Media Czars of American Opinion
by Ted Lang

In a prior column, I attempted to convey the make-up of the three levels of the biased anti-American media: owner/operators, middle management news directors and editors, and the recently graduated journalists from Marxist academia. By now, all who follow the anti-mainstream establishment media utilizing the Internet are accustomed to, and familiar with, both their methods of 'reporting' and their opinionated communist propaganda.

They over report and opine on that which is negative about America, and under report, wail and whine about that which is positive, or just ruthlessly suppress it! If firearms are used two million times a year to protect innocent human life, the fifty or so gun accidents taking children's lives are over reported and accentuated while the former preponderance of contrary information is totally suppressed.

This isn't accidental. This is not due to 'laziness' on their part as so many opponents of their deliberate misinformation more than compassionately and willingly accept. This deliberate misinformation is carefully engineered and designed to enslave America with their utopia, definable as 'communism,' in order to protect their wealth and power! They are very purposefully and vehemently disagreeing with America's founding political purpose!

Who are these behind-the-scenes drivers of this vigorous effort to strip us of our freedoms and protections as offered in our Constitution's Bill of Rights? Who are these individuals who so desperately need to abolish our greatest protection in the Second Amendment? Let's take a look!

The most obvious of these anti-American media czars and controllers is of course the head of ABC/Disney, Michael Eisner. Again, remember, that although they earned their wealth through capitalism, their motivation is to protect their wealth and power gained via capitalism by imposing communism on everyone else! And the way they do this is by shaping the opinion of dumbed-down ignorant America via the news and entertainment media, which they control!

Eisner controls entertainment media television via Walt Disney Television, Touchstone Television and Buena Vista Television. Eisner controls movie entertainment via Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group, which in turn controls Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Caravan and Hollywood pictures. Disney bought out Capital Cities/ABC, Inc., thereby becoming ABC Television with leftist anchor Peter Jennings. In addition to owning ESPN and the ABC radio network through the Capital Cities merger, Disney controls several publishing and newspaper operations. Clearly, Mr. Eisner is a powerful controller and shaper of American opinion.

Then we have Viacom headed by Sumner redstone. Viacom's movie propaganda outlet is Paramount Pictures, and it also owns both television and radio stations. Viacom and redstone own Simon and Schuster, which provided an $8 million 'advance' to a non-writer and untalented Marxist by the name of Hillary Clinton. Madame Hillary never wrote a book, as her 'Village' idiocy was written by a ghostwriter! Tom Clancy, John Grisham or Stephan Ambrose, proven successful writers, would never ever get such an advance from any publisher such as Madame Hillary obtained! What does that tell you about the leanings of this 'American' outfit? And of course, redstone and Viacom own and operate CBS [Communist Broadcasting Socialists] and Dan Rather [than America?]

Viacom owns and operates Showtime, Nickelodeon and MTV. Here we have a conglomerate and virtual monopoly, and the US Department of Justice is out to lunch when not torturing Bill Gates and gassing and burning to death women and children! Any anti-trust problems with these monopolies AG [Assault General] John Ashcroft? And now that socialist Ted Turner has been dethroned by the AOL/Time Warner merger, can we expect a turn around at Communist News Network[CNN]? Oh they're talking to Rush Limbaugh are they? Socialist Turner lost his holdings through capitalist merger activity. Was he right to fear his capitalistic downfall? Any media noise concerning this monopolistic turn of events? Fagetaboudit!

But the media czars I love to hate are the Sulzbergers and the Newhouses. The former are the print media Marxists, the gun-carrying New Yorkers, who own the New York Times [circulation over 1,000,000] and the latter own my home state newspaper, the Newark [red] Star Ledger [circulation over 400,000.] As Arthur Ochs Sulzberger's propaganda rag, the New York Times, desperately pleads for gun control for the rest of us, liberal-left hypocrite Sulzberger was licensed to carry a concealed handgun just like Dianne Feinstein and Rosie O'Donnell's bodyguards! Both demand abolition of the American People's most powerful protection while they more than avail themselves of this 'privilege.' Both Sulzbergers and Newhouses own, in addition to scores of newspapers, dozens of TV and cable TV stations and networks.

Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., is the current publisher of the New York Times and chairman of the New York Times Co. The Times Co. owns such other publications as the Boston Globe, McCalls, and Family Circle. The Newhouse empire, headed by Samuel Newhouse, owns 26 newspapers in addition to the New Jersey [red] Star Ledger, and other publications such as the Sunday newspaper supplement Parade, and magazines including the New Yorker, House and Garden, Mademoiselle, Vanity Fair, and many others.

Considering the foregoing, which barely scratches the surface of the mega-media monopolies and conglomerates, please keep in mind that these huge organizations are controlled by one individual, and that there are only a dozen or so kingpins controlling virtually all the media! How's that for 'diversity,' huh? How's that measure up to a 'level playing field,' huh? That's why I say we never elect any politician – our media appoints them!

The dozen or so media czars, combined with big corporations of similar political leanings, pick and chose who they want in political stations of power, and eliminate those they don't want. The Gannett Company [USA Today,] the left-liberal organization that decided Al Gore was blue while George Bush was red, is yet another example of big media power! We all know the colors are in reverse! And if ever a company existed that needed regulatory anti-monopolistic control, it is indeed the operations of Gannett! But that will be for another time!

Ted Lang is a veteran editorialist, and has written a regular newspaper column. Send him e-mail at


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