"Why doesn't everybody leave everybody
else the hell alone?"
Jimmy Durante

Let me say from the start of this essay, if you are weak kneed, servile, docile, comfortable, unable to accept criticism, fearful, unimaginative, or any of a hundred other adjectives that can be used to describe modern society, you might as well leave, go back to Yahoo, watch a football game, or do what normally passes as your life. But if you are curious, like to be challenged, skilled at analyzing arguments, determined to be master of your own destiny, then please read on.

Americans have become a nation of sheep. Indeed, we are probably worse off than sheep, sheep at least have common sense enough to raise a ruckus when the sheers get near.

As I observe modern day passings, I am continually agitated by today's seemingly endless efforts to avoid any and all unpleasant circumstances. Recently, a local Drug store has started airing commercials talking about "What to do if your child gets sick at 2 in the morning". It was an attempt to drum up business by advertising the fact that they now had 24 hour operations.

"Oh NO!! It's 2 am and Suzies sick!!
What, oh what shall I do???

(Teary eyed shots of mom)


How the hell did our forefathers ever create our nation without 24 hour drug stores?

These types of situations are repeated over and over. The media is rampant with terrorist stories about every little thing that might hurt you. And it is inevitably followed with yet another plea for the government to rescue us from all the evils of the world.

There is a word that describes all this, it is on the top of this page. Here is the definition of Demagogue: (dèm´e-gôg´) (sounds like dem a gog) -- A leader who obtains power by means of impassioned appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the populace.

This is becoming a very important word today, and all should know it and learn by its lessons. The reason is that a population that is more driven by fears and prejudices is far less likely to remember other things like law and reason.

Indeed, these particular kinds of pleas were exactly the same kinds of items that enabled Adolph Hitler to stir the passions of the German people and create one of the greatest war machines the world has ever seen.

Some poor old woman puts a boiling hot cup of coffee between her legs and gets fried.
Lawsuit time.

Personal responsibility, what's that?
Common sense?? What's that??
Getting downright uncommon these days.

America, these days, seems to be totally consumed with self pity, fear, and a tendency towards feel-goodism. Everything that happens is always someone else's fault. I have complained to the media over local news because every night's broadcast starts out with the disease de jour. Oh, woe is us. Got news for ya folks, this disease stuff has been going on for at least the last 75 or 100 years, maybe longer. Dog bites man versus man bites dog.

And the buzzword used by the socialists these days is "self esteem". All schools seem to be overflowing with high paid Psychs ready to tell the children they are good and worthy, pump up their esteem. Fact is, esteem doesn't come from BEING, it comes from DOING! And these schools are always demanding more money to buy books to replace the twenty year old ones they have... The salary of just one of these psychs would probably buy 2500 books for your local school!

So, in closing, the warning has been given. If you continually beg the government to solve or prevent all your ills, you will be helpless indeed if they cannot help you, and you have to limp along on your own two feet.

Adversity and challenge make a person stronger!!
That's what it means to be "adult"!!
CHILDREN need tendering!!

So, in closing, a quote by someone who has always inspired me:

"We chose to go to the moon. We chose to go to the moon, and do these other things in this decade, not because they are easy, but because they are hard!"
The Honorable John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1961

If I have anything to do about it, we WILL be the "Land of the free, and home of the Brave " again.

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