"Few bills which we consider will have a greater impact on more Americans
than the Workforce Investment Act [H.R. 1385] we pass today."

Senator Edward Kennedy, Congressional Record, July 30, 1998, pg. S9490.

Truer words were never spoken in relation to gaining total control of the citizens of the United States and turning our nation into a fascist state. If you think this is an outlandish statement, read this article. What you are about to read is the absolute truth which is backed by more documentation than you could ever hope to read.

Hillary's Global Village and the New World Order are Officially Instituted by Congress

News Analysis by Jim Day, 1998, St. Louis MetroVoice

On July 30, Senators Edward Kennedy (D) MA, Jim Jeffords (R) VT, Mike DeWine(R)OH, Paul Wellstone(D)MN, Christopher Dodd(D)CT, and Jack Reed,(D)RI, unanimously passed by a voice vote the Conference Report on H.R. 1385 - the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 -- the latest version of "The Careers Act". A voice vote only requires a majority of those present to pass or reject a bill. The report was then sent back to the House of Representatives for review. According to the Congressional Record, only six senators spoke on the floor. Due to the fact that no roll call vote was taken, it is not known if any other senators were present in the chamber at the time.

Late in the afternoon the next day, July 31, without any notice, when most congressmen were on planes headed home, five congressmen, again by a voice vote, unanimously approved H.R. 1385 paving the way for President Clinton's signature on August 7. The five congressmen were William Clay, Sr.(D)MO, Howard P. "Buck" McKeon(R)CA, William "Bill" Goodling(R)PA, Dale Kildee(D) MI, and Matthew Martinez(D)CA.

Again, due to the fact that no roll call vote was taken, no one knows how many other, if any, congressmen were present at the time of the vote. These 11 men and President Clinton have just created and signed into law legislation which converts America's free market economic system to a controlled or managed market system -- the same type of economic system which was established by Nazi Germany.

To grasp the magnitude of what Congress and President Clinton have just accomplished by passage of the Workforce Investment Act, you need to see and understand the big picture. Keep in mind, what has happened has not happened over night. This "new system" has been put into place piece-by-piece like a puzzle.


The Workforce Investment Act is just one piece of the puzzle (system) known as the "School-to-Work" system (STW). The bottom line to the School-to-Work system, regardless of what any educator or politician may tell you, is NOT, I repeat NOT educating or training children and adults to prepare them to join the workforce. SCHOOL-TO-WORK IS A MANAGED OR CONTROLLED ECONOMIC SYSTEM - A SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE -- which has been sold to the American public as an educational reform or improvement system.

During the last four years, the Workforce Investment Act, formerly called The Careers Bill, has been held at bay by a small group of knowledgeable grassroots activists across the nation. In response to their efforts, yet not fully understanding the bill itself , various legislators have attempted to prevent Congress from turning schools into workforce training centers.

On the state and local levels, concerned parents, activists and legislators who have tried to voice their concerns about this wonderful new educational system have continually been ignored, marginalized, censored, labeled as extremists or out-right attacked for attempting to stop this diabolical plan from being implemented.


What are the pieces of this gigantic puzzle? The first piece of the puzzle consists of all of the national education, health, welfare, vocational/technical and labor programs, as well as government departments, which were established over the past several decades (i.e., the Departments of Education, Labor, Welfare, etc.) and thousands of rules, regulations, court orders and executive orders created to run these governmental departments and programs. Although a lot of these programs and departments were established independent of each other, and for the most part with good intentions, they are now an interwoven part of the STW system.

The second major piece of the puzzle was Goals 2000 (the Educate America Act of 1994). Goals 2000 established the broad policy directives for education in America and was the first of the three major pieces of legislation needed to create the School-to-Work system.

The third piece of the puzzle was the School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994. This Act essentially merged or consolidated the departments of education, labor, health & human services and provided government funding for STW programs on a limited time basis.

The final major piece of the puzzle was the Workforce Investment Act, which was just passed. The Act continues the funding of the STW Act, completes the consolidation of federal programs and provides the tax dollars necessary to entice businesses to cooperate and become part of the STW system.

If you still don't see the big picture let me outline it for you. The STW system -- using your own tax dollars -- does the following:

a.) It trains children and adults to think collectively -- not independently, because independent thinkers are a threat to a collective state, be it socialist or fascist. (A socialist state is one where the state or government owns the means of production and controls everything, i.e. the former Soviet Union. A fascist state is one in which the government, in partnership with businesses and individuals, regulates and controls the means of production and property, while the citizens still retain title to their property and pay the taxes, i.e. Italy under Mussolini or Nazi Germany.)

b.) It sets up "Workforce Boards" and "Central Planning Committees" of non-elected officials, which will make decisions having the force of law that will affect every aspect of your life. The governors empower these boards by executive order. Non-elected officials are accountable to no one since they are appointed by the governor in each of the 50 states. Non-elected officials cannot be replaced or removed from their positions by anyone but the governor. (How long will it be before these appointed boards start bypassing the state legislators, county & city elected officials, school boards, etc. and have the power of the purse?)

c.) It establishes a corporate welfare system that will be very difficult for businesses to resist. Businesses will receive your tax dollars for training their employees and the government will provide the employees.

When one assembles all of the pieces of the puzzle, the picture is not the Republic created by our founding fathers. What you have instead is a system which closely resembles the former Soviet Union or, closer still, the fascist state created under Nazi Germany.

Folks, this IS Hillary Clinton's "Global Village" or the "New World Order" spoken of by President Bush.


As mentioned earlier, STW is an economic system. There are basically two types of economic systems; a free market system and a managed or controlled market system. America was established as a free market system. A free market is based upon a free exchange of one's labor for whatever price, conditions and location an individual chooses. A free market blooms on the innovative entrepreneur whose new invention is received with skepticism, yet whose idea is so advanced that within a generation, it is a common necessity. A free market allows failure, yet allows repeat attempts toward success. A free market is based on millions of individual decisions made from millions of individual perspectives. When one of those decisions is bad, it is lost in the sea of those that are good.

In a managed or controlled economy everything is based upon the concept that, on the generous side, a benevolent few know what is best for the masses. On the less generous side, the concept is that a few will have the ultimate power to control the masses for their own aggrandizement and benefit.

History is replete with examples of failed, dictatorial governments with managed or controlled economic systems, the most recent of which include the former Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

The STW system is, as stated earlier, a managed or controlled economic system based upon the premise that benevolent and all wise government agents will direct and guide the masses in the workforce. As stated by Senator DeWine on the floor of the U.S. Senate when it voted unanimously for the Workforce Investment Act, "This is a revolutionary bill. It is a bill that dramatically changes the status quo." Delight by some of the more liberal Senators (Wellstone, Jeffords, Kennedy and Dodd) resonated throughout the Senate chambers -- the same institution where our forefathers stood against other attempts to enslave the American people. Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Adams, Hamilton, and others must be rolling over in their graves.


"Good intentions, unintended consequences," as Richard Weaver noted, lead many down the wrong path. Despite the two pages of "Protections" included in the Workforce Investment Act distributed by the House Education and Workforce Committee and, despite the inclusion of language prohibiting Federal control of education and a national database of personal information on participants, a careful reading of just the first few sections and chapters of the bill supports the conclusion that, when implemented, the Workforce Investment Act is the death of our FREE market system, and ultimately, our FREE society.

When 50 governors (Title 1, SEC. 111) are given the power to decide WHO will select ALL jobs for ALL those entering the workforce, either as students or retrained workers, as well as the power to decide WHICH business buddies will get those workers (SEC. 118(b)), you have a command economy, a managed economy, a TOTALITARIAN economy. Gone are the millions of individual decisions, replaced by the all knowing, all-wise government agents (SEC. 112) who will act according to "the needs of the State with regard to current and projected employment opportunities, by occupation" (SEC. 112(b)(4)(A).)

Basic, free market economics warns us NEVER to create a choke point of who will work and for whom. Yet, the Workforce Investment Act does exactly that. The state and local Workforce Boards "SHALL" know enough about each worker that they "SHALL" decide what the future "SHALL" be for that worker and the local business that wants to hire the worker. Sure, it is voluntary, but when the government is the only player in town, choices cease. Where do the inventor, the entrepreneur, and the person with the cure for cancer who don't have "connections" go? And, what will happen to those with opposing worldviews? THIS SYSTEM WILL FREEZE THEM OUT.

Real life, not ideal life, documents the misery created by a few deciding for the many. Real life documents that when the Federal money machine turns on, the private sector crumbles. Real life documents that systems managed by government agents stifle innovation, are inefficient and costly, and in the end, dominate and ultimately destroy a society by sheer power.

Choice is the word of the feminist, liberal movements, yet the Workforce Investment Act will deny economic choice -- real choice. When an un-elected, unaccountable crony system (You scratch my back -- I'll scratch yours) controls the job market, those coming to it have already had their choices limited by the cronyism that decides which are the favored jobs, favored training, and favored recipients of the system.

Real life experience tells us that government agents DO NOT know best; that government agents are inclined to build their own power base by expanding their power and diminishing ours; that government agents never cease building their empires, as ultimately, their incomes depend upon it. The more powerful they are, the less freedom we have.

When a small group controls WHO gets the jobs, WHO gets the workers, you have a MANAGED economy, and you lose a FREE economy.


Folks, you will not like the answer to the above question. President Clinton signed The Workforce Investment Act into law on August 7. Back in May of this year there were only seven senators who objected to the bill. (Senators Ashcroft and Bond were two of the seven.) Short of direct intervention by God, that means that this bill is veto proof. In speaking with Donna Hearne of The Constitutional Coalition and School-to-Work expert Steven Boody, the only options left to stop this system are; a. for businesses NOT to cooperate or be a part of the system and b., convince Congress to cut-off funds.

Every citizen in the United States needs to contact their legislators, Both state and federal, and tell them to stop this system and stop it NOW from being further implemented! Immense pressure must be put on Congress to cut-off the funds. Citizens must also contact as many business owners as possible and start educating them on what the STW system is going to do to our nation, our freedoms and ultimately their families (as well as ours) and their businesses.

We have been a free nation thanks only to God and His many blessings. If we do not stop this system from being fully implemented we will be throwing away our freedoms, trampling upon the graves of our founding fathers and turning our backs on God as a nation.

Donna Hearne, former official in the U.S. Department of Education and Executive Director of The Constitutional Coalition, and businessman Steven Boody contributed greatly to this article.

Permission is granted to reproduce the above article in any form, in part or in its entirety, as long as proper credit is given to the author, contributors to the article and the St. Louis MetroVoice. This article appeared as the front page lead article in the September 1998 issue of the St. Louis MetroVoice distributed August 20, 1998. MetroVoice's website

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