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"There is a self-satisfied dogmatism with which mankind at each period of its history cherishes the delusion of the finality of existing modes of knowledge."
Alfred North Whitehead

A civilization is an economic engine that runs on ideas and whose products are: Survival of its dynamic components and Expansion of: its knowledge, responsibility and control, its affinity, reality and communication, its matter, energy, space and time, its ethics, and its technology and administration.

When ideas or its economics are suppressed, it goes negative, it contracts, it wastes and destroys its dynamic components (its dynamic components are people, families, groups, businesses, organizations, governments, races, species, animal and plant life, physical environments, energy sources, spaces and times, ideas, spiritual values, beings, religions, esthetics and art, and its codes of behavior and ethics).

The rescue of a dying civilization is accomplished by locating and identifying the suppressive influences, supplying a positive alternative, disseminating that alternative as a vector of comparable magnitude and stably financing it, keeping the positive production and exchange free and unregulated, reviewing and correcting as needed to increase the power of the positive alternatives, distributing its values and ethics broadly, and responsibly evaluating, planning, and coordinating the survival and expansion of its components.

The New Civilization game is a game where everyone wins. Its freedoms are for each individual so that all survival and expansion purposes may be obtained. There is freedom of ideas, economics and participation in all the components of a civilization.

Barriers include the "old" civilization, which is suppressing individuals by giving them what they do not need and do not want:








The New Civilization games gives planet Earth several new purposes:

The first is SURVIVAL, and that is based on the observable fact that the Earth is in essence a large "spaceship" with its living space on the outside and containing all the raw material for the survival of a large civilization. It is the home for the individuals living on it. Thus, the first purpose is:

"To actively put our home planet in order, maintaining its natural balance for the survival of the civilization, and preventing, restraining and/or ceasing to co-operate with those who would destroy our home."

The second purpose is for EXPANSION. It is based on the observable fact that there are other worlds in space besides Earth and the whole civilization will expand to these frontiers. Therefore, the second purpose is:

"To visibly develop the technology and equipment for free enterprise and private and public travel to other planets and systems for the expansion of the New Civilization, and to protest loudly and refuse to co-operate with those who would keep and use these developments for purely military,destructive, or other suppressive intentions."

The third purpose is for PRODUCTION and EXCHANGE. It is based on the observable fact that the Earth does not have enough production to care for its own people fully, much less any exchangeable production for export to any other planets or systems. The third purpose is then:

"To make available technology, products, goods, and services for all the people of the Earth, and develop the capability to export surpluses to other planets and systems (and import needed items), decrying and refusing to co-operate with those who would keep people unemployed, ignorant, poor, underfed and unhealthy for suppressive reasons of their own."

The fourth purpose is ECONOMICS. It is based on the observable fact that "old civilization" bankers, governments, and politicians have no stable medium of exchange for which one can be absolutely confident of equivalent value anywhere on Earth. The fourth purpose is:

"To develop, standardize and get in use a stable medium of exchange so that the New CIvilization can confidently flourish and prosper without inflations, deflations, and depressions. To educate people in basic economics so that they never fall prey to or support those persons and groups who use economics to suppress others."

The fifth purpose is for FREEDOM. It is based on the observable fact that the existing "old" civilization gradually and often very suddenly suppresses freedoms of all kinds - spiritual, economic, travel, speech, writing and esthetic freedoms - resulting in a more and more mind-controlled, apathetic and irresponsible society in which the fun and enjoyment of life and creative endeavor is gone.

The fifth purpose is: "To recognize, validate, and support all types of creative endeavor and pro-survival/pro-expansion activities, cherishing ones own freedom as the key to achievement of all the purposes of the New Civilization and actively resisting and defeating any attempt to limit or regulate ones freedom or rights."

The sixth purpose is PLEASURE. It is based on the observable fact that much of the "fun" is gone from life in the "old civilization" and a game should be interesting, fun, and rewarded with pleasure moments. The sixth purpose is:

"To encourage, assist, and/or take part in a renaissance of cultural, artistic, and social events sports hobbies reading, writing, poetry, music, drama, stage and screenproductions, and other creative and artistic endeavors as these best express the values, purposes, dreams and vitality of a civilization, and help in distributing its message to others who may wish to join the game and have fun too."

The seventh purpose is for COORDINATION. It is based on the observable fact that the "old civilization" is a mass of contradictions, conflicts, useless expensive actions coupled with useless expensive delays. (Wars, political conflicts, border disputes, money spent on weapons of mass destruction, slow justice procedures, delays in payments for goods and services received, delays in transport and communication, mail and paperwork, and an overall sense of impending doom and non-survival). Thus, the seventh purpose is:

"To coordinate the New Civilization according to its definition and purpose so that its thrust and vectors are aligned for survival, expansion and prosperity in a manner which relies on the continued freedom and happiness of the individuals which comprise it."

Obviously, the above transitional model for a New Civilization does not take into account dimensional transformation of consciousness and other evolutionary spirals, but it might be a good model to serve as a basis for change from a master/slave domination based society.

It has been said many times that the "Third World War" is actually a war for the control of the minds of the human population. Ultimately it is a war directed by beings who want human minds to be controlled, subservient, obedient, and conforming so that the planet is ruled for their own purposes. The worst crimes are to think for yourself, to freely communicate ideas, to invent and discover things and allow a measure of prosperity to come from them - instead of turning them over to the state for burial, and a failure to conform to your place in the status-oriented society.

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