George Mercier's Invisible Contracts

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I N V I S I B L E   C O N T R A C T S

George Mercier



[Pages 478-479]


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Through entry into the juristic highways of Interstate Commerce by participation in an insurance policy program, as insurance is Interstate Commerce, and the King retains a third party beneficiary status in all Commercial transactions that full under his regulatory Commercial Jurisdiction penumbra.  In 1944, the Supreme Court decided a Case called UNITED STATES VS. SOUTH-EASTERN UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION, [632]



322 U.S. 533 (1944).



which held that insurance, all by itself, is Interstate Commerce; so if you manage to participate in policies of insurance, you are participating in Interstate Commerce; Federal commercial benefits are being accepted, and the reciprocal QUID PRO QUO taxation is necessary.  The fact that the insurance company may be state chartered and licensed to do business in only one state, and that the policy may have been negotiated, accepted, written, and entered into in only one state are not relevant indicia as effecting limitations on federal Jurisdictions; PERSONS paying premiums on policies of Insurance are PERSONS playing in King's Commerce.  A year later after UNITED STATES VS. SOUTH-EASTERN UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATION was ruled upon, the Congress enacted the MCCARREN ACT, [633]



59 Statutes 33; Title 15, Section 1011 to 1015.



declaring that the:


      "... continued regulation and taxation by the several states of the business of insurance is in the public interest, and that silence on the part of Congress shall not be construed to impose any barrier to the regulation or taxation of such business by the several states."


Yes, even the Congress of the United States knows that the application of PRINCIPLES OF NATURE relating to silence that are incorporated into the RATIFICATION DOCTRINE is even held to be binding on them in some circumstances.  This Congressional pronouncement, that silence in the context of a proposition being made constitutes acceptance, applies to all appropriate factual settings, and is held to apply to all PERSONS, even the Congress itself.  But as for taxation expectations, your acceptance of the benefits of an insurance program is deemed as evidence of entry into Interstate Commerce, and hence such participants are an object suitable for Federal taxation, regardless of any political Status, and regardless of the presence or absence of any other juristic contract.


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