by Jeannie Georges

cartoon by Chris Rosebrough

Parents have objected to Outcome Based Education mostly on the grounds that the expected outcomes were unclear--or, if they were clear, that they were non-academic, political and psychological in nature. While these charges are true, the process by which the social designers plan for EVERY child to reach the correct responses is even more disturbing.

To get straight to the point and to be very blunt, the schools (and we include all accredited schools--private and public) are implementing, through teacher re-training, the best mind control methods ever known to man. The motive is to change the attitudes, values and beliefs of the teachers. The teachers, aided by the never-tiring computer, are then using these same manipulative psychological methods to change the children.

The conscience of an entire generation is being intentionally obliterated through these processes.

We are hearing of children who will kill--for no other reason than, perhaps, to see where the blood will splatter. There is no shame; no respect, no discipline. There is no motive--and certainly no justice. Parents, who have purposely attempted to rear good children, are asking themselves where they went wrong.

Anarchy looms on the horizon. And, no doubt, we will call for order--at any cost to our freedom. We have already seen signs of this as citizens call for laws to punish parents for the sins of their children--which might be a good idea IF the parents realized what was happening to their children.

What we are experiencing is being caused by these deliberate acts of psychological manipulation against our children. In fact, it has been going on at less severe rates for quite some time.

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