Time Line to Slavery

Control Events in the History of the
BBLs Progress of Control

By Forest Glen Durland

Herein is a list of events, sometimes grouped, to portray the progress of the BBLs in their goal to completely control all people, their societies and their governments. The following statements are backed with reams of documentation. "Constitution" refers to the "United States Constitution and its inherent Bill of Rights". The BBLs have chosen to work unseen and have been identified as the "unseen enemy". This identification enables treason to be considered. BBLs cause others to do their dirty work and take the rap.

Basic areas the BBLs aim to control.

Must reduce U.S. status to world level for control.

1. Money - controls all people and most things.

2. Government.
a) The Constitution must be destroyed.
b) Rhodes Scholars.

3. Elections.
a) Controlled by money.
b) Media is controlled.

4. Economy.
a) Wars.
b) Depressions.
c) Controlled 5 percent inflation.

5. People and society.

a) Degrade style of living.
b) Destroy family structure.
c) Reduce to dependent paupers.
d) Destructive income tax.
e) Reduce freedom with restrictive laws.
f) Reduce savings through inflation.
g) Drugs via CIA.
h) Mind.
i) Drugs via CIA
ii) Media - controlled.
iii) Schools - Goals 2000 is Marxist and will take children from parents.

Control Events

1. The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic.

2. Constitution as used in this paper means the United States Constitution and its inherent Bill of Rights.

3. The Constitution
a) Is the law of the land and can NOT be violated or evaded.
b) Is the work description of the President, Vice President, Congress and federal judges.

4. BBL definition. Includes

a) BBL - billionaire banklord; BBLs - billionaire banklords
b) Is/are the unseen enemy that brings treason to reason.
c) International bankers and banking families.
d) Illuminati
e) House of Rothschild
f) Rockefeller
g) UN - United Nations
h) ONO - One World Order
i) NWO - New World Order
j) Third Way - possibly
k) CFR - Council on Foreign Relations
l) TLC - Trilateral Commission
m) Bilderbergers

5. The BBLs work out of sight, causing others to do their dirty work and take the rap.
a) 200 years ago they hid in the lodges of the Grand Orient in Europe.
b) Today they hide in the 32nd and higher degrees of the Masonic Lodge.
c) Satan, God's anti-Christ, is worshipped.
d) They plan to rule the world, no matter how long it takes.
e) Their marks are all over the one dollar Federal Reserve notes.

6. Weishaupt
a) Hired by the Illuminati (BBLs) over 200 years ago to formulate their plan
b) To rule the world by instigating wars and revolutions.
c) Probably used the House of Rothschild as their phony front.
d) They call humans "goyim", meaning human cattle, and consider them disposable.
e) Zwack put Weishaupt's writing into book form over 200 years ago.

7. The Pike Plan.
a) Over 100 years ago, ex- U.S. General Albert Pike expanded the Weishaupt plan.
b) Drew up a military blue print for
i. 3 revolutions and
ii. 3 world wars.
c) WW3
i Was planned to occur in the Mid East.
ii Was planned to be a holocaust and final war
(1) To end all human resistance.
(2) To destroy all national governments.

8. Nazism and Communism
a) Both were written in England.
b) Probably financed by those same, unseen, international banking families that own the Fed.
c) Clinton is re-enacting Hitler History. It worked once. No need to write it again.

9. Rhodes Scholars
a) It is significant that Rhodes had the same goal as the BBLs.
b) Both plan to rule the world by control of wealth.
c) Humans are considered disposable.
d) It is probable that the BBLs control the Rhodes Scholars.
e) Rhodes Scholars at Oxford University do not study, but party and learn to dominate.

10. Needless wars for the benefit of the BBLs.
a) French Revolution
b) We did not need to fight WW1, WW2, Cold, Korean, Vietnam and Gulf Wars.
c) We do NOT need another war in the Mid East.

11. In about 1921, Henry Ford stated that if we removed the control of money from the bankers, we would stop all wars.

12. When will Congress wake up? Most probably when they get awakened!

13. In 1913 two landmark events were completed by the BBLs.
a) Federal Reserve Act of 1913
i. Gave the bankers control of our money
ii. The Fed was created.
(1) Is privately owned and privately operated in secret for private gain.
(2) Is foreign owned by about 13 international banking families.
(a) Most in Europe
(b) Most of Jewish ancestry, but not caring for Jewish lives.
(c) Most probably includes Rockefeller
b) Congress: Persons became elected, ending appointment by states as specified in the Constitution.
c) This gave the BBLs control of money and subsequent control of elections, which cost money.
d) Wars and depressions are now instigated and completely controlled.

14. Those unseen powers (BBLs) control the money, and by that means control everyone and most things.

15. FDR - Did more than any one president to destroy the Constitution.
a) Issued many EOs that bypassed the Constitution and became law.
b) Established many agencies that violate our Constitution.
i. Have force and effect of law.
ii. Agencies wrote, and still write, rules that have the force and effect of law.
iii. Only Congress can pass federal laws.
c) Gave our gold to European banking families.
d) Lied about Japanese attack on Hawaii. FDR knew.
e) Plunged us into WW2, which was fomented by the BBLs.
f) FDR was definitely in bed with the BBLs.

16. Today over 12,000 ELs (executive laws) are on the books as laws. This is highly unconstitutional.

17. Lyndon Johnson
a) Lied about the Gulf of Tonkin attack.
b) Created the Tonkin Resolution that set the stage for the Asian Wars.

18. Two dates of completion of the BBLs agenda have surfaced.
a) 2002 was stated by Gorbachev.
b) 2003 was stated in a CFR journal. (Council on Foreign Relations)

19. Covert Action by Congress that destroys the Constitution and supports the BBLs.
a) Allows the Fed to ruin the country.
b) Ignores the fact that every dime of income tax goes directly to the BBLs to service the national debt.
c) Ignores the Rule of Law.
d) Ignores their Oath of Office when they swore to uphold the Constitution.
e) Ignores the Misprision of Felony law by not reporting crimes.
f) Ignores the Accessory After the Fact law.
g) Ignores the expansive drug running by the CIA.
h) Ignores the unconstitutional actions of the IRS. "So long as they get paid . . ."
i) Ignores the controlled 5 percent inflation by the BBLs.
j) Allows the Posse Comitatus law to be violated. Military can NOT attack U.S. civilians.
k) Removing guns from citizens so they can't fight back.
l) One wonders how much private money influences laws rather electorate's needs.
m) One wonders how much BBL money effects legislation.

20. If WW3 must be completed by 2003, WW3 must start in the summer of 1998 or soon thereafter.
a) It is highly probable that all warring events have occurred except WW3.
b) It is highly probable that Bosnia is the start of WW3.
c) It is highly probable that Iraq and Israel are being used to blow WW3 into global proportions.

21. The stage is set.
a) Clinton has control of all armed units in the U.S. federal government.
b) The BBLs most probably control
i. Clinton and Gore
ii. The Pentagon
iii. Area 51 in Nevada
viv. Secrecy. We pay for it but are told nothing.
c) The world is armed with nukes, gas and bio. Most technology originated in the U.S.
d) The world economies are collapsing.
e) Rhodes Scholars are placed in most critical posts.

22. Goals 2000
a) Pattered after Marxism
b) Designed to control America's minds.
c) Will take our children from their parents.
d) Probably written by those same BBLs that financed Nazism and Communism.
e) ClintonS claim authorship. That places ClintonS in bed with the BBLs.
f) Has already entered our schools.

23. Probability of dictatorship and war.
a) NEP gives Clinton and Gore the power of Hitler and the power of Stalin.
b) Hitler set aside the German Congress in three short months.
c) A dictatorship and WW2 ensued.
d) Clinton is re-enacting Hitler History.
e) Clinton's power is obtained through NEP (NATIONAL EMERGENCY POWERS) granted by OUR Congress.
f) Clinton is of poor moral fiber to have such power and has turned on his American people many times.
g) Through covert agencies and laws Clinton and Gore use their NEP to control us people and our economy.
h) Examples are FEMA, REX, Goals 2000, and Operation Garden Plot (which violates Posse Comitatus.)
i) Over 12,000 ELs (Executive Laws) are in place, having become law automatically when Congress did not object.
j) This unconstitutional process includes EOs, PDDs, NSDs, PPs and all such items.

24. Attempts at starting WW3.
a) The U.S. has for decades been the leading exporter of munitions to third world nations.
b) Munitions supply feeds the Bosnian War. We then station our troops there.
c) The United States gave CBW (Chemical/Biological Weapons) technology to Iraq before the Gulf War.
d) OUR United States military took tons of poison gas to Iraq in the Gulf War. How can we condemn others?
e) OUR United States military encased bullets and bombs with nuclear poison and used them in the Gulf War.
f) Children in Iraq are suffering birth defects and other symptoms of nuclear poisoning. Our troops are sick.
g) Harris was framed by OUR FBI in a probable attempt to start a CBW war in Iraq.

25. Covert action by our government - stuff we pay for but are not told about to the point of lying to us.
a) OUR government has been using America citizens as test monkeys with neither knowledge nor consent for decades.
b) In Area 51 in Nevada, the United States military harbors hover craft such as flying saucers, but deny it.
c) At least one base trains CIA subversives to kill.
d) Many other secret bases are being observed on American soil.
e) Horribly weapons of war are continually being produced.
f) We must know how many nukes are pointed at whom.
g) HAARP in Alaska can damage people and the ionosphere.
h) We want peace. We do not need spies. The CIA must be abolished.

26. Methods to control the masses - us people who pay the bill.
a) Legislation to put the National Guard in the Pentagon.
b) Mock invasions of U.S. cities and arrest of leaders.
c) Over 100 prison camps, many of them being updated, exist today in America in times of peace.
d) At least one of these camps is guarded by troops that can not speak American.
e) American troops might not fire on Americans, but bitter foreign troops will. Those troops are probably here, now!
f) OUR military is manufacturing nasty weapons designed to control us civilian masses.
g) Laws passed by OUR Congress allow prosecution for treason of those citizens who speak out for truth in government.
h) Traitors can be imprisoned, or confined to a mental institution where little legal help is available. Brains are fried.
i) Such prosecution violates OUR Constitution.

27. Mind control
a) Goals 2000 for womb to tomb control.
b) Cyborgs
i. The United States military requires that military personnel have a chip implanted in their head.
ii. Some, if not all, of these chips can be signaled to cause immediate death. Recipients become disposable cyborgs.
iii. Chips can control human behavior. Recipients become controllable cyborgs.
iv. OUR government wants to put chip in all of us, for identification, they say.
c) New weapons include mind altering weapons.

28. BBL control under the guise of United Nations, New World Order, One World Order and the Third Way.
a) Agencies controlled by the BBL (UN).
i. GATT and NAFTA are disasters to the American economy and health.
ii. Fast Track slips around the Constitution which demands that Congress examine all treaties thoroughly.
iii. MAI will take control of international financing, crippling the American economy and freedom.
iv. IMF (International Monetary Fund) gives OUR money to BBLs to cover their bad loans.
v. OECD (Economic Cooperation and Development) is giving the BBLs the reins.
vi. AHRI (American Heritage Rivers Initiative) is giving our land to the BBLs. We are also losing our parks.
vii. IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) is taking our land.
viii. Environmental Agencies are causing unnecessary controls on we people.
ix. Clinton signed an EL that gives the BBLs (UN) control of the U.S. Armed Forces. Michael New objected.
x. The BBLs (UN) have vetoed two Congressional laws. That has to be the height of Constitutional violation.
xi. And on and on . . .

29. Blatant violation of the Constitution by police state action in our daily lives, setting precedent.
a) IRS
i. No law requires a U. S. citizen to pay income tax if living and working in the U. S.
ii. We pay in fear and ignorance.
iii. The IRS has no legal authority to enforce.
iv. Armed IRS agents, Federal Marshals and BATF agents may be unconstitutional.
v. Armed federal agents break, enter and seize without court warrant or even notice.
vi. IRS prosecutes for violation of non-existing tax laws.
vii. Judges convict, violating their oath to uphold the Constitution.
viii. IRS audits are used as a political weapon.
b) Executive Branch
i. Seizes control of some disasters, preventing citizen investigation. I demand to know.
ii. Covers up disasters by destroying evidence, cremating survivors and lying. I object.
iii. Following this routine says they are covering their tracks and setting precedent.
iv. Clinton executes peace treaties
(1) With minimal Congressional input via the Fast Track.
(2) OUR Constitution demands that Congress carefully consider each term of every treaty.
(3) Treaties must NEVER surpass the America Constitution. GATT and NAFTA are disasters.

30. Credibility of OUR government is very low.
a) The CIA has created specters of war for decades.
i. Lied to us
ii. Caused us to needlessly fight, destroy our society, and spend huge sums of money.
iii. The BBLs made huge profits and their kids did not have to fight.
b) OUR military has
i. Used us for guinea pigs for decades
ii. Lied to us about it.
iii. Refused to help those who suffered.
iv. Examples are
(1) radioactive testing.
(2) Aids testing in blacks.
(3) Agent orange in Korea.
(4) Chemical agent immunization in the 1st Gulf War.
v. Lied about secret bases such as Area 51 in Nevada.

31. All items in this list are unreal (imaginary) except for military and agent attacks.

32. Avoiding unwarranted search, seizure, jailing and prosecution is why America was founded.

33. Perhaps revolution is in order. I demand the return to our Constitutional Republic.

34. Forest Glen Durland knows how to finance the United States government without income tax and debt.

35. Any national debt at all is absolutely insane!

36. Congress must never pass a law
a) Until each Congress Person has read and understood every word of it.
b) So, keep it simple.

37. Come out in the open.
a) OUR government is not telling American citizens the truth. I object.
b) I demand the whole truth with an honest slant.
c) About 99 percent of the secrecy in the America government should be considered a Constitutional violation and removed.
d) The America taxpayers have paid for all of the military. I demand truth and to see.
e) Every Congress Person
i. Must KNOW ALL of the contents of the black budget or stop funding it.
ii. I demand to know and see what I am paying for or I stop paying for it!

This list is by no means complete. But it is big enough to illustrate the fact that the BBLs are dead serious about completing their agenda. It also demonstrates the merciless character of the BBLs in their methods and weapons. We goyim are dispensable. Along the way it becomes more than obvious that Congress is either blind, dumb or crooked. They talk too much to be dumb and they don't have guide dogs, so they must be in bed with the BBLs. For Clinton, Gore and the federal judges, there can be no excuse. They are definitely guilty of treason as defined in the Constitution they swore to uphold when they took their oath of office.

We must not allow the BBLs to complete their agenda. To stop this trend, it is mandatory that we block Clinton from instigating any more armed conflicts. This can only be done by removing the NEP from Clinton and Gore, or vice versa.


NEPs are National Emergency Powers.

ELs are Executive Laws (my term); EOs, etc., that have become law.

1) No law exists that requires a U.S. citizens living and working in the U.S. to pay any income tax.
2) The IRS has no legal teeth to enforce, yet they do, in brazen violation of our Constitution and its inherent Bill of Rights.
3) To add insults to injury, judges enforce a non-existent law and send people to prison.
4) These are the conditions that drove our forefathers from the old country.
5) This is why they wrote our Constitution and its inherent Bill of Rights.

Read the above timeline to see what is happening to us. It is now complex and terrifying.

For documentation, go to my web site. It's all there if you will but read with open mind. Absorb these facts. This stuff is documented. It is really happening - right now!!

Go to http://www.uhuh.com. Click the right side to read about the nasty stuff listed in the time line. It's the Home Page.

In Essays of Worth, "Prologue" explains our problems and the only solutions.

"State of the Union 1998" really tells it like it is. Run a search for Hitler if you want an eye opener on Clinton. Same thing. Clinton is re-enacting Hitler History.

Read from this Home Page. It will pry open yours eyes and it's well documented.

Click "Theories" and study the graph of our history to see where you are in the happenings picture. You will find you and your family at the top (or bottom) of the compound, exponential curves pictured. When an exponential curve is going nearly straight up (or straight down) , it is nearly over. You must come crashing back the start. Enjoy.

"Could Have Known and Should Have Known" is an old and established precedent that says politicians have no excuses. It dates all the way back to President Lincoln. This precedent is explained in the essay on "Lincoln".

Check out the "Contents" of Money is Unreal: Blowing the Whistle on the Federal Reserve System. It will open your eyes, if you will but open your mind.

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