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Finally knowing what your phone bill will be every month and you can save dollars in the process. Programs found by clicking on the banners below will serve the Fortune 100 Corporation, your grandmother, or your college kids. Click on them all and pick out which best serves YOUR needs.


Fact: The vast majority of phone-to-phone long distance consumers are currently being billed on a per minute basis.

Technology has now made it possible to know IN ADVANCE, each and every month, what your phone bill will be to the penny. And that phone bill will AMAZE you with how tiny it is! Never a suprising phone bill, you know up front what your Bill will be FOREVER!

Click on the banners above or below and get with the service that best fits your needs. It is now possible to save between 30 and 90% on your long distance bill. If your present bill is over $60 per month or you want the opportunity to be in the front row of NEW technology to make money, click on the these banners. Each of these programs beats the pants off anything you see advertised in mainstream media. AT&T, MCI, Sprint and the others spending hundreds of millions of dollars on TV advertiseing etc. can not compete with these new revolutionary systems. WORLD NEWSSTAND uses THIS service for unlimited long distance on all of its lines.

Is your telephone number private? Your local telephone company will do a "caller ID blocking" for your telephone lines, generally at no charge. What this means is that your telephone number and name will not be displayed on the caller-id device when you are calling someone. Note: Caller ID blocking does not block your phone number and name when you are calling toll-free numbers (800, 888, 877) or when you are calling essential services (for example 911).

Is your telephone line secure? To check for wiretaps on your line, dial 101-073-217-709-889-664. You will hear a voice reciting a series of digits, ending with the word "zero" repeated 9 times, plus a final digit. If this final digit you hear is "one" or "two", your line is clear. If you hear "three", you should be concerned. If you hear "four", you have a privacy problem.

Need to receive faxes without fax machine? Click on and you can get a free, US based telephone number which will receive faxes and route them to your e-mail account. They have additional, for fee services, but the basic service is free.

Just about all of these services have "agent" business plans. If you want to make money in the "phone business", click here.

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