The Money Masters Part 1:
Introduction. The Federal Reserve is a private organization. How the system works. The history of the money changers: Roman Empire, Jesus' time. Their power in England.

The Money Masters Part 2:
The Bank of England. Queen Elizabeth I.

The Money Masters Part 3:
US Revolutionary war. Colonial Script.

The Money Masters Part 4:
Napoleon, The Rothchild takeover of the Bank of England after the Battle of Waterloo. The "Age of Rothchild". President Andrew Jackson's fight against the bankers.

The Money Masters Part 5:
US Civil War. Abraham Lincon. Otto Von Bismarck. Czar Alexander I.

The Money Masters Part 6:
Elimination of Lincon's Greenbacks and silver. James Garfield. J.P. Morgan, the most powerful banker in America helped Rockefeller, Carnegie. J.P. Morgan owned only 20% of J.P. Morgan Company, the rest was Rothchild. The crash of 1907. Widrow Wilson and The Federal Reserve Bank of 1913. Rockefeller and Senator Aldrich.

The Money Masters Part 7:
The Federal Reserve. Jekyll Island. Jacob Schiff's 20 million dollar support of the communist revolution of 1917. Government Bonds. Income Tax.

The Money Masters Part 8:
World War I, and the great debt generated by it. League of Nations. The control of media. The 1920's.

The Money Masters Part 9:
Black Thursday and the crash of 1929. The Federal Reserve finaces Hitler. Franklin D. Roosevelt's lies and great treason which destroyed the soul of America. His theft of all gold from Americans. The disappearance of (70% of the world's) gold from Fort Knox. WWII and the far greater debt generated by it than the first world war. The debt was increased 400-800% for different countries. More debt generation through the Cold War. United Nations and global bank in the IMF (International Monetary Fund). Nixon makes gold legal again.

The Money Masters Part 10:
Warburg's Manhattan and Rockefeller's Chase bank merged to make the Chase-Manhatten bank. WW2 destroyed all opposition to world government and a centralized global bank. IMF's world currency SDRs are backed partially by gold. The reserve requirement raised to 8% to contrast money which will cause a depression and eliminate all banks starting with the smallest and weakest, until finally there will be one world bank.

The Money Masters Part 11:
Conclusion. The solution. What should we do, what shouldn't we do....

The Money Masters Part 12:
Conclusion. Religious quotes from popes and so forth..

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