"Give me control over a man's economic actions, and hence over his means of survival,
and except for a few occasional heroes, I'll promise to deliver to you men
who think and write and behave as I want them to."

Benjamine A. Rooge

President Clinton has tried to avoid the subject of encryption exports to China while considering the release of Israeli crypto-spy Jonathan Pollard. Yet, encryption has played a large role in a foreign donation scandal with one of Clinton's closest associates, Webster Hubbell.

After losing at the polls, Republican insiders are grumbling that they could not investigate Hubbell because the secret National Security Agency (NSA) is threatening to retaliate against hill members.

Webster Hubbell took money from Lippo in 1994. Mr. Hubbell served time in Federal prison because of his Whitewater uncovered during Ken Starr's investigation.

In 1993, Attorney General Janet Reno tasked Mr. Hubbell to encryption under the CLIPPER encryption chip project. Hubbell had access to highly classified materials on encryption chip design, including algorithms and software. Hubbell met often in the White House with now CIA Director George Tenet on the CLIPPER project.

According to a Republican Capitol Hill staff member the "NSA does not want Hubbell investigated." The NSA has quietly threatened to "out any congressional member like (Congressman) Burton" who mentions Hubbell with encryption and China.

The NSA threat is not a hollow one because the agency is certainly equipped with incriminating and/or embarrassing personal information gathered from years of phone intercepts. The NSA is the prime listening agency for national intelligence.

The NSA is equipped with satellites, super computers, employs an estimated 25,000 and has a budget estimated to be one third of the $26 billion U.S. intelligence budget each year.

John Huang, Ron Brown and Web Hubbell were deeply involved in classified NSA encryption systems. Specifically, John Huang, Lippo banker, DNC fundraiser and secret-cleared Commerce employee was briefed 37 times by the CIA on satellite encryption technology. According to the Commerce Department, Mr. Huang had no encryption materials.

CLIPPER, according to secret Clinton documents, was to be implemented by law whether it by "mandatory" legislation or a "voluntary" system of taxpayer backed payments. The CLIPPER chip, according to a secret FBI document, also had an "exploitable" feature allowing the U.S. government to monitor communications.

The NSA CLIPPER chip was intended to provide all the banking and financial security for the entire United States. It was to be required in every computer, fax and phone manufactured.

According to more secret FBI documents, CLIPPER also had one big flaw. A single penetration of the master key list would compromise the entire system.

Ron Brown insisted that the Commerce Department be one of the master CLIPPER key holders. President Clinton tasked Brown to the project in 1993 in a top-secret executive order. According to Nolinda Hill, Brown was aware that the encryption transfers to China were bordering on treason.

NASA administrator Benita Cooper wrote in 1993 that "compromise of the NSA keys, such as in the Walker case, could compromise the entire EES (CLIPPER) system." Ms. Cooper at NASA knew convicted spy John Walker sent tons of materials on U.S. secret code systems to Russia for years during the Cold War. One breach of CLIPPER in a NASA computer could kill many and ruin the agency.

In 1994 President Clinton began personally authorizing the export of advanced, nuclear hardened, encryption technology directly to communist China. The exports took place with presidential waivers that included the signature of Bill Clinton. They also took place using loopholes and bureaucratic gray areas of U.S. export law.

The Clinton exports included such military items as advanced fiber optic communications; radiation hardened encrypted satellite control systems, encrypted radios and cellular phones, and encrypted navigation systems. According to the GAO, President Clinton even approved the sale of a fully operational, secure air traffic control system for the Chinese Air Force.

The failure of the NSA CLIPPER project is already a blot on the secret agency based at Ft. Meade. The possibility that Chinese agents penetrated the NSA project would bring encryption to the forefront of public debate and shine intense light on an inept intelligence agency.

The seemingly crazy Clinton policy shows our President to be crazy like a fox. Clinton did what Pollard and Walker could not do. President Clinton sold national security secrets for cash by writing his own legal waivers.

Clinton's secret crypto policy served to line the pockets of politicians and greedy corporate executives with red money. The Clinton export policy has significantly upgraded the nuclear strategic and tactical firepower of the Chinese Army. Clinton, like Walker and Pollard, sold military code secrets for cash.

America knows more about AREA-51 and UFOs than Ft. Meade and Webster Hubbell. Bill Clinton and his China crypto-tale will never be declassified for the American people. The Clinton scandal cover-up is backed by the NSA library of greatest intercepts against Republicans.

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