Goals 2000

The tone and tendency of liberalism...is to attack the institutions of the country
under the name of reform and to make war on the manners and
customs of the people under the pretext of progress.

Benjamin Disraeli
Speech In London June 24, 1872

What is Goals 2000?

In a word, it is the federal government's method of taking full control of the public school systems away from parents, local and state government.

The weapon they are using to accomplish this is funding - either a state cooperates and agrees to the Goals 2000 standards and edicts, or it doesn't get the money.

What are the GOALS of Goals 2000?

Goal 1 - School Readiness
Goal 2 - School Completion
Goal 3 - Student Achievement and Citizenship
Goal 4 - Teacher Education and
Professional Development
Goal 5 - Mathematics and Science
Goal 6 - Adult Literacy and Lifelong learning
Goal 7 - Safe, Disciplined and Alcohol- and Drug-Free Schools
Goal 8 - Parental Participation
Sounds pretty noble, doesn't it? Take a closer look though. In order to bring about these high ideals, the constitution must first be circumvented. Here are the constitutional problems, as summarized by Brannon Howse in Reclaiming a Nation At Risk:

H.R. 6 grants unconstitutional powers to the National Education Standards and Improvement Council, established by Goals 2000. The 20 member board consists mostly of appointees of the President who must be members of the NEA.

Goals 2000 and ESEA violates the tenth amendment by taking the right of the people in each state to control their own educational system, according to the Bill of Rights, and gives it to the federal government.

H.R. 6 strives to "develop with parents for all children a school-parent compact that outlines how parents, the school and students will share responsibility for improved student achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership." In other words, the federal government becomes an "equal partner" in the raising of your children.

ESEA will allow for school-based clinics. As explained by Geoffrey Botkin, they will be "given money and incredible powers, including latitude to administer super-secret exams, vaccines, contraceptives, abortion counseling and unlicensed psychological therapies to some children without parental consent."

Goals 2000 and ESEA will help fund a controversial and mandatory national program known as "Parents as Teachers." This program should actually be called "Teachers as Parents," because it allows for social workers to come into your home to collect personal data on your children and the entire family. The social worker's job is to teach parents to be parents, and it is simplified by the use of 12 computer codes which will determine whether your family is "at risk." Being considered "at risk" includes having a parent who is ill, overweight, tired, depressed. Moving to a new home, giving birth to the child's sibling, or a death in the family, will also place you "at risk." There is no computer code to label a family "normal!"

ESEA will aid in establishing a sort of high-tech report card or diploma called "The Certificate of Initial Mastery." Without this certificate, it will become increasingly difficult to be accepted into college, get employment, receive health care, obtain a drivers license, travel and even vote.

Goals 2000 and ESEA will mandate the Outcome-Based Education on every state in the union, by mandating opportunity to learn standards. These "standards" are the belief that there is no right or wrong.

H.R. 6 calls for the development of "educational technology" that will involve the Department of Labor in assessing all students in their efforts to attain the OBE outcomes. In 1989, a supercomputer went online to track every child. Many OBE tests measure and store students' responses to political and religious questions.

ESEA and Goals 2000 are unconstitutional because they discourage the teaching of the basics. The original preamble of ESEA said, "The disproven theory that children must first learn basic skills before engaging in more complex tasks continues to dominate strategies for classroom instruction, resulting in emphasis on repetitive drill and practice at the expense of content rich instruction, accelerated curricula, and effective teaching to high standards."

H.R. 6 will give the Secretary of Education unconstitutional powers. Here's why:

The secretary has the power under ESEA to "withhold funds" from a state until the state submits an educational plan that meets the approval of the U.S. Secretary of Education. If, after two years, "a state does not have challenging content and performance standards," the Secretary of Education can force onto this state the standards, or outcomes, of another state.

If a local school district does not comply with this federal legislation, the state can be forced by the federal government to fire school board members and even the district superintendent in order to gain compliance to H.R. 6 and Goals 2000 so the state and district can receive federal dollars.

Section 9401 in H.R. 6 is entitled, "Waivers of Statutory and Regulatory Requirements." This section says, "The Secretary may waive any requirement of this Act or of the General Education Provisions Act, or of the regulations issued under such Acts, for a state educational agency, Indian tribe, or other agency, organization, or institution that receives funds under a program authorized by this Act from the Department and that requests such a waiver, if the Secretary determines that such requirements impede the ability of the State educational agency or other recipient to achieve more effectively the purpose of this Act." Good-bye to home and private schools!

The wording of H.R. 6 is so vague that it is open to massive interpretation. Geoffrey Botkin says, "H.R. 6 is a masterpiece of flexible language and creative new terminology that can mean almost anything government lawyers want it to mean."

Our government maintains its power over us by hiding what it is doing until it is done. We need to educate ourselves, so that we may educate others. Through educating others, we can return our government of the people to the people.

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