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1. to destroy their presumptions, the primary evidence, the nisi process, the court and their secret equity;

a. the Sovereignty is reclaimed, asserted and declared by and through sworn/affirmed affidavits;

b. an Affidavit of Merit(Rights) that contains,

(1) authoritative citations ( see: same) from either state or federal, or both supreme courts - if state actions are being used, any state authoritative citations will be acceptable under "full faith and credit", if federal, use U.S. supreme Court decisions to destroy case against you:

(2) begin this Affidavit with the cite of: United States v. Kis, 658 F.2d 526, 536-37 (7th Cir.1981), cert. denied, 455 U.S. 1018, 102 S.Ct. 1712, 72 L.Ed.2d 135 (1982) - "an affidavit is the highest form of prima facie evidence, and is all that is needed ..."

(3) this is accompanied within the Affidavit of Merit by the notice of appearance and authority of "self executing constitutional provisions" (see: same) and are the authoritative cites already discussed that will readily destroy the dead "law";

c. an Affidavit of Protest - the formal, official protest of the means and motives of the servant government and its violations performed against its Sovereign, you, and;

d. an Affidavit of Disclaimer - the formal declaration by the Sovereign that repudiates the fictitious claims against him and his refusal to plea(s), since it would violate his rights of self-incrimination(see: same and crimination) by pleading into a "criminal jurisdiction by even answering, "not guilty"(which, in a nisi court would allow judge to presume that if you are pleading like a defendant does, you must be the defendant - therefore, the Sovereign, who speaks the law (making the law) only in affidavits, states, "I Declare, Disclaimer" to the ensnarements and the mala-prohibita, non-victim "crimes, and;

e. "I do so, not as the defendant(or the accused, etc.) I do this and anything else I require of myself in these matters, as the "Adverse Witness", nothing more, and;

f. an accompanying Notice of Trespass by Affidavit, or supporting affidavit, referring to the concurrent affidavits(of Merit, Protest and Disclaimer) stating that henceforth, any further demands made upon you, without offer of full compensation(which you determine) will be considered violation/trespass upon your property (rights), and;

(1) right(s) of Privacy (right to be left alone) using cites

(2) right(s) of freedom of locomotion(freedom of self-determined movement) and if further diminished, you declare, it will be considered false imprisonment(use "imprisonment" cites);

(3) and, if brought into the court by further undue influence, duress, force and fear, force and arms, it will be continuing trespass and judge will be in extra judicial position, without jurisdiction and in a state of fiduciary debt(to be discussed later);

(4) at this point when Title is defined by Affidavit of Merits, all statutory "law" fails and, therefore, any person entering against you (district attorney, attorney general, state/federal witnesses - at any level, especially the judge, has the "unclean hands (see: same) doctrine attach since all have vested interest and this violates your right to a fair, impartial and competent trial (see: same) - all, at this point, are considered "incompetent, even under the rules of evidence;

g. therefore, a notice to the Court by affidavit of your Protest places the judge in an immediate position of fiduciary relations with you, relative to your declarations(Merit, etc.) and their failure to rebut(and, they cannot rebut by affidavit since fiction cannot tell the truth(affidavit and if they do, purportedly, present an "affidavit" check it closely for proper requirements because they cannot/will not create one, only something as if it were (fictional);

h. and, since your status, as Sovereign is now defined in concrete, the"prosecutor" who dares to still move against you, as representing a ficticious "plaintiff", is immediately in contempt of court (see: ficticious plaintiff)and, if he has gone against others who will define themselves as Sovereigns, the prosecutor is now involved in the felony of barratry (see);

i. the judges oath is the highest oath, a solemn promissory oath that is a contract (in law) and any breach of this obligation of fiduciary relationship causes the liability of fiduciary debt to attach to such judge - when the judge receives the affidavit this is imputed knowledge(see) and jurisdiction, even by presumption, is destroyed and this is when there is no possible claim of immunity existing and judge stands naked before you with knowledge of notice of trespass and hope that you will spare him; the judge is acutely aware that such fraudulent activities by the judicial branch are obvious evidence of de facto government in active, open operation of levying war so to displace the lawful de jure, usurped government, your servant, so to give aid and comfort to the enemy (international bankers) to conceal the treason and maintain its claim of being legitimate.

The judge knows well that a de facto government, to conceal its treason and maintain its claim of being legitimate, must have that legitimate claim accepted by the unknowing public - so it must, at least, give oath to the foundational document, the constitution(s). This is their greatest weakness, for they may be able to operate, near, forever as a de facto government in secret while steadily crushing our people with colorable "laws". But, once a de facto government is exposed by the Truth of Fact, which is about to happen, exposing the judicial branch as having no claim of legitimate status relative to us(and how they have subjected us to their "jurisdiction" in the past by fraud), treachery and treason is the title upon such a combination of men (see: combination). And, if a judge or any oath taker fails or refuses to comply with the Sovereigns lawful demands (making the law by affidavit) and ignores his authoritative citations, that implements the power of the right by self executing constitutional provisions, and two witnessing Sovereigns, by Affidavit, give evidence of the judge's, or any other oath taking official's, violation of constitutional law/they become notorious/infamous outlaws (traitors) and civil arrest is warranted and indeed required by law if other officials do not act upon your Notice by Affidavit (which then makes them privy to the act). Any opposition to said lawful civil arrest must be met with superior force so to accomplish the demands of the law.

It would seem that, the games are about to begin. The tormented, regaining their true and proper status, will now, become the tormentor, by mere application of the law of the land and the Truth.

Treason has its own peculiar and extraordinary rewards. This new Truth will cause the drawing of a great, distinguishable line in the sand, from which no one may hide their true alliances from that moment on.

There will be no crevice deep enough to hide one's face from the burning light of Truth. Within months each one of us must decide, forever, which jurisdiction will be submit to. It will either be the jurisdiction of Light or the dominance of Darkness. God's Law or Lucifer's dead-man's law, the statutes? The line's meaning will no longer be vague or hidden. It is the terminator line that separates Light from eternal Darkness. Everyone just make their free-will choice.

Once these principles, above, enter into everyone's subconscious, fully, they will begin to expand on the great potential of these Truths and Powers. Treaties can be destroyed, the I.R.S. will be annihilated, Departments of Government(Dept of Motor Vehicles) will cease to be as they effect us now. The only sound you will hear when you enter the court will be the noise of running feet, in full retreat. There will be no safe haven for them, they must be good little servants, or they will have to move, immediately, to solidify their present holdings. However, they fully realize that the public is angry and armed.

My bet is, the same ferocious response that the Wondrous Oz displayed will be the same, in this instance, as when Oz's True nature and cause was exposed by Toto. They will show themselves to be the cowardly little male prostitutes that they are, willing to sell themselves to the highest bidding abuser who demands of them any form of personal or political acts of sodomy.
(See; Burying alive; Black's Law Dictionary, Fourth Edition, or older.)

This Information was a gift to me. I am merely a messenger who has been very humbled by the full meaning of this communication that was delivered upon me. And, knowing that I am the least of His servants in all matters, I must warn all who implement this Truth that they must use this weapon ,with total acknowledgment and praise to Him who allowed us this gift. I understand now that it would have been premature for us to receive this knowledge before this moment. It was required that we must first run the good race. Those who will now use this material know the course since all evils of government have now been revealed to us so that now we may prevail with this weapon and obtain justice, remedy and Truth.

A Great Crusade is about to begin. - When in your hands and mind and heart, you must then take this information and teach it to two others, - they in turn must do the same. It must not be used with malice, only justice. There is much more on procedure and the Secret Equity that exposes their Luciferin control over the court system of nisi, operating in dead-man's law so to subjugate our people. This is how they have brought their evil upon our land. The dead will bury the dead.



Affidavit for Post Judgment Relief

Miscellaenous quotes

“Indeed, no more than [affidavit] is necessary to make the prima facie case.” United States v. Kis, 658 F.2d 526, 536-37 (7th Cir.1981), cert. denied, 455 U.S. 1018, 102 S.Ct. 1712, 72 L.Ed.2d 135 (1982)
"...a pleading cannot satisfy the evidentiary burden. We agree. A counterclaim is the functional equivalent of a complaint, and "[a] complaint, ... no matter how detailed, is not evidence." LaSalle Bank Lake View v. Seguban, 54 F.3d 387, 391 (7th Cir.1995) (quoting National Acceptance Co. of America v. Bathalter, 705 F.2d 924, 930 (7th Cir.1983))" MILLER v. UNITED STATES, 150 F.3d 770 (1998)
"Persons dealing with the government are charged with knowing government statutes and regulations, and they assume the risk that government agents may exceed their authority and provide misinformation." Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Lavin v Marsh, 644 f.2D 1378, (1981)
"All persons in the United States are chargeable with knowledge of the Statutes at Large... It is well established that anyone who deals with the government assumes the risk that the agent acting in the government's behalf has exceeded the bounds of his authority." Bollow v. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, 650 F.2d 1093, 9th Cir., (1981)

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