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Conclusion to "Little Book III"
There Are NO FREE Nations

Four Methods to Conquor & Enslave a Nation

1. Conquest by the Sword
2. Use of Religion
3. Subversion from within
4. Debt

"the purpose of government is to rein in
the rights of the people"
Bill Clinton during an interview on MTV in 1993

1. With very few exceptions, all the world's nations are tied to a fraudently conceived and operated banking system. According to the current "federal debt" calculator, the United States is in "debt" with a figure that is more than THREE TIMES greater than the value of every piece of real estate in the ENTIRE country.

2. In the United States, more than half the population is either employed by government or subsidised by it. Is there something wrong with this picture?

3. In America, POLITICIANS are put into elected public office. The definition of "politician" should tell us that this is not a good thing. Add to the proceedure that APPOINTED individuals serve in "cabinates" and fill staff positions to "advise" the politicians, and there you have it: the complete formula for national destruction. The beltway appointees are people put in place by the same money and power interests that buy most of the politicians.

4. In America we are mesmerized by a "free press" where we are filled with junk entertainment, propaganda and lies. We are programmed to buy into the system and to believe that black is white and white is black. The media today is the fox reporting to you about how things are going in the chicken coop.

5. In America we subject ourselves to a system of justice that was long ago corrupted to serve itself first, and the "citizen" last. See U.S. Legal History and Treason

6. We send our children to public schools that subscribe to Goals 2000 and prohibit display of the Ten Commandments. We let the public servant shrinks fill them with ritalin and then wonder why we have school crime. And incidently, the history they LEARN today has a lot of "spin" on it.

7. As a nation we more and more seem to believe that it is better to "go with the flow" and not "rock the boat" and that "ignorance is bliss".

8. Not for even a moment, do we suspect that economists have no idea what they are talking about.

9. The following Will Rogers quotation needs no comment:
About the Scopes "monkey" trial..."I don't know why some of these states want to have their ancestry established by law. There must be a suspicion of doubt somewhere."

10. Do we subscribe to the belief that there are just some things the public shouldn't know about and that hiding these things behind national security laws is OK?

11. Do you believe that your church, whichever one it might be, is telling you the truth?

12. Do you believe that wars are just normal occurances that have and always will take place unless we subscribe to one world government?

"The last time I checked, the Constitution said, 'of the people, by the people and for the people.' That's what the Declaration of Independence says."
President Bill Clinton, campaigning October 17, 1996. From a campaign speech given in California. Quoted in Investor's Business Daily October 25, 1996

A quick note about the above quotation: Nowhere in the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution or the Bill of Rights is this to be found. The quote comes from a battlefield in Gettysburg Pa. and was made almost a hundred years after the Declaration was penned or the Constitution crafted. A paraphrased quotation came from President Rutherford B. Hayes when he said "This is no longer a government of the people, by the people and for the people but a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations." Wonder when that last time was that our lawyer president read the Constitution.

The sad thing is that almost no one in the audience caught this blatant error. We have truly become a nation of ignorant sheep. This is what we get when we put a politician the likes of Clinton or Bush in the white house and then allow the socialist perverts to stay there! Enough on Slick Willie and the Kings George.

"We the people" are a bigger problem to our survival than Slick is. To quote Pogo "We have met the enemy and he is us!" And it is not only the United States that is a heartbeat away going the way of the dinosaur. The entire World has been turned upside down by a few people inside special interest groups: i.e., POLITICIANS, CEO's, international banksters, lawyers, physicians, public officials, scientists, educators, and religious leaders, because of personal greed or personal IGNORANCE.

If you do not realize this to be true, YOU are a part of the problem and all those large numbers of people like you make this a very large problem indeed. THIS IS WHY HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF. But thanks to the internet, people are starting to wake up. Please use the "Send the Page" box below to speed up the process. If our people do not learn the truth, we are doomed and that is the CONCLUSION of this little book.

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