Prison Camps

by Forest Glen Durland

Thoughts on the entertainment

of Prison Camps

It does seem strange that over 100 alleged prison camps would be located in America in times of peace. But when many people turn in many reports, something must be happening. Investigators report construction and foreign troops.
The main interest I take in this information is the importance it lends to the total picture. Too many projects are being developed simultaneously for what could be an ominous objective. Some items to consider are:
1. Existing prison camps
2. Laws to construct prison camps
3. Laws to control protesters
4. New weapons to control civilian masses.
5. Military exercises with foreign soldiers controlling civilians is America.
6. Military harlbors hover craft in Area 51 in Nevada.
7. Secrecy and denial by military - it's OUR tax money.
8. IRS collecting money with no law permitting.
9. IRS breaking, entering, seizing, terrifying and jailing without warrant or notice.
10. Judges enforcing IRS regs and imprisoning when no law permits.
11. Our monetary system is owned and controlled by foreigners.
12. NEP (National Emergency Powers) gives Clinton and Gore the powers of Hitler and Stalin.
13. GATT and NAFTA.
14. FEMA, NEMA and REX.
15. Clinton pushing for Fast Track and MAI.
16. More federal agencies giving more control to NWO (New World Order).
17. NWO trying to get control of our national parks.
18. NWO tightening its tentacles around America.
19. Congress appearing brain dead and unconcerned.
20. And on and on
Well, folks, when one stands back and takes a look at the entire scene, it takes on an ominous hue. Something stinks in there besides the barn yard. Yet our military insists there is no smell. That stinks even worse.
It does seem strange that over 100 alleged prison camps would be located in America in times of peace. Perhaps they do not exist. Perhaps our government is creating an image to scare us about something. Or perhaps that peace is only superficial, with war against us civilians lurking just below the surface.
Anyway, this list of camps is presented for your entertainment. Enjoy.
This line of reasoning is developed it Time Line.
Forest Glen Durland

A Hoax Now and Then
There is another angle that is worth discussing. It seems that someone, that could conceivable be OUR government, is disseminating false information. Of pertinent interest is the story about big camp developments in the DeSoto National Forest in Mississippi. The Spotlight newspaper traced this one down and found it to be a hoax. They ran two stories, 4-27-98 p 11 and 4-9-98 p13. The photos and video that are being circulated are of the Southern Mississippi Correctional Institute at Leakesville, Mississippi near the Alabama border. This story is definitely a hoax, and a well planned one.
Now, don't take this to mean to quit looking. There is so much crap going on in OUR government that we must continue to watch everything. Too many bad things are being documented to ignore everything. Frankly, I am of the opinion that OUR government is definitely spreading misinformation to goof us up. They are lying about everything else. So why not this one?
So, keep looking and keep reporting. This is the only way we will get the bottom of this stuff, because the lords and ladies on the hill and OUR military will never tell.
We do it or get it done to us, and maybe both.

Forest Glen Durland states that the information on this page concerning Prison Camps is for entertainment only. These prison camp sites are alleged. They might exist, or they might not. No claims are made as to the accuracy of this information. Please keep this information with any other information that you might take from here. Enjoy.
I, Forest Glen Durland, have not personally inspected any of these camps. I simply do not have the time, money nor the power to gain access to them. One can expect military intervention at some of these sites. Expect some of those soldiers to be unable to speak American.
I did discussion with my Japanese-American friends the prison camps to which they were sent during WWII.
It would be valuable to all if investigators were organized in each state to check the camps in their states, then report back to all of us.
Forest Glen Durland

An updated list by states can be seen at
[This site is no longer running. Sorry. ]
The Alleged Internment Camp list is provided for entertainment purposes only. No claim of accuracy or authenticity is made. The information contained here-in may or may not be true.
My hat is off to ----- for maintaining that site for our entertainment. Forest

Click here for some entertainment about an alleged blackout when a list of alleged prison camps was being distributed. Very entertaining.

Click here for some pics good people have supplied use. My hat is off to them.
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Prison Camps

Over 100 of them!!!

(Isn't that entertaining?)

Here are a few from a few states to give you an idea.

Note the many FEMA and REX camps.


Wilds* of Alaska possibly East of Anchorage. No access by road however, there is a railway system. Facility holds 500,000 and will be used for forced labor.


Ft. Chaffee Has a new runway for aircraft, new detention camp facilities with cap of 20,000 prisoners.

Blythville AFB This base was closed but is now being used as a camp location. New wooden barracks have been constructed at this location. This camp is surrounded by high wire topped with barbed wire, and has guard towers.


Camp Krome Located near Miami. Dept of Justice detention and interrogation facility.


Ft. Benning Located east of Columbia near the Georgia/Alabama state line. REX 84 program- Emergency Custodial Facility. Prisoners from all over the U.S. may be brought in via Lawson Army airfield.

Unadilla, Ga Macon County; Located on east railroad street, Plunket road leads into the facility 1 miles from Unadilla on county road 230. This is a FEMA prison manned and staffed but no prisoners.

Oglethorpe, Ga. Macon County; facility is located five miles from Montezuma, three miles from Oglethorp. Traveling south on highway 49, located on the west side of the highway. This FEMA prison has no staff and no prisoners.

Morgan, Ga. Calhoun County; I-75 exit 32 to 300 south to Albany. Take highway 234 to Morgan. Go through Morgan taking highway 45 south. The FEMA facility is 1 miles on the right (west) side of highway 45. This FEMA facility is fully manned and staffed but no prisoners.

Camilla, Ga. Mitchell County; from Camilla take highway 19 south, travel 5.4 miles from 37/19 junction to Mount Zion Road, turn left (east) on Mount Zion Road. The FEMA facility is located on Mount Zion Road approx: 5.7 miles south of Camilla. This facility is not manned or staffed and there are no prisoners.

Hawkinsville, Ga Pulaski County; located on fire road 100/ Upper River Road, 2 miles west from alternate 129 North 257 / 112 east. Five miles east of Hawkensville. This FEMA facility is fully manned and staffed but no prisoners.

Abbeyville, Ga. Wilcox County: south side of Abbeyvilleon highway 129 (Broad Street) off highway 280 (Main Street). This FEMA facility is fully manned and staffed but no prisoners.

McRae, Ga. Telfair County; 1.5 miles west of McRae on highway 134 (8th street). The FEMA facility is on Irwinton Ave. off 8th street. This facility is fully manned and staffed but no prisoners.


153.7400 Georgia State Correctional Institutions

154.9050 Intrastate Coordinating (car to car state wide)

154.9350 Intrastate Coordinating (base to base / state wide)

155.3700 Georgia Police Intersystem (State wide)


Marseilles It is located on the Illinois river off Interstate 80 on HWY 6. It is a relatively small facility with a cap of 1400 prisoners. Though it is small it is designed like other concentration camp facilities with high fences topped with barbed wire and guard towers. Being located on the Illinois River it is possible that prisoners will be brought in by water, air and ground. Note: This facility is relatively close to Chicago, Illinois.


Thousands of acres located just out of Indianapolis, Indiana holds a large Concentration camp facility complete with barracks, high fence, razor wire, towers, turnstiles, a railroad, helicopter landing pads, and what appears to be three large furnaces with 3 inch mains on one of the buildings. This is a massive facility, still under construction with a competition date sometime in 1996.


Leavenworth U.S. Marshal's Fed Holding Facility PFP.

Concordia WWII POW German/Italian POW camp being renovated.

El Dorado Federal prison to be converted to UN forced labor facility. Topeka 80 acres converted to a holding camp for anti-New World Order prisoners.


Richards Gebaur AFB This facility is located in Grandview, Missouri. A large civilian internment facility has been built on this facility, and base personnel are restricted from the area.


Bay City Sits on Saginaw Bay which connects to Lake Huron. Prisoners may be brought in by ship from either the United States or Canada. This facility has high fencing, barbed wire and guard towers.

New York:

Ft. Drum located in upstate New York, probable location for Eastern area processing of people, located near the St. Lawrence river and access to Lake Ontario. Both waterways may be used for transport. Located very close to Canada.


Will Rogers Air Port This is a newly constructed FEMA facility, and it is believed that it will be used as a primary processing center for prisoners West of the Mississippi River.


*Ft. Hood* Ft. Hood has a newly built concentration camp, constructed complete with towers, high fencing, and barbed wire.


Skull Valley Camp William property - west of the old bombing range South/southwestern portion of Camp Williams. This camp was discovered by a man and his son who were rabbit hunting. They were discovered and apprehended.

Utah Lake 15 miles south of Saratoga Recreation center 200 - 300 yards off the road. Black wire 40 to 50 feet tall, made to look something like a golf driving range.


Okanogan County Borders Canada and is a site for a massive concentration camp capable of holding hundreds of thousands of people who will be used for slave labor. This is probably one of the locations that will be used TO HOLD HARD CORE PATRIOTS WHO WILL BE HELD CAPTIVE FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.


Park County -Hart Mountain- Renovated WWII Japanese-American special internment detention facilities.

North Central part of the state FEMA Detention facility

Southeast part of the state FEMA Detention facility *

Southwest part of the state FEMA Detention facility


Something else stinks

Friend Dave related that recently he found this site which at first glance appeared to have nothing on it-i.e, a white screen except that he noticed that it took a while to load. So he download the page and examined it with an html editor. Lo and behold, the page had the background color and text both in white. Now, why would someone intelligent enough to post what you will find below, be stupid enough to make that type of html error? If a prank, would it also be quite stupid, as how many folks could be expected to discern anything other than a blank page? Then he loads the material on a Michael Reagan chat site and an hour later the chat site shuts down. Paranoia is a terrible way to live. But then, combining the existence of even 1/3 of the Concentration Camps listed below with these curious happenstances, what's a fellow to do? I mean one can't exactly expect a candid explanation from Congress, can one?

As of Monday at 1:05 a.m., the page has a black background with white letters. How fun! Some of the material and wording in the "Concentration Camps" listing seems far fetched; much of it is of little use because it is simply unverifiable. But portions of it are verifiable and my friend's experience here definitely qualifies as "Curious". ICE

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------From: "dave"

The URL is [---] if you have an URL editor you will see the following:


This has the net effect of making the page unviewable. It was either:

A) Created that way, and all the web authors I know do it alot! Yea, right; or B) Intentionally changed.

On Sunday, Dec 21 I spent about 45 minutes posting the entire contents to the Mike Reagan web forums chat site. About an hour after I got done, the web forums chat site went off the air.

[Hey, Guys - Thanks for all the info. This is the only way we will get it dispersed. Forest Glen Durland. ]

Forest Glen Durland passes this information along for what it is worth. But neither Forest Glen Durland nor this web site can assume any liability as to the accuracy. It is strongly suggested that it be investigated. Please do and pass the info back to the rest of us. If we all work together, we may find a plot to crack.

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