In America (under the Law of the Constitution); we have all the protections we need to shield us from abusive powers of an administrative government in that the administrators could not press us without "ProbableCause" (4thAmendment). A person had to be charged pursuant to a writtenComplaint which demanded a victim (injuredparty) and that Complaint must be supported by swornaffidavit.

The way our God given Law in America was designed, a man could not be"compelled" to do anything he did not want to do. He was free to do anything he pleased provided he did not injure another person or his property (freeenterprise). If he did; the complaining person could go to the law(sheriff) and sign a formal Complaint against him (aswornaffidavit) which would "wakeup thelaw." The Sheriff would then take the complaining persons affidavit to a judge and gain Court authority to"serve" that Complaint upon the person who committed the trespass. And the Law (underthe authority of theCourt) could "CompelPerformance" for an answer. The party served with the Complaint could defend or confess to the allegations. If he himself knew he was guilty; he could remain silent or demure and suffer the "civil"penalties or he could confess and subject himself to "criminal"penalties. At a trial under law; he had to be proven guilty by the evidence alone. He could not be "Compelled" to confess (5thAmendment.).

So we were never bothered with a "non-victimcrime." There was no such thing as a "non-victimcrime" and BlacksLaw Dictionary- 4thEd., states: "Thereis no such thing as a commonlaw crime against theState." You had to have harmed someone before you could be charged with a crime. Notsotoday!!! However; the Constitution nor the Law has been changed. You still have not committed a crime short of injuring someone (unlessof course you agree with them and accept their charge againstyou) and if you do not know the law; they will convince you that you have committed a violation of some kind which will have the appearance of a crime (suchas seatbelts?).

The Sheriff/Policeman/Law could do nothing without a signed complaint by the "injuredpersonhimself." It has been said that the Sheriff/Policeman (andthere is adifference) was like a nick-el-o-deon in that a signed complaint was the"Nickel," and without it, the Law (sheriff/Policeman) could do nothing.

Now how were "they" able to accomplish this "ProtectiveShield?" Today we have a lot of what is "Called"Law that is not Law at all (ColorofLaw). You can now be protected from or charged with what you"might" do which is "CompelledPerformance" or Administrative PublicPolicy Law which is PolicePower and not Law at all.

In the Law Libraries there is a set of books entitled "StatutesAtLarge." Volume37 of the"Statutes" has twobooks recording the ActsofCongress. "PartOne" is "PublicActs andResolutions," and "PartTwo" is "PrivateActs andResolutions."

"PartTwo" is "PrivateLaws Of The UnitedStates OfAmerica" passed by the 62ndCongress in the years of1911-1913. How many people know that our Congress passes "PrivateLaw?" In this book is listed all the PrivateResolutions and Proclamations passed by Congress in those years which includes the 16thAmendment "IncomeTaxLaw."

What is PrivateLaw? PrivateLaw is in contradistinction to PublicLaw in that such part of the law which administers or regulates between Citizens enforcement of Rights where both the person in whom Right inheres and the person upon whom the Obligation is incident (thelatter being fiction with bestowed rights[city?]) which is to say; Rights obtained by Contract between citizens and their government. For Contract purposes; the"Government" is a"person" of"bestowedRights" (14thAmendment.).

Contracts are enforceable by EquityCourts to the letter of the Contract. The Constitution provides for cases "InEquity" and actions "AtLaw." Equity is the enforcement of "Contractobligation." Equity then is a lawful jurisdiction in which a "CourtOfEquity" has the authority to "CompelyourPerformance" to force you (bylaw) to "liveupto" an agreement you entered into by"Contract." There are no Constitutional Rights within the parameters of a legitimate Contract.

The U.S.SupremeCourt says that your RighttoContract is unlimited so long as it is a full upright and lawful enterprise or undertaking. The Constitution protects your RighttoContract and the CourtsofEquity are there to force the "bigguy" to be responsible for his agreements in case the "littleguy" is not able to get him to perform according to hisAgreement orContract (CityHall). At the same time; you can not (bylaw) be forced into an Agreement or Contract you do not want. Within a"Contract;" you are outside the law and outside the jurisdiction of the Constitution. You are inEquity.

To help explain a number of things is the issue of the IncomeTaxLaw. The 16thAmendment to the U.S.Constitution is an obligation subject to enforcement in an EquityJurisdiction under Contract. Title26 of the U.S.Code is the"Contract." BUT there are threeparts that must be present for aContract to be valid. Theyare:

  1. There must be a Contract (provableevidence of anagreement);and

  2. There must be an Obligation (sometask that has to be performed or and act to bedone);and

  3. There must be a Consideration (anexchange of substance [HJR192 (July5,1933)], towit: dollars for labor or time of your life in exchange for goods. Or here in the UnitedStates; Silver orGold in exchange for Labor. Substance for substance; not substance for nothing or substance forcredit).

Without the above threeparts; there can be no valid lawfulContract.

The active "RealPatriots" have been learning more all the time but to little knowledge to late has seriously hurt some of us. For instance; how is it that these"traitors" have been able to "sendout swarms of the KingsMen to eat out OurSubstance".... and get away withit?

Another one of the reasons has finally come forth. The U.S.Constitution was created by freewhite "PreamblePeople." This is to say; there is aDeclaration that holds the "BlackPeople" as "secondclass" or lesscitizens. We will use this "Declaration" as a demonstration so that we may understand another aspect of our Constitution.

The "PreamblePeople" were free whitemen. These men were the "WeThePeople" who set up this UnitedStates Government. Then along came the13th and 14thAmendments. The 13thAmendment freed the Slaves and the 14thAmendment identified Them and created for Them; "NewPrivileges". These were not new Privileges extending the "freePeople;" but to the newly freedSlaves; these were newPrivileges.

The "freemen" which set up this government were the indisputable"Sovereigns." That

These men (whichincluded you andI) did not then nor do they (orwe) now (underour ConstitutionalGovernment) have a grant of"Privileges;" but the Privileges created by the Constitution were for their "14thAmendment" dentified Individuals as "NewCitizens."

Those new Privileges were guaranteed and protected to Them by Federal and Lawful Constitutional Authority. Section5 of the 14thAmendment and Section2 of the 13thAmendment lawfully granted Congress the Authority and the Power to protect and enforce the new"Freedoms" and"Privileges" which were"granted" to all Individuals lawfully claiming "Privileges" granted under that "14thAmendment."

The "PreamblePeoples'" citizenship was not"created" nor was it"granted" by any Constitution because their Citizenship was won by warDeclared, Defended, andFought for against their and then existing Citizenship which was under the"Crown" though their DeclarationofIndependence. Their Citizenship (andOurs throughThem) existed from the time They created this Government and Theirs and our Citizenship (withitsFreedoms) was not relented, relinquished, orforfeited.

With the Constitution Of These UnitedStates; they (asthe free people theywere) established this Government with limited powers which by law they could"control." But (throughthe anarchy of GovernmentEmployees) we lost that control because They (beingTRAITORS to our Nation and because of usurpation ofpower) will not abide by or comply with the law.

When Congress was"granted" the ConstitutionalPower to enforce the13th and the 14thAmendments to the U.S.Constitution; the Congress was given the power to now pass Legislative or"CivilRightsActs" which can be and are lawfully tried in Its own LegislativeCourts.

Let us explore this situation. We know that our government has three separate branches. We have the Legislativebranch which is the Congress (with two separate branches within) that makes the laws. In the several States; we have the Legislatures which also has twobranches and makes laws. You have the Executivebranch of both Federal and StateGovernments which creates lawfully all AdministrativeOffices which have enforcement powers of law. The thirdbranch of government is the Judicialbranch which are the Courts that judge the law. These are clear and distinct "SeparationOfPowers" within one governmental structure (workingtogether- butseparately) in order to keep our Government in"control."

Under the 13thAmendment; the slaves were freed. And under the 14thAmendment; there was"created" a"newcitizenship." The"slaves" were not specifically identified but these "Amendments" were for Them and identified Them as Citizens which (byimplication) included all individuals who claimed or did not deny status under that "Amendment" identification. They were "Protected" and their"Rights" guaranteed to them under the Constitution (thisbeing then their"new" ConstitutionalRights being granted toThem as"Privileges"). Section2 of the 13thAmendment and Section5 of the 14thAmendment gave Congress the fullpower and authority to enforce the13th and 14thAmendments (andALL Laws pursuant tothem) so now Congress can (Constitutionally) legislate its own laws for these people. It can enforce its own laws for these people and judge its own laws pertaining to these people (whichobviously is not a "separationofpowers" pursuant to the U.S.Constitution).

Now watch what happened. Because our Constitution allows for judicialenforcement for the protection of these "newfreedcitizens" and their"Rights" within the ArticleICourts and ArticleIIICourts; the ArticleICourts came under the power of the Congressional or Legislative branch of our government and the ArticleIIICourts are under the power of the judiciary. The ArticleIIICourts are not above nor are they"under" the power of Congress; but are entirely a separate branch of government which is not subject to the"whims" or"dictates" of theExecutive or of the Congressionalbranches of our government (Constitutionalchecks andbalances).

In the Constitution at ArticleI; we have identified the "PowersVested InCongress." At Section8; the Congress shall have power... (atClause(9)) to constitute tribunals inferior to the[S]upreme[C]ourt.

In the Constitution at ArticleIII; we have identified the JudicialDepartment. At Section1; "the judicialpower of the UnitedStates shall be vested in one[s]upreme[c]ourt, and in such inferiorcourts as the Congress may from time to time ordain andestablish." AtSection2, Clause(1) "thejudicialpower shall extend to all cases, inlaw andequity, arising under this Constitution, the laws of the UnitedStates, and treaties made, or which shall be made, under their authority;..." and at Clause(2) "Inall cases affecting ambassadors, other public ministers, andconsuls, and those in which aState shall be aparty,- the[s]upreme[c]ourt shall have originaljurisdiction. In all other cases before mentioned, the[s]upreme[c]ourt shall have appellatejurisdiction."

NOTE: The [S]upreme[C]ourt of ArticleI ISNOT the same [s]upreme[c]ourt of ArticleIII.

Then in ArticlesV andVI of the U.S.Constitution; GeneralProvisions- particularly in ArticleVI, Clause(2) "thisConstitution and the laws of the UnitedStates which shall be made in pursuance thereof and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the UnitedStates, shall be the supremelaw of the land; and the judges in every State shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or the laws of any State to the contrary NOTWITHSTANDING."

An ArticleICourt is of the Congress which sets up the legislative part of government which is needful for that department in"policing" itself and the"Franchised" Individual (thoseof its own creation[corporations]).

The ArticleIIICourt is of a completely separate part of the threebranches of government which exercises its lawful jurisdiction in disputes outside the sphere of Congress. These judges become (bytheirOath) "ProtectorsatLaw" of the "FreePeople" of the UnitedStates (fromthe tremendous power of thegovernment) and the use of that power by its over zealous and un-monitored and un-checked employees exercising those powers many times in conspiracy.

"WE THE PEOPLE" - those not knowing their U.S.Constitution are not aware of their NaturalRights, therefore have been included into a 14thAmendment citizenship condition right along with the legal aspect of theCity, State andFederal governments"person" identification, and as such no longer have NaturalRights because all your NaturalRights have been converted into government issued Privileges. And by this you are under contract to your government and are therefore "controlledandprotected" by the U.S.Congress pursuant to a quasi-contract administered through the ArticleICourt which isEquity, and in this jurisdiction "theirwill" is your "compelledperformance," and is enforceable outside your protections of the Constitution. You are a subject of the Constitution, not a creator and therefore not aSovereign.

There are many angles and aspects of this "thing," and one more is- that when FranklinRoosevelt took office, he ignored the Founders'doctrine of "enumeratedpowers;" taking strongcontrol of the government, he issued 1006ExecutiveOrders. For this to become somewhat relative, we will compare:- PresidentCleveland issued71; McKinley issued only51, but PresidentRoosevelt broadcast ExecutiveOrders in every direction spending money like a drunkensailor, advertising "thenewdeal," which to the understanding of the average "JohnDoe" Americancitizen, was the opportunity to "getsomething fornothing," and greed set in according to "their"plan, and opened the door by "vote of thepeople" for "deficitspending" with noresponsibility.

Anyway, Roosevelt spent our country into an un-payabledebt, spending money without bringing taxes up to meet the expenditures. He then "borrowed" from the InternationalBankers, for the deficits. But he did not borrowmoney; he borrowed "credit" and agreed to pay it back with goldcoin. It was not long after he took office that he/we had borrowed more credit than we had goldcoin (orgoldbullion) to repay the debt and this Nation (atthatpoint) defaulted and went bankrupt under a"contract."

Well, - the Congress (under the "influence" of the Bankers) did not want to alarm the AmericanPeople,-sooo.

The International Bankers set up the InternationalBarAssociation and the InternationalBarAssociation set up a BarAssociation in every Nation in the World. The AmericanBarAssociation also set up a BarAssociation in every State in our Nation. What is the significant of this you say? Well,- the Bankers knew that what they were doing was (undertheLaw) a very Traitorous and Treasonousact against thisNation which could lead to a lawful charge ofTreason subject to a penalty ofdeath so they needed the Courtsof"Law" and all the judges on their side. Their plan worked so smooth that they set up these BarAssociations in such a way so that they could issue their ownlicenses. Their license requirements demand compliance to"their" standards or you were not accepted into "theirBar" to practicelaw and further; they"fixed" the practice of law so that only licensedattorneys could be judges, (yes,we voted onit). We have in our Courts today (by"their"design) a condition that when a"Natural" and freeperson attempts to achieve"Justice" through theCourts (heis denied "dueprocess" oflaw through "procedure" (whichis controlled by the "Bar"judges)) and he (thenaturalindividual) may even be"charged" with practicinglaw without alicense.

This was so successful and worked so well that"they" continued by"un-educating" our children through the control they had of our "PublicSchools" (eventhe curriculums of our "Private"schools) so that through our"un-education" we"vote" only licensedattorneys into Congress. If you look around, you will see that we have licensedattorneys in the upperlevels of most of our administrativeoffices of our government as well. Is it no wonder that the"injustices" committed by all our administrative government officers are not corrected when we have perfectly legal and just causes for a grievance we make them known to them?

Now when Roosevelt did what he did, he did so as representing all of us. When he defaulted on the debt(contract), you and I (asthe surety orcollateral) came under bondage and the"incometax," (aswe are lead to believe itis) is really a payment on the interest of an ongoing debt that cannot be paid. This was not an accident. This was done under "SpiritualAnti-Christ" knowledge and direction in known violation of law put in place by God for the very purpose of preventing this kind of thing from ever happening. So we have all lost our Freedoms? Don't you believe it! God is still on his throne, and He answers Prayer and changes things.

Now the BarAssociations (ratherthan telling the people that they arebankrupt) told the people that they were just"blending" theprocedures ofLaw with the procedure ofEquity. The averageperson doesn't know the difference between Law andEquity so he will never know what happened tohim.

But how can you blend "CompelledPerformance" with"Freedom?" Youdon't. Youcan't. They don't blend. But what they did in the blending was to do away with our"Freedoms" and now everything is "CompelledPerformance." AndIF we are a"bankrupt" people; you can be compelled to perform in the interest of your"Creditors" to the letter of the contract by the lawful force of law in an Equityjurisdiction.

So you see; what we have had since1938 is not "PublicLaw" statutes; but are in fact "PublicPolicy" statutes (inthe form ofLaw) passed by Congress in the interests of our NationsCreditors.

Example - If you are stopped along the "PublicHighway" and the police officer says; "Letme see your driverslicense!" or "Youhaven't fastened your seatbelt!" This is not LAW, but IS a direct violation of what IS "PublicLaw," (U.S.Code, Title18, Sections241 &242). How could that beLaw? The only person you could injure is yourself or those who are your God given responsibility. The policeofficer is enforcing "PublicPolicy" not "PublicLaw." You are the surety and the collateral for the credit that PresidentRoosevelt borrowed and defaulted on. The InternationalBankers are only trying to"Protect" their interests (attheirdiscretion) and that is not law and cannot be law; at least here in the UnitedStates.

Law does not compel performance. The Law, is designed so that it prevents you (byseverepenalty) from injuring some other person or their privateproperty. This is "CommonLaw," which is afforded to you by our UnitedStates Constitution. All your inherentRights and Protections are protected under this Constitution from the potential abuse of the power of administrativelaw.

As you can see (underthis "quasi-contract"); the judges take silent (intheirmind) "JudicialNotice" that you and I are a"bankrupt" person and therefore (underthe defaultcondition (contract/equity law prevails)) your/my ConstitutionalRights are not at an issue. Therefore you/I loose. The judges are only interested in whether or not you "fastenedyour seatbelt" or fulfilled any other "Policy" administrativelaw.

This is what we are up against in our courts today. The question must be asked: How do we survive in the courts when we have the U.S.Constitution to protect us? Well, Christ told us that He sends us out as sheep in a wolf infested country. How does a sheep survive in this situation? The sheep just stays close to the Shepherd. "Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free" (ifyou know where the enemy is, you can runfree). This is not symbolic- this principle is real. You must understand that Christ said we are sheep, not awolf.

You are a sheep and not a wolf. Sheep do not attack or eat wolves. "Speakthe Truth inLove" is the example Christ left for us and HisWord had NOT changed that. To attack is to destroy- not win over to our/your side. Study to show yourself approved of the Lord and be ready always to give reason for your belief inGod.

With the right knowledge; we know what questions to ask (nottell) in order for us to make our God given Law to begin protecting us.

Our JudicialOfficers will never admit that they are administering law in an AdmiraltyJurisdiction. But that is exactly what it is. As you saw; if you and I are in"default" under an InternationalContract (Roosevelts'); we are under InternationalLaw (thatis the LawofNations, or the Lawof thesea) and InternationalLaw is enforced under an AdmiraltyJurisdiction.

Now lets look at the AdmiraltyJurisdiction. You must understand the rule of "TheCaptain of HisShip" and that rule is the AdmiraltyLaw or AdmiraltyJurisdiction. When a business or company decides to"sell" his goods on the other side of the ocean; he does not want to put all his goods into the hands of an incompetent shipowner so before he decides to ship his goods; he checks out the shippingcompany.

He might ask: "What kind of a Captain do you have sailing your ships?" If the shippingcompany "Wants" your business; they will hire only good, reliable, and competent Captains to sail their ships. You conclude that you will ship your goods by them.

Now that Captain has a big responsibility to "getyour goods to where you intended them to go and at all cost; save theship." The Captain must have the authority to give and expect obedience to what ever orders he may choose to give. For example; the ship is at sea in a severestorm. The sail on a mast has been wind blown and tangled in the mastrigging. The Captain orders an employee to go up that mast and untangle the sail. Because of the storm and the sea; theemployee, ordeckhand, orsailor, says: "No,I'm not going up there in thisstorm." But the Captain knows (byhisexperience) that if the sail is not straightened out; the ship will soon be in jeopardy. So the Captain orders his employee to be taken to the shipsbrig, orjail, and orders another sailor up the mast. After the storm is over and the ship is saved; the Captain orders the dis-obedientemployee up on deck for trial. The Captain has "his"witness, "trueorfalse," to be at the trial. The Captain ask the witness: "Didyou hear me order this employee to go up the mast and untangle thatsail?" The witness says that he did. Then the Captain calls out an order known as "keelhaul." The ship is rigged with a line that goes over the decks and under the ship from portside to starboardside and then the disobedientsailor is tied hand and foot to the line and is cast overboard and pulled by the line under the ship for its full width. If that sailor was able to hold his breath for the"pull" (ashe was drug along the barnacles on the bottom of theship); he would be cut into ribbons to the point that when he was pulled back up on deck he would (ifnot dead bythen) surely bleed to death. Nevertheless; this was a deathsentence at sea and the Captain of the ship has full authority to do "whatever is needed to save theship;" even at the expense of the cargo if necessary which included a sentence of death for disobedience to HisOrders. That is AdmiraltyLaw. That is AdmiraltyJurisdiction. That is the Lawof theSea or InternationalLaw. It is all thesame.

Do you see what "WethePeople" are up against? We got here by our negligence in not being on guard and by relying on someone else to watch our"Rights" for us. That someone else has been given us just enough information to keep us distracted from what has really been going on and we are now very close to being to late to fixit. But if we don't try, it will never be fixed.

The HolyBible- at Hosea4:6, says, "Mypeople are destroyed for lack ofknowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge,... I will also reject thee,..." (KingJames). Look also into Isaiah5:12 &13; andIsaiah28:7; see alsoIIPeter1; and3:12.

There are two(2)criminaljurisdictions in the UnitedStates. One is the "CommonLaw" criminaljurisdiction and the other is the"Admiralty" criminaljurisdiction (whichincludes "Equity," "InternationalLaw," "LawMerchant," etc.).

Under the CommonLaw criminaljurisdiction; we have all the"Rights" and"Protections" we need and there must be an injured party. That is our Constitutionalguarantee of the "injuredparty." ArticleI, Section9, Clause(2) of the U.S.Constitution declares this fact: "Thewrit of habeascorpus shall not besuspended." That is the Law for our wholeNation and ArticleI, Section10 of the U.S.Constitution are the restraints by the lawful and superior authority of our Federalgovernment upon the States, to prevent the State from limiting our protections. You will need to read the 5thAmendment, and the "PreambleTo The BillOfRights" (whichis theAmendments to ourConstitution) for you to be able to see clearly and to understand what theAmendments were for, and to see clearly that theAmendments gives us further identified protections under the law. The 6thAmendment "Protects" to us (andmakes available upon ourdemand) the"Right" by law, to have "habeascorpus" (toproduce the victim or the injured person, enforced byLAW) for our"Protection." InArticleVI, Clause(2) of our Constitution, the Constitution clearly states that "thisConstitution shall be the supremelaw of theland."

Now under this "supremelaw of theland," the State is able to grant more liberties and protections, but is not permitted, (bycreating its ownlaw), to limit our/your protections or liberties toLESS than those identified and protected by the law of the Constitution of the UnitedStates. Under the CommonLaw; we have all the Rights and Protections we could possibly need for an adequate defense (whichis the way America wasfounded). As you see, we don't have thoseRights and Protections any more do to the result of our willing ignorance (throughour publicschool system).

There is only one other CriminalJurisdiction you can be tried under and that is in a condition of InternationalContract under the criminal aspects of an AdmiraltyJurisdiction.

Under the CommonLaw we have many defenses. But under an AdmiraltyJurisdiction; there is only one defense available (andthat is only available under the InternationalLaw ofContracts). The InternationalLaw ofContract (asbeforeidentified) is being enforced upon us in an AdmiraltyJurisdiction and that Contract is an INVALIDContract. There is no court in the our land (orin theworld) that has the authority or the jurisdiction to enforce an"invalid"Contract. There are a number of aspects in the lawofcontracts, but there is one particular aspect that you need to know. That is- Thedebt that PresidentRoosevelt contracted us into with the InternationalBankers is an"invalid"contract by the very laws that the Contract is/was contracted under. That Contract is what is called a "nointerestContract." Under International Contract Law you find that "nointerestContracts" are void and are not enforceable in any Court of the world. But IF you are "enfranchised;" you are under the "lawof the Captain of theship," which isAdmiralty.

The question must be asked: What is a "nointerestContract?" To give answer to this question, the following example will be given:- Why can't you take out a fireinsurance policy on somebody else'shouse? The reason that no-one can insure another personshouse is because you have no interest in that house. To give explanation; lets say that the neighbors house is worth$100,000 and the owner (for$500) could obtain a "fireinsurancepolicy" worth$80,000 on that house. Now he doesn't want to see his house burn down because he has a$100,000house and if it burns down he'll only get$80,000 in return by the contract insurancepolicy. He stands to loose$20,000. The insurancecompany doesn't want to see that house burn down either because they would have to pay out$80,000. Both parties have a "protectiveinterest" in the same house.

Now we come along (andfor the same insurancepremium as the owner has topay) and say, "Wewant to insure thathouse." The insurancecompany will say, "nothingdoing." Butwhy? Weask. The reason we can't obtain insurance on the"other" personshouse is because we do not"care" if the house burns down or not. In fact; we would probably hope that it would burn down. We paid out the same insurancepremium as the owner and if it burns down; the insurancecompany pays out$80,000 to us and the owner and the owner looses$20,000 while we would make$80,000 less the$500premium. Inessences, we can only win. We may (ifthe house doesn't burndown) loose the$500premium; but the gamble is worth it to us because (forthestakes) we have no realinterest in the property. As you can see; the insurancecompany is betting that the house won't burn down (withinthe time period of the"contract," which is the insurancepolicy) and the owner is betting that it will burn down. That is a"gaming"policy licensed by theState and that is why itsOK for the InsuranceCompany and notOK for you or I to run aLottery?

Now you see why Roosevelt"Contract" is invalid. Roosevelt borrowed"credit," from the InternationalBankers (whichthey created out of thinair [whichisnothing]) and contracted to pay it back with"Substance" (GoldCoin which is substance OF THE LAND; dugup by the labor ofman).

Let's see then if that Contract is a validContract. Did the InternationalBankers have any"interest" in the survival ofAmerica? No!Because they brought no"substance" into the Contract and therefore they had nothing at risk relative to theContract. They gave only"credit" which was only created onpaper. Credit is NOT SUBSTANCE nor can it be substance. The InternationalBankers really don't care if we are able to make payment on the loan or not. If we survived as anation, they would have gained GoldCoin(substance) in exchange for nothing loaned. But if we could not repay according to the contract; we would default and be declared"Bankrupt" (whichis what we havedone) and by law; they would own all the property within theCountry which is our wholeNation. They could not loose. By default and under InternationalContract pursuant to InternationalLaw (orthe LawofNations); they own our Country and"They" can take possession anytime.

That is why it does not matter who we vote into Congress or who we put in asPresident for they (ourCongress andPresident) are owned by the InternationalBankers and are subject to their will. The Bankers say: "Wewant publicpolicy statutes passed in ourinterest." So Congress just"compels" our performance under publicpolicy statutes (privatelaw) in accordance with the will of the bankers (inthe interest of the InternationalBankers) which is$$ in their pockets.

Since we know that once they name their jurisdiction as an admiraltyjurisdiction, we then are able to bring all these things out in opencourt, and therein the very law it was contracted under, and therefore America owes nodebt.

If America owes nodebt, then you and I cannot be tied into that debt subjecting ourselves to the international AdmiraltyLaw Jurisdiction. Wetherefore, at that point, are able to come back under the Constitutional CommonLaw, and make claims thereto.

Let's look into the subject of"Contract." Example: InAmerica, (unlessyou are aslave), you were born with theRight to travel(drive) on the Public "RightOfWay," (highway). Now with an understanding of all the above information: if you claim a ConstitutionalRight under the 14thAmendment, you actually trade-in a Birthright in exchange for a government issued privilege. The license you "applied"for is the legalproof required by law that you have entered into acontract by your own freewill. Therefore, Licensed and/or Enfranchisedpersons can by law ofcontract be lawfully"Compelled" to perform under that contract and you have no ConstitutionRights with acontract.

Let's look now at why you are charged by the administration for a civilviolation of their rules (ordinancesorstatutes) with acrime? The naturallaw tells us that a man cannot judge his own issue. What does that mean? The power of our government was setup so that onepower could and would keep each of the other twopowers in check.

The U.S.Constitution at ArticleIII, which establishes the JudicialDepartment of our Government, atSection2, Clause(2), says that if the State is a party in a case, the[s]upreme[c]ourt shall have Original Jurisdiction.

The reason for this is that the State has the power to make laws. If the State makes a law that an individual disagrees with, like an un-constitutionallaw, and he dis-obeys that law, theState, (CityorCounty, they are thesame) will bring a criminalcharge against him, if it was not for the SeparationOfPowers Doctrine of the U.S.Constitution, the State could make the law, and with the authority of thesheriff, (orStatePolice), they could enforce the law they just made and then bring you to trial in their own StateCourts and Judge their ownlaws.

This is not permitted under ConstitutionalLaw, and that is the purpose in the[s]upreme[c]ourt retaining to itself the Original Jurisdiction in matters where theState is aparty.

Now the 14thAmendment, under the full and lawful ConstitutionalAuthority, has created a"legalperson." This legalperson is a creation of Congress, and can be identified as"FreedSlaves," "Corporations," "GovernmentAgencies," "Cities," "Counties," "States," Licensed"persons," (thoseare persons exercising privileges). NOWWATCH!- Any"person" (legalorfree) claiming government issued privileges. If you do not claim your naturalRights, but ignorantly claim your CivilRights which are under the 14thAmendment, YOU ARE A LEGALPERSON!!! Using the authority of ArticleICourts, they rightfully assume all threepowers that the Constitution has separated. By the default of PresidentRoosevelt, all AmericanCitizens have been lumped by a14thAmendment contract into a "legalperson," or a "CreatedCitizen"status.

Now under the 14thAmendment, the Congress, within the sphere can make the law; enforce their own law; and judge their own law. In this case, a man is the judge of his own issue.

Now the Constitution has given Congress this lawfulauthority as long as it is used within its lawfulsphere. This is granted by the Constitution in ArticleI, Section8 at Clause(9), quote- "Toconstitute tribunals inferior to the [S]upreme[C]ourt." Which means they have the lawfulauthority to create their own courts to"Policethemselves." Policing themselves is within there ownsphere.

Now Clause(10), Congress has the power, and I quote- "Todefine and punish piracies and felonies committed on the highseas, [shippingon the oceans of theworld], AND (todefine and punish piracies andfelonies) against the lawofnations." This grants Congress the authority to enter into and participate in Internationalaffairs and controversies, which would include disputed internationalcontracts. Continuing now in the Constitution and I quoteat:

  1. Clause(11), "To declare war,... and make rules concerning captures on land andwater."

  2. Clause(14), "To make rules for the government AND regulation of the land and navalforces."

  3. Clause(15), "To provide for the calling forth of the militia [todayits the NationalGuard] to execute the laws of the union [ourland], suppressinsurrections [whichis disobedience to theORDERS ofCongress], and repel invasions."

  4. Clause(16), "To provide for organizing, arming and disciplining the militia, AND for governing such part of them as may be"employed" [subjects] in the service of the UnitedStates, reserving to theStates, respectively, the appointment of the officer[overseer] and the authority of training the militia[subjects] according to the discipline prescribed byCongress.

  5. Clause(17), "To exercise EXCLUSIVE legislation [rules&laws] in all cases whatsoever,..."

  6. Clause(18), "To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for the carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the government of the UnitedStates, or in any department OR officerthereof.

A close and careful reading of all the above quotations will reveal a tremendous grant of power to the Congress of these UnitedStates ofAmerica; the UnionofStates, [theland? notnecessarily]. These powers properly administered serve a very vital function in the operation of our government and for the protection of ourNation from invasion by outsideforces as well as from within. But when the integrity of these employed and entrusted by "WeThePeople" pursuant to their OathofOffice: toOperate, Defend, Protect, and hold our peoples'Lives, theirLiberties, and Pro-parties Sacred, fails, our whole country lies injeopardy.

The failure of those whom government has employed whether they be hired, votedin, orappointed, toHonor their own identity and integrity has perverted the intent of the Founders'wisdom in the creation of this government, and they then become greedy self indulgent empirebuilders with absolutely no regard for the well being of this Nation. These are the Anarchists, not thePatriots.

Now under a condition ofbankruptcy, the bankruptparty becomes, as we have shown above, subject to the forced compliance of the contract defaulted on. When the people of the UnitedStates became a bankruptpeople pursuant to a contract to the InternationalBankers, at that time we also become subject to the laws of Congress regarding International matters enforceable under the AdmiraltyJurisdiction which is outside the protection of our Constitution. This also was noaccident!!

There is no such thing as a commonlaw crime committed against Congress, even under the 14thAmendment contract. But under the authority of Congress to pass all needed laws, and the authority to enforce those laws, and judge the violations of those laws; and because you cannot civilly violate a statute, the violation of a statute has to be a crime.

Congress has not been granted the authority to judge civilviolations outside of its ArticleIjurisdiction of the Constitution, but statute violations within Congress'ArticleI jurisdiction IS within its authority. Therefore, pursuant to the 14thAmendment, all legalpersons claiming civilrights are subjects of the Congress, and IF you are one of these people, your "parkingticket" violation is a crime. Under this condition it cannot be any other way.

Equity under an Admiralty (internationallaw) jurisdiction comes with a criminalpenalty. Equity under American Constitutional Civil CommonLaw jurisdiction is basically an EquityCourt forced or"Compelled" restitution penalty rather than a criminalpenalty which involves possible jail sentence or even live forfeiting penalties which penalties are not permitted to render. Under the Admiralty (internationallaw) jurisdiction, there are no civilrights at all, and therefore ALL statute violation are crimes pursuant to Admiralty (internationallaw) (undertheCaptain) which are punished as crimes with criminalpenalties sufficient to bring the rest of the people(subjects) into compliance, because of the "Contract"default.

Are we a Sovereign "WETHEPEOPLE" Creator of this government with inherent naturalrights of life inGod?- or are we a Congressional "Createdlegalperson" who receives your right to life from a government issued grant of privileges. If you have NaturalRights which do not intrude into another personslife, you can claim them, Government isNOT selfrestraining, and will do its best to"Control" us by convincing us through our ignorance of the law that we do not have anyRights.

How to make respectful demand and claim those God given NaturalRights, as theLAW requires, is the subject of most Patriots, not all, but again, we should be careful what category we decide someone is in. TheBible tells us that we"may entertain angels and not knowit," Hebrews13:2.


See Traitors, Treason, and the 14th Amendment Lie

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