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"a ship is born when she is launched, and lives so long as her identity is preserved......In baptism of launching she receives her name, and from the moment her keel touches the water she is transformed, and becomes a subject of admiralty Jurisdiction.

She acquires a personality of her own; becomes competent to contract, and is individually liable for her obligations, upon which she may sue in the name of her owner, and be sued in the name of her owner.

Her owners agents may not be her agents, and her agents may not be her owners agents......She is capable, too, of committing a tort, and is responsible in damages therefor.

She may also become a quasi bankrupt; may be sold for the payment of her debts, and thereby receive a complete discharge from all prior liens with liberty to begin a new life, contract further obligations, and perhaps be subjected to a second sale." Tucker v. Alexanderoff 183 U.S. 624 (1901)

So much for the separation of church and state!
AARRR MATE, .... Welcome aboard the United States citizen-Ship. What's your vessels', transformed in the state , baptismal name? number? You have to give it, too, it's the law. You can be arrested if you don't disclose your Vassal Id Number (VIN). Don't complain, we're all in the same boat. Now where are your Papers?

Remember, shipmate, "as a 'member of the crew', this term, is not confined to those who can hand, reef, and steer, and everyone is entitled to the privilege of a seamen who at all times contributes to the labor about the operation and welfare of a ship when she is upon her voyage." Early v. Dredging Co., D.C. Pa., 101 F. Supp. 393, 395.

"seamans wages attach to appurtenances even though owned separately". The Edwin Post, 11 F. 602 (D. Del. 1882)

"appurtenances was construed to mean that whatever belonged to a shipowner that was on board his vessel for the objects of navigation and the adventure in which she was engaged constituted a part of the vessel and her....." Act of limit the Responsibility of Ship Owners in Certain Cases. 1813, 53 Geo 3, ch. 159, §§, 7, 8, 19, 13.

So! swabbie, How does it feel to be an appurtenance of the ship of state?

We know you are slightly upset about feeling shanghaied, but, you can be insured with you-our surety ... ... ... guaranteed ... ... ... honest. On the U.S. citizen-ship you are "invested with certain rights" (FORTIETH CONGRESS. II CH. 249, 250. 1868) and in time, through social education and acquiescence, you'll forget all about those ideals you call Rights... ... ... Unalienable. For as it is carved in the stone entrance on the wall of the capitol edifice for the STATE OF OREGON, in Salem, A motto :

"A free state is formed and is maintained by the voluntary union of the whole people joined together under the same body of laws for the common welfare and the sharing of benefits justly apportioned".

Sharing welfare. Doesn't that assure you of our benefice comrade? And forget too about finding any free people in the whole State. Maintained union and common welfare is the future. Autonomy breeds chaos and our discontent so don't now be selfish and ask for any more than the other beneficiaries. Roll up your sleeves and contribute.......voluntarily of course. Don't make waves and rock this Ship of "state". We don't want to put a-lien-able on Your "vessel (property interest) 'in rem' and You, the owner 'in personam' for torts committed" (Peoples v. Beers 20 How. 393, 156. Ed. 961) against the dignity of the US "state" Union Shop Activities (The USS USA), although, we will with the slightest provocation.

While on the USS USA and when asked to describe your colors, comrade shall proclaim, "red, white and blue... ... ... with gold". When asked to describe its form, the whole people joined together shall proudly announce, "stars and stripes, inverted, the field with an escutcheon, an emblazonment of the U.N. insignia held center, all, trimmed in the gold of municipal justice equally apportioned, and most importantly of the Order, held by a benevolent military guarding the whole people and insuring the maintenance of that voluntary UNion for a free"... ... ... A free what? That's correct my social secure commune-ist associate ... ... ... a free state, not a free people.


And if you are ever asked to what name you pledge yourself allegiance and fealty, yet, lest you forget autonomy be a vexation of the idle hand, comrade shall answer as is also engraved in the marble of an outrigger appurtenant the capitol superstructure of the Ship of the STATE OF OREGON:

"westward THE STAR OF EMPIRE takes its way" (emphasis all myne)

Sailor, now you know the heading from this star and the perils of navigation.
Mutiny against this bounty. NOW AS NEVER BEFORE! For You, the I AM in the AMerican Way are almost at the point of no return, no reFund, no sale. An America canceled, due to lack of intere$t. No Way !
YES way, to cul-mi-nation ... ... ... and YOUrs; Courtesy of a New World manifest-O-rder. Viva la Empire!

PEOPLE... ... ... WAKE UP!  And smell the Old Spice.

Learn the real definitions to all these words, phrases and their utility.

YOU must KNOW! The Know-ledge will set you free. Now leap, Faithfully, to it. What is the limitation on Inalienable? What repugnant condition or fredum be Lawfully upon Freedom? Constrained only by ones consent, for Consensus facit legem, "Consent makes the law".  Acquiescence is a tacit consent or otherwise an abandonment. Freedom did not abandon us; We actively consented to be Fee!

ALIENATIO LICET PROHIBEATUR, CONSENSU TAMEN OMNIUM, IN QUORUM FAVOREM PROHIBITA EST, POTEST FIERI, ET QUILIBET POTEST RENUNCIARE JURI PRO SE INTRODUCTO. Although alienation be prohibited, yet, by the consent of all in whose favor it is prohibited, it may take place; for it is in the power of any man to renounce a law made in his own favor. Co. Litt. 98

It is hoped YOU and YOUR-SELF are encouraged to Freedom. To the GoOD fight.

Your choice?... ... ...    America the Free or Amerika the Fee.

Heave-to this Ship, THE STAR OF EMPIRE. Waterwings are not included.

To Fee or not to Fee?
That is the question, whereas it be nobler to NOT; WE can no longer rest on Our LACHES.


Require directions to the quasi bankrupt-sea court? Big Movement will completely discharge the bilge of the citizen-ship. OH! What a feeling. ... ... ... with Liberty and Truth.

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All the powers in the universe seem to favor the person who has confidence.

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