The Non-Education System
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"Give me your four year olds and in a generation
I will build a socialist State."

John Dewey (1859-1952) applied Uniformatarianism to public education, and believed that mankind had reached the point in its evolution that mankind could control its own evolution.

By 1905, Dewey was the dominant voice in American teacher educational change, operating out of Harvard University. In 1920, Russia hired John Dewey to construct a program of "progressive education" for the Soviet school system. By 1932 Russia informed Dewey that he was a failure, and that rather than educating the children, his system was turning out a nation of delinquents. In 1933, after failing in the Soviet Union, Dewey set up the same Humanistic system in the United States.

"Dewey changed the aim, content, and methods of education. It is important to understand why and how he changed the aim of our schools. He was a national socialist, promoting one hundred percent state control or ownership of property, all means of production, whether capital, natural resources, or labor. He called it collectivism. In 1905 he organized the Intercollegiate Socialist Society, along with Jack London, Upton Sinclair, Walter Lippmann, and W.E.B. Dubois. In 1921, the Society changed its name to the League for Industrial Democracy., and Dewey served as its president in 1941. It's aim was to put teachers in the classroom who were collectivists, as well as ministers in the pulpits and leaders in the labor unions. In 1962, the League formed an action arm called the Students for a Democratic Society."

Early in the century Dewey had formed the Progressive Education Association and the American Association of University Professors. These two organizations were committed to the goal of collectivizing the United States.

By the 1930's the political climate was suitable for their work, and social studies departments were formed in public schools in several important local systems in the United States. By the forties, social studies had moved into the elementary schools.

Having changed the aim of the schools, the content of education also underwent great changes. New textbooks were written and the old ones revised to present the collectivist aim...

During and immediately following World War II, the emphasis on creating a new economic and social order in this country was expanded to include the entire globe...The global government would remove the sovereignty of all countries...

In 1955, the Progressive Education Association disbanded...It had been so persuasive, however, that it has continued to be dominant over traditional education in the classroom and its philosophy, in fact, is in control of American education...It is a concept of man which rejects nearly every previously held belief about man and his nature."

Systematic application of student psychological control by utilizing evolutionary concepts and methods (behavioral engineering, values education, reality therapy, etc.) are now standard procedure in American education, and are devastating the lives of our children. Behavioristic mind- control is atheistic, un-American, and since it is a Humanist belief it is actively and militantly ant-Christian. It is corrupt. It is dangerous.

The men who designed our Constitution understood the necessity of establishing laws to protect our individual freedoms. The Northwest Ordinance of 1785 said, "Religion, morality and knowledge being necessary to good government and the happiness of mankind, schools and the means of education shall be forever encouraged." So, first religion, secondly morality, and thirdly knowledge, were the original ingredients of character that built our great county.

Horace Mann (1796-1859) changed these ingredients of success, in the mid-1800's, to "Intellectual, Moral, and Physical." The spiritual was dropped and the physical was added.

Today, through the efforts of Behavioristic educators, the ingredients are "Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor." Cognitive emphasizes the individual learning of facts, as opposed to handing down a body of knowledge from another generation. Psychomotor has to do with physical skills such as writing and typing. Affective has to do with feelings, and takes the place of and stands in opposition to Morality.

Morality has to do with giving attention to duty, duties going hand-in-hand with unalienable rights. A moral person takes care of "ought-to's" ahead of personal desires, and exhibits honesty, good work habits, and concern for others placed ahead of one's own feelings. In contrast, Affective promotes the idea that how you feel inside, what you want, is the prime consideration. Affective sets the individual ahead of his neighbor, effecting a self-centered selfish view of life and the world.

How sad it is that we constantly hear of legal battles over the right to pray or possess a Bible in the school systems. When God is eliminated from the considerations of men, false theories abound, and society begins to crumble. All these evils are intertwined, part and parcel of Uniformitarian secular thinking. Parents allow false teaching in the public schools, and then wonder why their children are involved in mischief and trouble.

"The master idea...was that of evolution...Independently of the writings of both Compte and Spencer, there proceeded during the 19th Century, under the influence of the evolutionary concept, a thoroughgoing transformation of older studies like History, Law and Political Economy; and the creation of new ones like Anthropology, Social Psychology, Comparative Religion, Criminology, Social Geography."

Traditional Bible-based Puritanism, a result of the Reformation, presupposing such things as absolutes and still intact in 1900, has given way to Secularism as a result of the Enlightenment.

Today we have a world where "values" and "values clarification" educational methods are corrupting our children. Values clarification, a behavior modification technique, teaches the child that the parents are trying to pass on biased information, that the child should ignore such biased information, that the child should then choose his or her own "values" based upon affective concepts (Pragmatism - "If it feels good, do it!), and that then the child should "prize" and "cherish" these new values and put them into habitual action in their lives. Obedience to parents or church is ridiculed and rebellion is glorified. Many children who have been taught this garbage are now parents, ignorant of proper child rearing techniques, lost and unhappy themselves, and totally unable to provide proper guidance and direction to their progeny.

"While the youngest mind is taught that their are no absolutes, that no decision is final; that no authority figure except the State has the last word; that everything is equally acceptable; that real objectivity is the absence of any standard of right and wrong; then I contend that these young minds will be learning the ruthlessness which is so prevalent in today's youth and being acted out on all sides in today's society...In the Educationists' terminology, the logical consequences of this philosophy, real freedom is achieved only when one is a slave to the state. It is worth mentioning here that democracy is not seen by the educationist as a form of government, but a way of life. It is in reality a socialized society...There is something vastly more sinister to be pointed out here than just production of the group mentality. The implication of such a group mind is that the person goes on through life looking to the group to validate all of his decisions. The corollary of this insistence on relating everything to the group, relating from smaller to larger groups, and taking the largest group decision as the ultimate, is that the family is downgraded to just another small group with no special meaning. Thus, all family decisions, especially in the area of values, are open at all times to modification through group dynamics in the classroom, and eventually become of little importance at all to the child."

Today our ignorant educators look forward to a man-made utopia where all people will think the same (means not think at all), within the framework of a one-world government. This mental state is called Eupsychia. B. F. Skinner really teaches that man is simply a machine with no dignity that should be controlled by the state. One world--one mind. These people are members of what is called the Third Force, or the Third Wave.

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