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Consumer Warning

Keep A Skeptical But Fully Open Mind

Smart Business People

Covered Employment


Employee Leasing -- A Partial Solution

Employment: Law vs. Common Practice

The Facts In Capsule Summary

A Pair Of Modern Originals

Form W-4 Not Required

SSN Not Required Of A Citizen

EIN Not Required Of A Business Owner

Voluntary Does Not Mean Mandatory

The Law Says "Request", Not "Demand"

Why Would A Citizen Want A SSN, Anyway?

Examining The Constitution

Income Tax: Direct Or Indirect?

Indirect Taxes

But What Is Income?

The 16th Amendment Changed Nothing! Examining The Internal Revenue Code

Who Actually Owes The Income Tax?

"Income" Is Not Defined In The Code

Income Tax Is Mandatory

Employment Tax Is 100% Voluntary

Identifying Those Mysterious, Unspecified "Individuals"

Who Must File Returns?

Stopping Tax Withholding

Constitution Protects Property Rights

"Non-Covered Employee Contracting"

Rights Cannot Be Taxed!

High Court Forbids Congress To Legislate Socialism

Roosevelt Gets Social Security Passed As A Treaty!

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Movie Star Introduces Tax Withholding As Crowds Cheer

Top Banker Reveals: "Taxes For Revenue Are Obsolete"

Where Do Your Tax Dollars Really Go?

Protecting Your Property

Protecting Your Privacy

Taking Your Financial Affairs Into Your Own Hands

A Personal Invitation

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