Escape Evolution of the mind


Part Four

If you have read thus far and found the thrust of this article to be worrying, then you may by now be feeling somewhat despairing as to what could possibly be done to save our world. Yet, in truth, simply recognising the problem is a very major step towards developing its solution. The truth is that the human mind is still evolving as we go through life, and it is this evolution that is causing increased numbers of people to begin to realise the truth of what our world is becoming.

Fifty years ago people simply felt little natural need to question what they were told to do by those above them. But because our minds are still evolving, now we are starting to do so. And this is why the movement towards globalisation and microchipping is proceeding at such a pace. We are the sleeping giant beginning to stir and the elite need to try and get the prison door shut tight before we awaken. It is incredible that such a small group of people could wield such a level of control in our world. And all we need to do is recognise the problem and express our concerns - to those around us and those who supposedly represent us in government - and our world will be safe.

Absolutely demand change and change will come. Change Should we wish to alter the direction our planet is moving in, we do not need to give up all the pleasures and pastimes we believe we need in life, we need merely to progressively initiate a counter-strategy that will re-balance our world. In the previous section, I covered ways in which the elite have controlled the development of our culture, such that we find ourselves being driven to further their desire for world domination.

The principle technique they utilise is to forcibly over-emphasise one half of a two-sided structure - male over female; conservatism over liberalism; self-concern over charity and so on. If we move to bring these structures back into balance so slowly the situation will correct itself. There is nothing innately wrong with many of the institutions and structures that control our lives. It is simply that things need rebalancing. When people absolutely demand change, change will come.

A major source of the problem is the way we are treating our young. Because we prefer to give them things to show our love rather than actually express this love directly, our children grow up addicted to acquiring material possessions. Because we teach them wrong from right by withholding affection, they grow up needing rules and regulations, over-concerned with control and personal power. Because they don't experience directly our unconditional love, they grow up craving fame or a need to constantly change sexual partners.

And this is only happening because we experienced the same conditioning when we were children. If we therefore look at both healing ourselves of the effects of our own conditioning, and progressively reduce the degree to which we condition our own children, there will be a massive knock-on effect in our society. Within each of us there are deep fears that are constantly restricting our ability to express ourselves, and slowly leading us to bring about the downfall of our planet. And if we wish to avoid transferring these fears onto the next generation we need to learn where they are coming from and how to stop them crippling our desire for change.

Remember the elite are just a few among six billion people on this planet. The entire source of their power is the corruption of our natural instincts followed by their diversion into channels they have created to bring the world under their total control. This is all they have. Absolutely demand change and the elite are powerless.

Our world will change spontaneously around us and we will be free to love one another in the way we always intended. There are several basic ways in which people who want to can begin to change our world.

Firstly, and most importantly, start to learn about the energy of unconditional love. Unconditional love is not the stuff of romanitic fiction, it is a real souce of healing and actually the most powerful force in existence. Evil simply cannot exist in its presence. When this force begins to become powerful within you, you will find everything else in your life aligning in its wake.

Secondly, become politically active. Develop a voice and make it heard. Democratic government is a meaningless term at the moment as we can neither select who represents us, nor pick the policies they will pursue. But should this be changed, democracy is fully workable. In addition, speak your mind and do not fear ridicule. Those who ridicule and those who fear ridicule are merely pawns of the elite.

Thirdly, undertake charitable acts. There are always people less fortunate than ourselves and they require our help. The homeless and those addicted to hard drugs in particular are victims of the elite's inhuman strategy for world domination. Charity is good for the soul and any charitable acts will be repaid many times over at another level.

Finally, start trying to deal with pain that is repressed within. It is this which causes us to alter our behaviour and thinking to suit the elite's purpose. There is information on doing this, but first it should be recognised that such a path is not for everyone. If you feel that the pain within you is not ready to come out, do not worry, there are plently of other equally important things that require doing. Release The incredible tragedy that is unfolding in our world is ultimately just the result of millions of personal tragedies that have occurred in our childhoods.

And whilst we can never reverse what has happened, we can initiate grieving. And once the grieving process has completed, we will find our lives completely transformed. No more driving ambition to succeed at work to the exclusion of all else. No more compulsion to buy, buy, buy, even when we have no money. No more obsessive craving for power, fame and fortune. And no need for daily drug or alcohol usage. And all accompanied by the total realisation that we never actually wanted any of these things in the first place!

The gentle opening up of the subconscious mind, in such a manner that we can slowly process its contents and express the pain held within, leads to immense natural healing at a very deep level. Not just for ourselves but for the planet we inhabit. For, as each of us realises that many of the things we have been striving for can never truly bring us contentment, we release not only ourselves from the culture that has enslaved us, but also the planet from the stranglehold of consumer society. So, how to do it.

These days there are a multiplicity of techniques that can be employed to allow us to explore our subconscious mind; to overcome fear; release trapped pain; and come to terms with childhood memories. Release Techniques Here's a guide to some of the more effective ways for accessing painful memories suppressed in the subconscious. There are many others and sometimes repressed material just arises spontaneously. Remember that different people open up in different ways, and that it is always wise to proceed slowly at first. And do not forget that letting go of your own pain is just one part of an integral strategy to restore our planet to wellness.

It should be combined with activism and especially charitable work. Breathwork - There are three styles of breathwork in common usage in the West. Any will frequently bring about incredible changes in a person's life. Most people learning these breathwork techniques are literally stunned to find that simply changing the way one breathes in and out for a couple of hours a week could allow access to so much repressed material. All styles should be practised with a recognised instructor. Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork and Vivation. Psychosynthesis - Developed by psychotherapist Roberto Agglioli in the mid-twentieth century, psychosynthesis utilises a variety of approaches to help gently break down the barriers between the different aspects of our personality.

Thus, as the name suggests, helping us become a more integrated, aware and feeling individual. Primal Therapy - Devised by Dr Arthur Janov in the late 60's, this controversial regressive psychological technique is now practised in many different forms. A core element of many is the leaving of the individual in a hotel room for 3 weeks with only 2 hour therapy sessions daily to break the monotony. The idea being to break down the ego and slowly allow whatever it is that is behind our negative feelings to rise to the surface. Not to everyone's taste, but effective for some.

And Janov's books are classics in the field of understanding repression and conditioning. Shamanism - Based on the ritual activities of numerous varying groups of indigenous peoples the world over, the various styles of shamanism that can now be practised in the West typically use dance and drum work to facilitate non-ordinary and intensely healing states of consciousness. Fasting - Age old and much maligned technique for empowerment and purification - physical, emotional and spiritual. Often very useful before or after other therapies. Reiki - 'Laying on of hands' healing technique that is believed to have originated when Dr Usui of Japan channelled divine healing energies to earth and then began 'attuning' people so that they could use them.

The person doing the healing is seen as simply a channel for the healing energy which passes through them to the person they are treating. Some people have life-changing experiences, others do not. Useful as an adjunct to other work. Meditation - Very popular now in the West. Meditation induces a stillness of mind via a variety of strategies such as the repetition of a mantra. Unfortunately, meditation without accompanying conscious release of negative feelings and some degree of painful self-confrontation is as likely to simply "wallpaper" over repressed material as to help release it.

Useful as an adjunct to other work. Visualisations and Suggestion - Because the subconscious mind is ultimately just a deductive tool operating on suggestions placed within it, many people have come to believe that by using counter-suggestions or visualisations we can stop ourselves from experiencing negative emotions should they be troubling us. This is true and these techniques are valid. However, neither suggestion nor visualisation usually facilitate access to original memories or sensations, or the release of the pain stored in the system at the point repression took place. Like meditation and Reiki, therefore, suggestions and visualisations are primarily useful as an adjunct to other work.