Compartmentalized Knowledge

The elitists discovered at some point that never ending numbers of inventions come out of well funded laboratories. During the wars they developed ways of keeping an invention's nature secret by having great numbers of engineers design and separately build small pieces of it, a practice which today is openly defended and known as compartmentalization of knowledge. Only a small number of top scientists are needed to break an invention up into pieces and contract different laboratories to build them, so few people know more than puzzling little bits of what trillions of dollars have been spent on in classified laboratories. Fortunately for this book, it is not necessary to imagine any of the secret technical goodies that might be hiding away in classified labs, -the ones secretly hiding out in the open are powerful enough.

* Psychology Tests *

A large secret organization is easy to create and maintain when you have many people to choose from. A clever psychological test given to 100,000 military applicants will point out 1000 people for every percent their type represents in the group. borderline sociopaths run a few percent, and probably higher at the voluntary enlistment offices. They can be trained in special ways to increase, control, and direct their cruelty, and are very good at keeping big secrets to themselves for long periods of time, as most mass murderers have shown. That is just one example of a social type that can be spotted in large numbers, making such tests very powerful and dangerous in the wrong hands.

Another type of person which can easily be selected from test results are the opposite of sociopaths. For lack of a better name we might call them socially responsible blabbermouths. When they are presented with what they think is information that is too important to keep secret, they are certain to write some kind of testimony about it. The UFO literature is full of examples of this: the conspirators have spent huge resources to insert that fantasy into the public's imagination as will be later shown.

* Mind Control *

The conspirators are not the figure heads that grace our screens each day, but wealthy men and women sitting in secluded and luxurious offices ordering expensive research into human motivational research and brainwashing techniques, and using their media and troops to ruthlessly program the populace using that advanced knowledge as a guide.

We can only guess at the results of their experiments by the many destroyed human guiniepigs those experiments left behind, and by the numerous psychological gadgets that came out of universities: truth drugs, drugs that induce a hypnotic state, sensory deprivation chambers where the sense of self is lost in only a few hours, flickering lights, fields, and sounds which enhance certain brain wave patterns, etc.

These technologies came out of inexpensive public research, but what technologies came out of the classified black projects that mysteriously ate up trillions of dollars? It doesn't really matter because the technology listed above can produce brainwashed people quite easily.

Suppose you want an individual to hear God telling him to assassinate a certain political individual making a speech or driving in a parade, and to do it in a way that insures they get caught, so that nobody keeps looking for the real culprit. You could force a hypnotic state with drugs and sensory deprivation, repetitively tell him to hear the command at a certain time and to know it was from God, and repetitively tell him to forget the time spent being programmed.

How possible is this? Even without drugs or sensory deprivation to enhance it, hypnotic states often result in vivid memories of being ancient kings and queens, in other lifetimes. Scientists proved this by producing the effect in random subjects, without using drugs or sensory deprivation, and have showed it many times on TV to prove that UFO abduction memories can be created using standard hypnosis and a few leading questions. Believe it: If the conspirators want to create a crackpot who actually believes an absurd story and is motivated to do something about it, they can.

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