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Do you have a gut feeling that things are not quite right in the world today - that America is in decline just as the Roman Empire was centuries ago? Do you know anyone who doesn't? (You probably do.) Most conscious folks do sense that liberty and freedom are inexorably being swallowed up by unseen forces.

The purpose of this "little book" is to lead you to the truth of our current situation and to help you understand why you have been "in the dark". As you journey through our tome by clicking on the button and text links, you will begin to realize that you have been deliberately kept from TRUTH, lied to by the government, media, and your elected politicians. You will discover that the corporate structure of your state and country have deceived you. (Enron is not the only outrageously fraudulent corporation, Ed. Note: consider the time this article was written.)

You will discover that your elected government operates within two domains - a corporation (look up the definition of United States in any old law dictionary), and a constitutional REPUBLIC. You will discover many truths that may change your life forever. Once you learn the truth about WHO YOU ARE, you will be able to find the remedies to reclaim what you have lost.

You will learn why our education system produces very ignorant citizens - it is not by accident. The biggest failure is that the talent of learning to THINK is neglected. You will learn the difference between a sovereign free human being and a corporate fiction slave. You will discover why wars occur and how they are linked to the banking industry, how our courts operate and how they are supposed to operate (BIG difference).

Our "courts", which once defended our individual rights, have turned the pursuit of justice into a mission of using statutes to take our property for the benefit of the state. See U.S. Legal History if you find this hard to swallow.

Spend the time to carefully digest this "little book" and you will eventually KNOW what is broken and HOW to fix it. This applies to your own domain as well as your country's.

People who believe that freedom is free are lost souls. Freedom was never free, and never will be. One of the most disheartening truths today is the extreme gullibility of the American people to the point that even when confronted with facts, the lies are believed rather than the facts. This is not only with respect to the propaganda put forth by the government controlled media, but also in regards to the denial of statutes that state clearly (rare) to whom “laws” apply. The purpose of this website is to correct this little flaw - to succeed where our education system fails. Sheeple get what they deserve and so do sovereigns.

"Many, if not most, will scoff at the idea that America could ever fall to totalitarian rule-and there is a sense in which even I find it incredible America will come to such a hideous end: I continue to hope a majority of Americans will eventually wake up, open their eyes, see the growing monster approaching us, reverse course and set America in a new direction of expanding freedom. But as matters stand now, they do not see what is coming and as long as they do not, we will continue to inch our way towards totalitarianism-and this is not some awful fate to be suffered by generations to follow in some distant future."
Fulton Huxtable - FATAL BLINDNESS

Why We Are Losing:

"The major shortcoming of the freedom movement all these years has been our ongoing failure to unite on a national scale. There is indeed "strength in numbers", yet many thousands of liberty-supporting groups -- most not even aware of each other's existence! -- continue to struggle, bravely yet independently, against seemingly insurmountable odds, in a disconnected effort to rescue our once vital Republic." - Liberty Leaque

The FBI, IRS, BATF, SSA, DMV, Justice Departments, and the rest of the alphabet soup agencies, their secretaries and commissioners, legal counsels, most judges and attorneys, the Federal Reserve and their member banks, those who wrote the U.S. Code, the Code of Federal Regulations, the Uniform Commercial Code, and all of those other codes, statues etc,, the mafia, and the “blue blood” wealthy families understand certain things that you don’t (but you will.)

They purposely withhold this information from you. Your incognizance of certain key information prevents you from successfully asserting your Rights. That is why, in court, you have no rights, but those they choose to lend you and why you must have an attorney to represent you. "They" seem to be unaffected, leading most of us to believe that privileged people can get away with almost anything. But not the rest of us.

What happened to our unalienable Rights? Want to know? Then read on.

The founders of our powerful nation understood how men driven by arrogance, greed and corruption could become tyrants and oppressors over the People. It had happened over and over throughout history and they had just fought the revolution for this very reason. They provided us, via the Organic Documents they created, tools with which to protect those Rights. Today's generations have failed to learn them and more importantly, to act accordingly to them.

Are we a free people in the good old U.S.of A.? Answer the questions and decide for yourself:

  • 1. If told by license whether you can get married or not, are you free?
  • 2. If permitted by license to use your talents in an occupation, are you free?
  • 3. If stopped on the street, whether driving or not, and asked to show your ID and answer questions about who you are, where you are going, and what you are going to do when you get there, are you free?
  • 4. If your earnings, your fruits of labor, are taken, are you free? Currently, this amounts to half of your earnings. Thus who are you working for half the time?
  • 5. When you buy an item, whether it be a car, truck, land, a house, and the State, county, and city tax your ownership produced through the fruits of your labor in order to dole it out to others, are you free?
  • 6. When unconstitutional invasions on your private property are done by government agents, including law enforcement, are you free?
  • 7. When government tells you what lawful business (any that do not interfere with the rights of others) you may start on your own property, are you free?
  • 8. When government tells you whether you can build a shed on your property, are you free?
  • 9. When government makes laws in direct contradiction to the Constitution of the united States of America, including arms and the God-given unalienable right of self-protection, are you free?
  • 10. When the federal government is allowed to add on charges to a telephone company's equipment along with unlawful taxes which then are charged to its customers, is the company an unfettered private enterprise as it should be? Are you free to pay just for the company's service? Or are both in involuntary servitude to the government?
  • 11. When government uses intimidation and coercion through threats of bodily harm, unlawful seizure of property, unlawful in-home invasions, heavily armed government trained troops (meaning any government employees trained to use firearms, unlawful stops, searches, seizures and make arrests using fraudulent or no evidence indicating wrong-doing), are you free?
  • 12. When government tells you what lawful property (obtained through the fruits of your lawful labor) you can keep on your property, are you free?
  • 13. When judges make rulings or force rulings from juries in direct contradiction to the Constitution, are you free?
  • 14. When every government official, or nearly every government official, violates their Oaths of Office to protect your rights secured in the Constitution and make unlawful, unconstitutional statutes, ordinances and the like, are you free?
  • 15. When your communiques are monitored by the government, especially the federal government, are you free?

Yes, Folks, unlawful acts you see in the movies are true - the government monitors every form of communication looking for key words that ‘trigger’ them to take unlawful actions against law-abiding citizens. It is not fiction - it is fact."
- Ed Lewis

Freedom, in the political sense, means exemption from the arbitrary exercise of authority in the performance of a specific action and the condition of being free of restraints. You are born free unless, and until, you choose not to be free by voluntarily accepting such restraints or by allowing such restraints to be imposed on you. Whether you actually choose to accept the restraints, choose not to oppose such restraints, or choose to believe such restraints are not optional, you have given up your natural born freedom and consented to be bound by the rule of the government; i.e. bondage to a master; i.e. a slave. If you did not consent, you would be free (dead or alive).

If you truly desire to achieve freedom, educate yourself in this "little book" and then act according to what you have learned.

Most people today would probably choose slavery over freedom, even if they did know the difference. After all, freedom is harder - it requires full unlimited responsibility and accountability for one's life. Most people today are too lazy to be free.

"Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it."
--George Bernard Shaw
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