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"Complacent ignorance is the most lethal sickness of the soul."

The sum total of a person's knowledge of self, others, environment and the memory of the interaction between these elements is equal to reality. Therefore a workable formula to define reality can be stated: Reality is relative to one's perception of the sum total of knowledge. Although total control of another person or group of people may not yet be technologically feasible, virtual influence can and has been historically achieved by understanding this concept of realitiy's meaning. Religion, for example, has always been a sound vehicle for influence or control over large numbers of people simultaneously and to this day is still very successful. To influence the believers, one needs to influence the belief. As an example of physical influence, food offers an excellent one over both individuals and large numbers of people. Combining psychological with physical influences then creates a virtual controlling combination.

By studying basic human drives a list of influences that comprises a majority of the causes of motivation and intent may be developed. Applying theses needs, tendencies and desires of the individual to the above statement causes strong influences. Thus it may be stated: To influence or control an individual, or masses, you must anticipate and allocate. For instance, if a person desires to play games, that person would want to be a game developer. With an endless development of foods and games alone, a person's mind will be preoccupied with programmed ideas, diminishing the time for free association of thought.

Today we are all products of controls and influences intended to occupy our thought processes. The infestation of the formal education process has occurred with programs intended to deprive the mind of the ability for self actualization and independent thinking, thus subverting the essence of individualism. Conforming reality to the designed parameters of thoughts one is given, disables the formatting of concepts that now have no basis for existence.

"Dialectic Materialism", as it was designed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, is an effective ploy to cause the closed end parameters of thought that result in dysfunctional pursuits of individualism. By a further masking and distortion of the very definition of individualism a successful partitioning of awareness of self, others, environment and their interaction occurs. Thus our perception of reality has become altered to it's current state.

As an example of media input to this process of alteration of reality, turn to your local news; it will identify with the interests and needs of the public, or will it? No time will be allocated to scholastic achievements, but ample time will be spent on school sports. Therefore we may conclude, sports has more merit than education. The controls and influences in our lives are extensive and all encompassing. To think independently you must recognize the parameters of reality that subjugate us all. If we use the analogy that the mind is like a computer, then by restricting input of information a predetermination of thought is likely. Asking a computer to formulate outside of its parameters of existing knowledge will result in a default. The very nature of our present environment impedes access to truth, thus curtailing a desire to learn it.

Re-configuration of reality is also relevant to one's perception of it. Expanding one's position of awareness, by a self-initiated desire to learn truth, will break the impasse of imposed predetermined thoughts. The current system of influences and controls has a default in the very arrogance of its premise that: individuals do not have a soul and therefore lack claim to individuality. This concept is justified to those seeking control and by the success they have had on our lives. The intent, is for central government to convene needed authority over everyone, for its own good. The needs of the many then outweigh the concerns of the individual. Since this current system of influences and controls concludes with the very denial of God, it then substitutes itself, for the vacancy it has initiated. To think clear, think for your self. If you allow others to think for you, they will.

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