Restoration of the
United States Government
"We the People"

An 1876 print of the "Declaration Committee," that drafted the Declaration of Independence.
Includes Thomas Jefferson, Roger Sherman, Benjamin Franklin, Robert R. Livingston, and John Adams

"The 4th Amendment and the personal rights it secures have a long history. At the very
core stands the right of a man to retreat into his home and there
be free from unreasonable governmental intrusion."

Justice Potter Stewart

Dear Ladies and Gentleman:

We propose a plan of action, that will be controversial but must be addressed in a timely manner. We do not have the time to ponder this question or get hung in debate. May we ask that before you resist this idea, and plan of action, that you read and research, for yourself, "The War and Emergency Powers Report," 1973 by Dr. Gene Schroder and the "state of national emergency," The General Orders No. 100 by President Lincoln April 24, 1863, and what is happening at the Executive level in our government.

Many people believe that the Constitution has been suspended as reported by Dr. Schroder's report, and as evidenced by the fact that our courts are Admiralty/military in nature. This is the stance of many organizations that are endeavoring to restore the Constitution. Although this is a noble aim and a position we feel is constructive toward bringing public awareness to our national peril, it is not completely accurate.

The Constitution of the United States of America is the supreme law of the land and has certainly been usurped but it cannot be suspended. Actually, all the statutes that support the position of Martial rule and the permanent emergency doctrine and many Acts and statutes that have their foundation from these unconstitutional precedencies are ex-post facto in origin and void ab initio (void from conception). We must declare this fact, clean house and void the statutes and Acts that do not have their origination in pursuance of the Constitution. Abraham Lincoln had no constitutional authority to declare martial law, and the activities that ensued thereafter had no foundation in law. We must clear the tainted laws from the books that have their foundation in unconstitutionality and reform the operation of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of our government.

We also ask you to take a longer look at World Banking and the role of the power banking elite in history (Federal Reserve) and examine what it's true purpose is in our society. We must have monetary reform to restore control to "We the People."

Since we as a human family are under the gun so to speak, we do not have the luxury of time to fracture our efforts with indecision or endless debate. Therefore I am proposing an alliance of good and free men and women, to band together behind an idea and action to lift the yoke of tyranny from the necks of the children. If we can free the United States from the strangle hold of debt interest by the Federal Reserve (owned by private and foreign banking interests) and restore the economy and monetary flow to the service of humanity, we will strike a blow for freedom that will be felt in all nations. This action will restore The Republic of The United States of America, and control of our government to "We the People," the rightful heirs of the republic promised by our founding fathers and ordained by God.

The plan for the Restoration of the
United States Government to "We the People"

Since we are peaceful civilized men and women, this plan calls for the nonviolent overthrow of the corrupt and fraudulent forces that have entrenched themselves in our government since it's conception. This corrupt and secret government, that does not have its origin in this country nor its allegiance to our Constitution, has agents and domestic conspirators on our sovereign soil. This secret government has used every crime known to man, the overthrow of governments, treason, fraud, theft, lies, manipulation, drugs, behavioral modification, drug testing on the military and populations, controlled media propaganda, and murder/Assassination to maneuver itself into control and dominate every facet of life in the United States.

We will stand for it no longer! Therefore we take this action for all those who suffer under the tyranny of this evil foreign based secret government and its, domestic agents.

Demands for the indictment and routing of this secret government from our country by us all, will insure our free existence in the new millennium of our children's children. Lack of action, now, will mean the end of freedom as we know it on this planet and the sentence of genocide for millions more in our country and the third world, by oppressive debt interest, terrorism and covert destabilization of governments and societies in our world.


Declaration Foundation: The Constitution of the United States of America is the supreme law of the land and cannot be suspended, superseded or usurped. Therefore, some of the demands below may be unnecessary if the foundation of said Acts, Titles, Codes Statutes, Treaties or Agencies are unconstitutional. If the Acts, Titles, Statute, Codes, Treaties or Agencies are founded in an unconstitutional proclamation or precedence, then they are created or founded in ex-post-facto law and void ab initio.

1. Repeal proclamation 2039, 2040, and Title 12 USC 95(a) and 95(b), canceling the National Emergency, the "War Powers Act," and the permanent state of emergency that exist, must come to an end after 65 years. (We feel this Proclamation is unconstitutional in foundation)

2. The repeal of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the National Banking Act of 1863.

3. The withdrawal from, and association with, the IMF, BIS and the World Bank and rejection of the "Euro" currency and/or any other world currency.

4. The circulation of United States debt free notes & coinage and the legislation for ending fractional banking practices.

The enactment of the Monetary Reform Act in 19 Sections.(See the short form of "The Monetary Act" attached).

5. The termination of any covert or black operations and abolishment of any and all black or covert organizations. All operations to be under the scrutiny of the Constitutional Congress and only after the approval of Congress. ( Many of these agencies were created as temporary agencies under the "War Powers Act" state of national emergency and were not designed to be permanent and will be abolished. (These Agencies are Unconstitutional in foundation.)

Abolish the CIA (Created By Executive Order)

Abolish the NSA (Created By Truman secret Executive Order, 1952)

Abolish FEMA

Abolish the IRS (The IRS was not created by Congress. It is not an organization of the Department of the Treasury in Title 31 United States Code.

Restructure the authority and duties of the FBI and BATF, as they will be fact finding agencies solely and have no executive powers.

Restructure the Treasury Department.

6. Withdrawal from the United Nations.

7. The incarceration of President William Jefferson Clinton and removal of the Cabinet and any appointees, for treason against the American people and the US Constitution , by using an unfair advantage of his office, given him through the War Powers, state of nation emergency and prolonging this "emergency doctrine" which is unconstitutional in foundation.

-For the creation of laws through executive orders calling for crimes against families and citizens (see attached), by the use of force and the creation of multi-jurisditional military controlled and trained police forces, that include UN personnel-For the empowerment of FEMA, giving authorization to said agency to commit acts of war and treason on the citizens of the United States via the Executive orders. (Concentration Camps, Mobilization of UN troops on US sovereign soil)

-For enacting laws unconstitutionally without the due process of the checks and balances designed by the founding fathers and outlined in the Constitution of the United States. Re: Executive Orders.(see attached)

8. The repeal of the Executive orders. They negate the rights of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution and are unconstitutional in foundation. (No one may create laws by himself.) Covert actions (CIA NSA etc.) against countries in the international arena keep the world in a state of increased international tension. Our destabilization, extraction exploitation in the "Third World" must stop for our world image and influence to become truly representative of the American people.

President Clinton's Executive Orders are designed to rule over us not to serve us. According to the Bill of Rights and Amendments to the Constitution, the Executive Orders are unconstitutional and void ab initio, therefore, treason and acts of war are being waged against the people of the United States by perpetuating actions that are founded in unconstitutionality. The "War Powers Act," state of national emergency is still in effect after 65 years and is an example of the unfair advantage by the Executive branch (The President and The Secretary of the Treasury) to profit and control the American people using their trusted public service positions to an unfair advantage.

9. We demand that all those individuals or groups, associated with the creation of and the intention to use these Executive Orders or the unnecessary extension of the "War Powers Act" state of national emergency, and perpetrate this great unconstitutional lie against the people of the US be tried for treason. They are traitors by their intent and they are guilty of treason by their association, and by covert warfare have waged war against the people of the United States. They deserve the full punishment afforded by the Constitution. The entities below are coconspirators in treasonous acts and/or advocate the perpetuation of the fraudulent debt interest (Federal Reserve) and were created unconstitutionally henceforth they operate illegally in league with the traitors of this great country.

Entities Operating outside of Constitutional Parameters or created unconstitutionally:

CFR, CIA, NSA, FEMA, IRS, FBI, BATF, Trilateral Commission, United Nations, World Bank, IMF, NATO, former Presidents from McKinley to the present, and any and all associations that support the actions or profit by association with the aforementioned entities should be routed from our government and our sovereign soil and tried for TREASON.) All the aforementioned presidents with the exception of Kennedy and possibly Eisenhower have been "power elite puppet traitors", co-conspirator henchmen for the private world banking elite.

Many of the entities above are foreign based groups or have ties to foreign multinational alliances and have caused excessive hardships on citizens of the United States through excessive financial advantages and manipulations, such as recessions and depressions through the purposeful contractions of the circulation of currency.(Federal Reserve)

Section 4 Article 14 of the US Constitution states that.... "Neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States....but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void."

If it can be shown that a person or any group of people have used its political office or advantageous position of power to gain excessive financial profit from the US government, then it is possible to declare such excessive profit as a motive for insurrection against the government of the United States.....

Many people are using their advantageous positions to get their hands on government money, including the foreign and domestic owners of the privately owned Federal Reserve banking system. It is evident that the Federal Reserve Banks are making an excessive profit from the interest on the national debt....

The "national debt" is an illegal debt and the owners of the Federal Reserve Banks are guilty of insurrection or rebellion against the United States. Therefore we declare the "National Debt " Null and Void.

Note: The Secret Societies: The Scottish Rite and York Rite of Freemasonry and connecting brotherhoods, in their oaths and rites (Knights Kadosh 30th degree swear to wage war for life against the utter death and destruction of government and private property. This is a blatant "conflict of interest" and would warrant an investigation of, and ban on individuals involved or connected to any of these organizations from holding public office in service to government. These organizations connect to the world banking elite through history to the origins of banking and beyond.
(Illuminati, Masonic Brotherhoods, Knights Templars and Assassins)

The Monetary Reform Act Short Form

1 Pay off the National Debt with Debt-Free US notes & coinage. Constitution Grants us the Right!

2 Abolish Fractional Reserve Banking. (In The Monetary Act in 19 Sections Long form there is a solution to off set the inflation factor and maintain the flow of currency with the growth of the population. National debt would be paid, inflation controlled and the economy recovering within a two year period.

3 Repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and
Repeal the National Banking Act of 1864

These acts delegate the money power to a private banking monopoly. They MUST be repealed and the money powers handed back to the Dept. of the Treasury, where they were initially under President Abraham Lincoln. No banker, or anyone affiliated with a banking institution, should be allowed to regulate banking. These Acts relate to the Fractional Reserve System of banking and would be obsolete after the first two reforms were passed.

4 Withdraw the US from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) And the World Bank.

These institutions like the Federal Reserve, are designed to further centralize the power of the international bankers (Money Changers) over the worlds economy and the US must withdraw from them.

When we reform our monetary system and restore vitality to our people and economy, we will strike a blow for freedom from excessive debt interest oppression, and set an example for the whole world to follow. The International Bankers are using excessive debt interest to break the will and economy of the people, and that is an act of silent war. Strike back against the forces that would dominate us through hopeless debt. Use the power that was given us, and the Congress, by the Constitution. This we must do to lift this yoke of enslavement by debt interest, for our children and our grand children.

Drafted by Randy and Debi Clark on July 25, in the year of our Lord 1998
Supported by citizens__Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, McAllen & Brownsville, Texas

Special note from the Authors:

Benefits of Monetary Reform

This plan encompasses two to three years and would bring almost immediate results. Inflation would stop growing and the ebb and flow, up and down, of the economy would level out during this transition period. Slowly over the transition period inflation would subside. The flow of currency would stabilize and the National Debt would be retired. Factional banking practices would be eliminated and banking institutions and credit unions would operate with 100% reserves.

What would this mean to the average family and working citizen?

All the benefits would be hard for anyone to completely predict, but we can predict some of the most obvious changes and benefits.

First and foremost, Families could sustain themselves on one income. No longer would it be essential for both parents to work. Single incomes should and would support the average family if they so choose. We would have a choice. This would allow an adult to be in the home at all times, providing supervision and guidance for children, and increasing the essential quality time adults would have with their children. This is the training time where young children learn family values, ethics and morals which are the basis for a healthy society. Adults would have more time to monitor entertainment and media input that so profoundly influence our children and society. The word "latch-key-kid" would be eliminated from our vocabulary.

With more adults home, crime would diminish. Less homes would sit unguarded and empty, fewer easy targets for daytime thieves. More adults at home would influence kids in their neighborhood streets, where young minds in the past have far too long gone unsupervised. Adults would have time to volunteer for after school programs and classroom help in the public schools. We all know that we must nurture our society and the one way to most efficiently do that, is to nurture our families and neighborhoods. How else better to do that than have responsible adults present?

With the increase in the flow of currency most families would have the tension relieved, most commonly associated with martial problems, "money problems."

This relaxed atmosphere would provide a stability and calmness more conducive to a families "sur-thrival." Families will be able to pay rent/mortage, have money for health care, pay utilities, keep vehicles repaired, road fees paid, plan and save for the future,(retirement) and most importantly have time and money for recreation and family bonding.

Loan money will free-up and loan payments will be easier to plan and manage. Much of the red tape of credit recording and credit cards will disappear due to freer movement of currency. Credit for the smaller needs of living will not be necessary. You won't have to use a credit card for groceries and pay again later for the food that has long since gone.

Homelessness and joblessness will all but disappear.

Road congestion will ease because more spouses will be staying or working at home thus less cars on the road. Fewer cars on the roads daily means, less pollution and less taxes for road repairs.

We will see a return of Mom and Pop businesses. The masses will have more resources to patronize smaller businesses. We all won't have to "Mecca," to the local larger "Mart" stores because we only have enough to make ends meet.

Daycares will not be as over crowded. The nightmare and worry in finding just the right daycare will be a thing of the past for most families. We know that many people are already taking cuts in salary and hours, and more are staying home to give quality time and attention to their families.

It is obvious to the reader that the ramifications are far reaching and for the author to continue is not necessary. The benefits to the family, the heart of us all, will touch every home and every neighborhood. A flowing currency governed by population growth, not controlled by a debt based system bent on enslavement of the people, will restore the family and give the power back to the people, the true valuable commodity of our nation. FAMILIES UNITE, take back the power to live with dignity and purpose.

We must enact the Monetary Reform Act in 19 sections to start the road back to reconstruction of our nation and inspire the countries of the world, our national neighbors, to take a simular path.

We will save our country, honor our Constitution, claim our rights and most of all preserve our families future and our humanity.

Wisdom And Freedom produced by WORLD NEWSSTAND
Copyright 1999. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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