Admiralty Courts in colorado?

"I believe there is something out there watching over us.
Unfortunately, it's the government."
Woody Allen

Patriots are subjected to much ridicule when they object to the flag that appears in every government office and courtroom in the land. That flag is the United States flag... with one seemingly minor cosmetic difference - a knotted golden fringe on three sides.

Government officials and judges adamantly refuse requests to remove the gold fringed flag and replace it with the constitutional flag of the United States as defined in 4 U.S.C. Section 1,2, and 3 - which has NO fringe.

Why should anyone be concerned about this apparently innocent decorative feature? What difference does it make?

The difference is that the flag that is displayed is legal notice, to all who enter, of the type of law that holds jurisdiction. The constitutional United States flag signifies common law jurisdiction. The gold fringed United States flag is the Admiralty or War flag which denotes Admiralty or martial law.

Hogwash, you say? Is there no Admiralty Court claiming jurisdiction in America except in matters that occur on the high seas? Think again! Just as the founders of this country railed against the King for extending Admiralty law to the lands of the Colonies, so are those few patriots who have paid attention to the corruption of our legal system, raising a hue and a cry over the current usurpers of jurisprudence.

Rocky Mountain News Wed. May 22, 1996 Legal Notices Section

The legal notices here displayed concern property seized by Federal agents as booty under Admiralty law. Notice is required so that anyone who might have an interest in the property seized has opportunity to seek to protect his interest.
One would not be wise to attempt this, though. Most likely, any excuse will be used to allege that the party claiming interest in the property was a party to the alleged offense that resulted in the original seizure.

The allegation is enough to justify the taking of property - under Admiralty law guilt is presumed. The claimant might well lose other property not yet in the hands of these landgoing pirates, even though no actual conviction of any offense is ever entered. Check your local paper's legal notices. Look into the cases cited and see if any conviction occurs - or if any charges were even filed - against the persons whose property was seized.

colorado is a long ways from the ocean. Admiralty law is farther still from the common law recognized under Federal and State constitutions.

You decide... are these patriots kooks? Or have we been blind to the tyranny that is even now upon us?

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