Virginia State Bar
Eight and Main Building
707 E. Main Street, Suite 1500
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Dear Virginia State Bar:

Repeatedly, The Virginia State Bar has ignored complaints against its own and its cronies. The mishandling of the Linda Kennedy matter will be known from now on, on radio and TV and before open court, as "The Virginia State BarGate" and I am putting the bar on notice that I am exercising my rights to file this in a more public forum due to the bar's insistence on persecuting a leader of the judicial reform movement for alternative purposes, and not taking complaints and investigating itself and its friends.
The example of injustice will be your fraternity.

Like the farce the bar claimed on the David Murray case, claiming they did not know in spite of Bernie Vaughan repeatedly reporting Murray for scamming his clients for over $40,000,000, the bar states that they cannot investigate claims against itself and its friends without more evidence. Oh please. You have the evidence and you know you can look at the file anytime you want to. Just look at the brief in question which is signed by Linda Cupit.

Look into the secret dismissals. You understand, that you are not the only ones who know about some of this. Do you think we are not aware of your secret dismissals? I know Ms. Kennedy has not started this battle with the bar, but in case you did not know, she is not going to just lay down to the mighty, corrupt bar, and I hope she exposes all she knows about this secret society who persecute the good who speak for the people and bless those who make the legal system a joke. You need to correct this matter immediately and act properly.

I am making this bar complaint against the following Virginia State Bar attorneys and request that you contact me only in writing:

Thomas Edmonds, Paul Georgiadis, Barbara Williams, and Jim
Mccauley, Rhysa Griffith South

I am also reporting the following private attorneys:

Thomas Lucas, Ruthie Litvin, Henry Sadler, President-elect B.
Dimuro, President M. Glasser, Delgate Johnny Joannou

I am very concerned that the Virginia State Bar is actively protecting those who violate solid; the code of ethics, while at the same time, persecuting the few attorneys who stand up to the system like Linda Kennedy. As I understand it, Ms. Kennedy has tried to bring some unethical behavior to the bar's attention, but it has been ignored and she is now being prosecuted for the very things she fights against. In fact, I understand that her bar complaint against bar staff, Paul Georgiadis was treated administratively by the bar, and then dismissed secretly as usual by Barbara Williams without even one conversation with Ms. Kennedy first.

I am of the understanding, and please correct me if I am wrong, that at least the last two; or three of your past presidents, also had secret dismissals of claims of misconduct against them. I am re-reporting any president including, Condo and Keith.

You need to understand that the national public is becoming aware of what the Virginia State Bar is doing and, not just to Ms. Kennedy, but to a number of innocent victims, while protecting those who are guilty. We will not be silenced any longer when we see these injustices. The persecution of Ms. Kennedy is an outrage! The country is catching on and Virginia is catching on.

I am making this complaint against Williams, Edmonds, Mccauley, and Georgiadis because I believe that Jim Mccauley was involved in the scheme to discredit Ms. Kennedy, changing his story until he found out Ms. Kennedy had credible witnesses and evidence to the contrary. He additionally told Ms. Kennedy, as did Georgiadis, that they were not permitted to speak to each other but then did. Then the story changed again to cover up for being caught speaking to each other.

I am reporting Mr. Edmonds, and Ms. Williams because they are actively covering up and permitting the persecution of Ms. Kennedy, while dismissing valid complaints while directing this continuing fraud against the few good attorneys left. I also believe that they have been involved in the firing or dismissal of any prosecutors that actually are doing their jobs and prosecuting the public without bias. In fact, the prosecutor who "voluntarily" left the bar to seek other opportunities we believe was involved with the cover-up of the David Murray theft, which many know the bar had full knowledge, and we believe was involved with several other cover-ups, pulling cases from others, and secretly and quietly dismissing these complaints and even sealing trial records of fraud, forgery, and other abuses against the public (please see Alan Croft representation of Soland and others). I am reporting Thomas Edmonds specifically for the handling of the Soland case where he intentionally pulled off a prosecutor and dismissed the matter, in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. I understand that she was later disbarred or suspended anyway, however, this cronyism must end.

I am reporting President Glasser because the persecution of Ms. Kennedy, is going on under his watch and with his firm's knowledge.

I am reporting the bar for secretly dismissing Delegate Johnny Joannou, who it appears, because of his connections politically and otherwise, was not prosecuted on some very serious allegations

I am also concerned about an adoption that one of your bar staff may have handled before being employed, which may have been a part of a fraud perpetrated on the court, as well as a matter which one of your staff may have handled in regard to the immigration of a family member who was wanted by the federal government, but due to the cover-up, that person is now residing in Virginia a free man. This needs to be investigated further as we do not need the most unethical attorneys prosecuting those who are not unethical, and handling claims made by the public in such an unethical manner. I suggest you start your investigation with Mr. Georgiadis. If I am mistaken, then please provide me with the evidence that proves this.

I am interested in hearing why Linda Cupit who wrote and signed a brief in question, and
Mr. Lucas who may have tape recorded a third-party conversation and then used it to try
to force the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to give him back damaging documents were ignored by the bar (to name just two allegations being made by Ms. Kennedy were ignored). Doesn't this sound like malicious prosecution to you? Doesn't it seem that the public would raise concern that only after a very popular Ms. Kennedy reported the bar back to the bar, did she receive a third complaint against her brought by the bar prosecutor, Georgiadis, himself, who she made a bar complaint against? I understand that Ms. Litvin was also involved in keeping evidence from Ms. Kennedy during the underlying case, as well as several other unethical behaviors while teaming with Mr. Lucas, so I am reporting her too.

I am wondering how Mr. Sadler, who I understand has brought forth cases for the claimant and her boyfriend and their "friends" on many other matters, using the same type of approach, which included trying to hold the opposing party hostage (do this or else), and involved bearing false witness has not been investigated. I understand that Mr. Sadler was involved in the past action against a "mom and pop" who was unfortunate enough to have stumbled into their litigation web. It is my understanding that, Mr. Sadler handled some of the complainants and their friends bankruptcies, including one of the defendants the claimant was actually suing, and alleging harassed her. I understand that this same defendant was making behind the scenes deals with the complainant's boyfriend. As I understand it, the complainants in this matter are known to be litigious. And, I also understand that Mr. Sadler even hired a school friend to bear witness against Ms. Kennedy but although he tried, could not do so. I am reporting Mr. Sadler.

President-Elect Dimuro is presently involved in what I believe should be considered a frivolous law suit, with no basis in fact, however his client does have money to pay him. Instead of being investigated, he is going to be the next bar president. I am reporting him.

I am reporting Rhysa Griffith South for allowing these secret and unfair procedures used by the bar, including dismissing complaints against Linda Cupit who wrote and signed the brief in question. Ms. South also dismissed Thomas Lucas for serious violations.

I make a Freedom of Information Request to the Virginia State Bar: Disclose
any gifts that were either given to you or received by you either personally or in your capacity as a bar agent, which had anything whatsoever to do with your connection with the Virginia State Bar. I want to know the amount and description of the gift, who it was from and to, the purpose for the gift, and the date given or received. I define the word "gift" in the most expansive way possible. Please provide me this information for the last 5 years, beginning in 1997. I understand that this request has been made several times, without the bar responding to the request so you should not need any extensions on time past the statutory period given.

Additionally, through FOIA I would like the names of all who are reporting the bar back to the bar for its mishandling of Ms. Kennedy, which is for purposes of harassing Ms. Kennedy, The People's Attorney." I understand that you are actually using her writings which call for accountability in the judiciary against her as evidence of her alleged crimes. Although I am not a lawyer, doesn't that sound like Mr. Georgiadis is trying to falsely poison the judiciary against her, while stifling her Freedom of Speech? I report him for harassing Ms. Kennedy, and for bringing forth this evidence for the sole purpose of attempting to unduly influence the judiciary. If someone becomes a lawyer, do they have to then keep their mouths shut or suffer these consequences? Is this how the Virginia State Bar is protecting the public? It sounds to me that you are actually sending a message to attorneys who might otherwise be more public friendly.

I hope these matters will finally be looked into in a good faith manner, and that you will disclose the information timely so that these matters can be resolved or taken to the next level. If they are not treated in good faith, however, there are plenty of Virginians that are fed up with what the bar is doing. Ms. Kennedy is one of the few attorneys who still cares about the public and we do not appreciate you trying to take her from the community, which is not in our best interest. We understand we have statutory rights to take care of this matter in a more open court forum if this matter is not properly handled from here on by the bar.

I have not filed a Virginia complaint before. I know Ms. Kennedy as she is nationally recognized as a leader for the underdog litigant and has a radio show heard nationally (and I believe internationally as well). Ms. Kennedy is not my attorney, but I would have no problem hire or trusting her, unlike those who you have protected.



All VA Supreme Court Justices: I am requesting that my complaint be filed in your court as public record and that an immediate investigation into the bar's activitives begin including but not limited to the bar's persecution of Linda Kennedy:

100 North Ninth Street, Fifth Floor, Richmond, VA 23219
Clerk for:
Hon. Harry L. Carrico, Chief Justice
Hon. Elizabeth B. Lacy, Justice
Hon. Leroy Rountree Hassell, Sr., Justice
Hon. Barbara Milano Keenan, Justice
Hon. Lawrence L. Koontz, Jr., Justice
Hon. Cynthia D. Kinser, Justice
Hon. Donald W. Lemons, Justice

and to:

Porsmouth Circuit Court: I am requesting that my complaint be filed in your court as public record and that an immediate investigation into the bar's activitives begin including but not limited to the bar's persecution of Linda Kennedy:

Portsmouth Circuit Court
601 Crawford Parkway, P.O. Box Drawer 1217, Portsmouth, VA 23705