The tone and tendency of to attack the institutions of the
country under the name of reform and to make war on the manners
and customs of the people under the pretext of progress.
Benjamin Disraeli
Speech In London, June 24, 1872

Karl Marx (1818-1883) adapted the theory of Uniformitarianism, and the darwinist notion of the "survival of the fittest," to his theory of "class warfare." This is the theory of Dialectical and Historical Materialism (the logic of conflict dealing with only the material things of this world), wherein one society (the thesis) clashes with another society (the anti-thesis), and results in the formation of a third and "better" (the "building-up" process) society (the synthesis). Supposedly Communism would clash with Capitalism, and the result would be the perfect Socialist state. The average American now expects a "new secular order," or "New World Order," to appear through the efforts of the United Nations or a United Europe, not realizing that it is only another socialist and totalitarian scheme. Even Christians expect the New World Order to appear soon, courtesy of the Anti-christ.

In practice, such socialistic things as a "common purse" or "holding all things in common" can only work successfully among very small units of people, usually among only a few families. As a positive force in society Socialism is a failure. When people are not allowed personal ownership and reward for their labors, individual initiative disappears. If everyone is to receive an equal share from the common store, why would anyone want to work harder or produce more than his neighbor?

Socialism was tried in America at Plymouth. It produced indolence, welfare-prone laziness, unwillingness to work, lack of incentive, and hopelessness. The colony would have starved if it were not for the friendly Indians who showed them how to plant American corn. Only when Governor Bradford divided up the land and left each family to shift for itself or suffer want, did the situation improve. In the end, with the hope and promise of possible abundance being produced under a free-enterprise system, prosperity prevailed. Free-enterprise then became the driving force of America.

For years Soviet Russia has failed to feed itself while America has prospered under the free-enterprise system. But our free-enterprise system is turning into another form of socialism. Today, in America, people want too much "for free" from big government. Nothing is free. Not socialized medicine, or anything else that government can provide. Many of these ills of our society would be better solved on the state and local level, and by the churches, rather than by federal government. Local control allows citizens greater influence on policies, and lowers the amount of graft and waste that the Federal government has become famous for. But then, that would necessitate the citizenry participating in government, and would require church attendance and financial support. Though the Constitution is not etched in stone, it is a fact that our Federal Government has clearly overstepped its authority, nullified many traditional American concepts, and has become a burden to the people through graft, the thievery of heavy taxation, and the stupid accumulation of massive debt. America now practices Corporate Socialism (also called State Capitalism). Our original Republican government is being legislated out of existence.

Nikolai Lenin (1870-1924) put Marx's theory into ruthless militant application in Communist Russian society, and murdered millions of individuals at home and abroad.

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), born illegitimately as Adolf Schicklgruber, an early "New Age" advocate, developed Marx's theory into a racial philosophy that cost millions more people their lives. The German people failed to practice what they professed to believe, and paid a very heavy price for their laxness. For all practical purposes, they accepted Humanism. Even the German citizens were reduced to "biological entities" that were "expendable." It became easy for the people to blame "the Jews" for all of societies problems.

Russia fell from a coup, but Germany's people turned their backs on God! Their scientific advances failed to prepare them for the barbarity that followed. America is precisely following the same path as early Nazi Germany. If the current trend continues, the judgement of God will surely bring punishment or destruction to America!

Nazism was and is only another form of socialism. Socialist leaders are still endlessly coming to power due to the ignorance, lethargy, and gullibility of the people, abroad and at home. In America, the average citizen can't even describe what a socialist really is.

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