatever you'd like to call it, has done a fabulous job of STRENGTHENING the incorrect conventional wisdom about the income tax by arguing things which are irrelevant and/or incorrect, and using techniques which give the feds a perfect opportunity to "make an example" of them by robbing them, imprisoning them, etc. There are a lot of well-intentioned people arguing the WRONG THING, and their good intentions lead to really bad consequences. And the consequences are not just for them, but for the general public who becomes MORE sure that we all owe "income taxes" every time some "patriot" bites the dust.

For the most part I have maintained "freelance hermit" status, refusing to make formal alliances with all the individuals and organizations out there, including some that I often agree with. The problem is that, just like with government politicians, agendas and deals take over, and the truth gets lost. Unfortunately, for all the good intentions and effort, I have to put the current efforts of "We The People" in that category.

Imagine there is some sleezebag in office (not hard to imagine, I know), and you want him out because you know he's a crook. Suppose you had proof that he embezzled a million dollars. If you go out and publicly accuse him of murder, extortion, rape, kidnapping, and embezzlement, when only the embezzlement charge is actually true, what would the result be? After refuting the other claims, the sleezebag would paint YOU as a liar who is out to get him, and tap-dance around the only issue that was actually valid.

That is EXACTLY what the "tax protestor" movement has been doing since before I was born, and the result is predictable. Keep in mind, I am NOT the one who first "discovered" 861; I waded through countless theories and arguments before I ever heard of it. I cringe when people suggest that we should pile together every theory imaginable, to maximize our "ammo" against the IRS. Just like with the sleezebag scenario, that methods defeats US, not them.

NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN CONVICTED FOR RELYING ON WHAT THE LAW SAYS IS TAXABLE (i.e. 26 USC § 861(b) and 26 CFR § 1.861-8). How many of you knew that? Lots and lots of people HAVE been convicted for arguing stuff that has a similar-sounding "punchline" (i.e. "I'm not required to pay this"), but based on reasons OTHER than what the LAW ITSELF SAYS. That alone scares a lot of people so much that they don't want to look into the issue at all.

I hate to say it, but I am firmly convinced that right now the biggest OBSTACLE to the truth getting out is NOT the federal government; it is the "tax honesty movement." By confusing the public, by giving them bogus arguments that can easily be refuted, by showing the public countless examples of how "people who fight the IRS go to jail," the "movement" has STRENGTHENED the conventional wisdom that says we all owe federal income taxes, when the LAW shows otherwise.

I read the most recent issue of Media Bypass, in which an ad for the "Theft By Deception" video appeared, and I had to shake my head. This "movement" has to be the most self-defeating organization in history. (It reminds me of the "crack suicide squad" in Monty Python's the Life of Brian.) The "untax gurus" continue to harp on the provable false notion that "getting paid for working" does not constitute "income." How many more statutes, regulations, and court rulings have to be cited disproving that; how many more people have to go to jail for trying it, before people stop spreading that garbage? How much more time, effort and money are going to be wasted arguing something that the feds can (and do) easily squash? Not only is it wrong, but it's the perfect thing for the feds to use to DISTRACT from what the law itself actually says.

And when will the "patriots" give up the 16th Amendment fetish? It's doesn't MATTER whether it was ratified. So says the Supreme Court (Stanton v. Baltic Mining), and the Secretary of the Treasury (Treasury Decision 2303). And since the law ITSELF still limits the income tax to a proper, constitutional, limited tax (primarily on international and foreign commerce), why on earth would anyone argue about the underlying basis of the tax, especially since the 16th Amendment is NOT the basis of Congress' ability to tax incomes? If the ATF showed up at your door, asking where your whiskey-distilling taxes are, which makes more sense: challenging the validity of the tax, or explaining that you don't distill whiskey? Why do people insist on challenging the legitimacy of a tax that most of us don't owe?

I might as well answer the question, and make a lot of people froth at the mouth: because people have their incomes, reputations, and agendas built upon the argument. Just like the average CPA out there, they REFUSE to consider something new; they REFUSE to consider whether they might be wrong. They cannot afford, financial or psychologically, to admit that they were DEAD WRONG about what they've been saying for a zillion years. They cannot afford to objectively examine the evidence.

I can hear it now: "Well what makes you any different?"

I waded through all the garbage out there before I ever heard of Section 861. But ultimately, I hope you DON'T treat me any differently. I don't want you to accept MY "theory." I want you to LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE. If it does not match what I'm saying, then by all means, ignore me. I don't WANT "followers" who won't make the truth their own by putting it to the test themselves. Too many people will follow anything that sounds nice, and in doing so march themselves and others into big time trouble.

Don't tell me we should all get along. We should all be telling the TRUTH. I don't particularly WANT to "get along" with people spreading a lie, even if they THINK they're telling the truth. This may sound harsh, but considering what we're up against (the biggest, nastiest extortion racket in history), we don't have room to "get along" with those shooting in the wrong damn direction.

Having someone tell you "you're wrong" feels like a personal attack, and unfortunately hardly anyone responds rationally. They feel attacked, so they attack back. The truth becomes a casualty in the war of "I'm gonna win the argument."

I humbly ask each of you to try this exercise: take away the gurus, the reports, the theories, etc. Take away everything but the LAW, and YOU. Can you logically justify your current beliefs? If not, you're probably shooting in the wrong direction, or at least you need to do more research.

Right NOW the "income tax" fraud is vulnerable, and a whole lot of people who don't at all fit the "tax protestor" stereotype are learning the truth and joining in the fight to end the fraud. But they have to try to overcome all the misinformation and bogus theories that the "tax protestors" are spreading. Do not "follow." Learn, understand, know, and act. Too many people--often with the best of intentions--are leading in the wrong direction. Which is more important to you: defending what you now believe, or defending the truth? If you dare not open your beliefs up to all the criticism you can find, it's probably because they couldn't withstand the test.

I don't want you blindly following me, or anyone else. I don't want followers; I want allies. Allies who understand the fraud for themselves, and are willing to do what it takes to tear it down.


Larken Rose

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