"Very few established institutions, governments and constitutions...are ever destroyed by their enemies until they have been corrupted and weakened by their friends."
Walter Lippmann

Senator Fred Thompson and company have come to the conclusion that the Justice Department under Janet Reno is no longer a "justice" department. Ms. Reno, ever so quick to start investigations into Republicans (such as Rep. Burton) sees no need to appoint a special prosecutor to the expanding Chinese donation scandal. General Reno does not believe that any laws have been broken by the President or Vice President. Of course, those Buddhist monks donating thousands of dollars to the honorable Veep Gore and John (FOB) Huang using the Stephens Group offices to make international calls right after secret briefings does not give one the warm and fuzzies. The sickly Attorney General would rather trade subpoenas with Burton than get to the truth. Her selective ability to enforce the law has already divided the country and, in itself, been the cause of a severe erosion of trust.

Ms. Reno's inability to act against specific kinds of crime was apparent from day one. Within the first few months of her tenure Janet managed to burn down a religious compound in Waco, allowed the Clinton White House to abuse the FBI and ignored the wholesale rifling of Vince Fosters office by White House aides. When it came to saving children from being molested her answer was to send in the tanks, and kill all the children. However, when it became apparent that White House aides had lied to the FBI, the General acted swiftly.... To cover Bill Clinton's political posterior. Ms. Reno froze in place like a civil war monument and ignored the growing scandals that should have been prosecuted at once.

When the scandals could no longer be ignored... Janet joined in defense of her boss. For example, Justice Department lawyers argued long and hard against having the President testify for the Paula Jones case. Justice Department lawyers also argued long and hard to prevent Special Prosecutor Ken Starr from viewing notes taken by government lawyers on Hillary Clinton. In each case she assigned her best and brightest not to prosecute criminals but to defend a scandal riddled administration. In both cases her arguments were struck down in a heart beat by an ever more skeptical Supreme Court. However, delays invoked by bringing in the Justice Department served to cover-up scandals in progress right as the elections took place.

And when there was no defense... She simply ignored the crime. For example, the General ignored the FBI files matter completely despite the fact that crimes had been committed. General Reno had to be dragged, kicking and screaming into the China donation scandal. In fact, evidence of wrong doing had to rubbed into her face before she would recognize it. So, is General Reno pursuing the China links? Does she really care to assign agents to investigate corruption and espionage? Only reluctantly. General Reno has more agents and lawyers assigned to prosecute Joe Camel than John Huang. Even then, the agents assigned to the case cannot seem to find the major players. While Tom Brokaw at NBC managed to interview international fugitive (and FOB) Charlie Trie, Janet Reno's Justice Department has been unable to find their own butts with both hands.

Ms Reno has served to inhibit justice and prevent witnesses from testifying. The Justice Department openly stated they would not seek to prosecute the penniless Buddhists who gave Al Gore all that money. Yet, Janet's Justice Department also opposed granting immunity. Does that make sense? It does if you are a partisan defender of Bill Clinton.

Janet Reno earned her legacy in the hot ashes of Waco. She is now helping Bill Clinton to create his.

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