Chelsey Marie was the prom queen.

She had a plan and she had a dream.

She wanted to be a doctor and a wife.

Her goal was to help people have a better life.

She had a boyfriend his name was Jim

and she thought the world of him

He was an athlete and he was very bright.

And he usually did what was right.

But one day he make a big mistake

He and some friends were out by the lake

He decided to drink a couple of beers

just so he could impress his peers

Then he picked up Chelsey for their date

she soon realized why he was so late

His judgment impaired she saw in a flash

that they were indeed going to crash

A loud bang and a bloodcurdling scream

then the realization that it wasn't a dream

To this day she would still be alive

If he hadn't decided to drink and drive.


Every 22 minutes, someone dies in an alcohol- related crash.

Drunken driving is the #1 highway safety problem



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