Dealing with IRS "Notices" of Lien and Levy

To: ABC Employer

From:  Joe Soveriegn


Date: 3/16/20xx


I received a "Notice of Levy on wages, salary, and other Income" from your office. For the record, I grant no consent for ABC EMPLOYER, a private sector organization NOT connected with the Federal government to collect wages on behalf of the IRS. I am NOT a federal government employee and ABC EMPLOYER is not a federal government employer.


Until this matter is resolved, I would strongly suggest that you hold the wages in question in an escrow account and not forward them to the IRS. The ability to contract for money in exchange for labor is a right of a free people. The obligation to pay for the labor exchanged cannot be circumvented on the basis of mere Notice operating under the color of law. (See fair-labor law) Merely shrugging the obligation to pay will not relieve you of that burden—even if the shrugging is on the basis of federal law of dubious applicability for persons and entities not in Federal territory (After all, Congress is prevented from making law for the People). It is not the duty of free citizens to ask government for property seized unlawfully by third parties; the obligation rests with the seizing party.


The questions you must ask relate to the core ABC EMPLOYERS policy of honesty and responsibility:


(1)   Did you receive a valid signed court order with the seal of the court on the document?

(2)   Does a mere Notice arise to the level of a legal duty compelling you, as a non-governmental employer, to do something? (Or is it merely a form of consent given by a government employee attempting to gain your consent for doing THEIR job?)

(3)   Can you establish that I am, as the form states, a statutory one-word creation of government called a "TAXPAYER"? {Notice the form does not use the non-statutory two-word TAX PAYER} For the record I am a Non-filer; I can establish proof of this.

(4)   Be aware, by acknowledging the levy on the reverse side of Form 668-W, you are stating that I am a statutory-created entity called a "TAXPAYER". (Remember: The IRS is very clever at getting innocent private-sector employees to establish what the IRS is prevented from doing by law.) Per its mission statement, the IRS only serves TAXPAYERS. The burden of proof now shifts to you to prove this TAXPAYER status in any court of law.


I am having counsel compose a letter to the IRS challenging this Notice. You will receive a copy of this letter. The letter will ask the IRS to verify this Notice as given to you. The letter will be sent with an affidavit of service and will ask them to verify to you the basis of their levy. It will give then 10 days to respond. If they don't respond in a probative, substantial and reliable fashion, you have no obligation to "do the work of government".


Kind Regards,    Joe Sovereign






Dealing with IRS "Notices" of Lien and Levy


I thought I would share this piece in my ongoing education of people as to their true power in this country. Sadly most of us treat our government as our master and allow it to do things beyond the God-given edicts declared in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. We even allow it to take wide liberty at interpreting constitutional power in its favor when in reality, the people are sovereign (supreme power holder) and retain all political power. A Christian person would say that we have not fulfilled our stewardship role over government within the God-inspired realm of unalienable rights and self-evident truths. The recent passages of Patriot Acts, National ID cards, near mandatory Mark of the Beast (aka SSN), nationalization of driver's licenses, nationalization of state voter registration cards, endorsed torture on federal territory, unlimited government debt, the unprecedented one in 75 men in prison, and the recent incidents in the Terri Schiavo case all bear witness to this lack of stewardship. Sadly, as Hosea 4:6.6 will reveal, our ignorance will be shown no mercy by our perceived captors.


You might have received a Notice of Levy from the IRS and delivered to your non-federal employee via you, as a non-federal employer. (Amazing how the IRS expects the non-federal employer to be its servant-postal-service isn't it?) I'm going to use this as an opportunity for education. I promised you some more information on this and I thought I would share this piece forwarded to me by an attorney that he said was "revealingly correct."


I have attached a copy of Money News, a publication of the rather large organization known as the United Methodist Federal Credit Union. Read the last paragraph closely as it reveals something most people find startling.


Undoubtedly many people treat a mere Notice--such as a Notice of Levy--as something arising to the level of a "legal duty" on their behalf. Nothing could be further from the truth. As the attachment alludes to, one sees just how the IRS wants you to do something it is incapable of doing on its own: Seizing property under mere color of law. This supposedly is your servant government in action.


As you can tell, how many people see the first page of the levy and neglect to read the instructions on the reverse side? How many people surrender something of another to the IRS under the assumption they are doing the correct legal thing? Lacking a valid Judicial-branch court order, do they realize this is treated as equivalent to theft? Lacking a valid court order, any document you receive purporting to have a claim is only valid against federal employees on behalf of federal employers. Don't feel badly: This deception happens at thousands of employers. (In fact one county recorders office refused to record these spam notices when it was revealed that something like 65% of the town's population had a Notice of Lien/Levy filed on them.). For your education a valid Judicial-branch court order is easy to distinguish by the following: (a) the seal of the court (b) a judge's signature (c) the name of the court (d) the title of the judge. [Hint: See any of those on a mere Notice?]


In the ultimate deception your friends at the IRS do nothing to dispel this myth of improper Levy. Without proper and true signed Judicial-branch process they are operating outside the law for people, inside only the law for government, and in favor of the IRS's threat of intimidation. If you consent to their intimidation, you loose. But there is an ultimate irony in this: Your new-found friends will refuse to back-up your position! That's correct! If you voluntarily surrender money based on one of these notices the IRS will: (a) refuse to give it back making you liable to a potential local-action suit and (b) refuse to back up your position when you claim it was the IRS that initiated the action. Friends that expect you to do their "dirty work" and then refuse to back you up are friends you don't need.


Now this article is revealing for another reason. I want you to note the last statement and the difference between the words Administrative and Judicial. An administrative function applies to the employees of government—only. The Notice of Levy is an administrative form intended for governmental employers.  When you think administrative, think government business and government employees; this is separate from anyone outside of government.

Our government is famous for gaining consent using government forms that are administrative ONLY but look as if they apply to people in the private sector. Examples of these abound such as W4, W2, I9 forms etc. They are famous for withholding wages on private sector people when the withholding authority only applies to government employees—unless you consent. Per the Constitution only Congress can lay and COLLECT taxes. Congress is the Legislative branch of the government.

The IRS is the executive branch of the government and is actually prevented via separation of powers from collecting taxes unless the taxes are voluntarily given. Our government is famous for using definitions outside their intended purpose and using law for government against the people. The classic example is "employer" and "employee". Mostly when they use these terms in law, they are referring to government employers and employees. Gotcha! The way they do so was ironically revealed by President Clinton when he said, "It depends on your definition of is". Law is full of definitions meant to give you the impression of one thing but actually say something quite different. It is important that you distance yourself and in the words of one attorney, "stop seeing yourself within the law."

Does it surprise you that law is for government? A little reflection on this question will provide the revelation.  "Well who needs governing? The people--or as this recent Money News illustrates--does government need governing?"


It's a revelation isn't it? 


Kind regards, Dave Wissel


Dave Wissel is a lawful researcher and author who provides newsletters on behalf of non-federal employers and non-federal employees. In the service of fellowship, these newsletters are free to be distributed--providing information is not taken out of context. Please consult with an attorney on all legal matters requiring legal advice.



Affidavit of Authority

I am an authorized representative of the Internal Revenue Service. I acknowledge that my legitimate authority comes from the Constitution of the United States. My authority by title, granted by statute, to issue summons for your records (name of person) ________________________ under subtitle A and C, are under IRC section 7608 or section ________.  My delegation orders from the Secretary to issue a summons order for an individual's records under Title 26 and Subtitle A and C are listed in delegation order number(s) ________________.  I am authorized to issue a summons order for records of persons, without the constitutional requirements of Apportionment, who are not corporate entities and who do not fall under Subtitle E of the IRC and who have not received taxable income under the definition of "income" in the 16th Amendment as stated by US Supreme Court rulings. My lawful authority to issue a summons for the records from you is the Internal Revenue Code, section _______, paragraph(s) ________ and regulation number ___________, paragraph ________ of the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 26. I certify that the demand for the production of records is not a violation of your protections under the US Constitution. The Internal Revenue Service agrees to hold you harmless in the event that the production of records violates your Constitutional protections. I further certify that the IRS is acting under all lawful and correct collection procedures.

I declare under the penalty of perjury, under the laws of the United States of America, that the foregoing is true and correct.

Signed _______________________________ Date: ___________________

Printed Name of Agent __________________________________________

Agent's Employee Number ______________________

Agent's Title ________________________ 

Agent's IRS Division Name _______________________________

Witness Signature and Printed Name _______________________________

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