Traitors, Treason, and the 14th Amendment Lie
by Lisa Guliani

“If ever the American citizen should be left to the free exercise of his own judgment, it is when he is engaged in the work of forming the fundamental law under which he is to live. That work is his work, and it cannot properly be taken out of his hands.”

~ President Andrew Johnson, in his Veto message on the Reconstruction Act of March 2, 1867

The first shots of the Civil War rang out April 12, 1861 and what followed came to be known as the bloodiest war in American history with more than half a million casualties. Our history books tell us that the Civil War ended on April 19, 1865. They also tell us that one of the reasons for the Civil War was the slavery issue. Another reason for the fighting of brother against brother, at least according to historical texts and those who actually engaged in the battle, had to do with regard to individual state sovereignty. The Northern states wanted a centralized form of government which would be controlled out of Washington. The Southern states wanted a decentralized government with limited involvement. These are issues that human beings felt strongly enough about and believed in passionately enough to risk their lives fighting for. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost in this war that, in reality, was intentionally instigated by the powers-that-be. Worse still is that the Civil War was waged for neither reason. It was waged to further the enslavement of every person in America.

Moreover, this conspiracy was set in place prior to the Civil War, and it INCLUDED the Civil War and the so-called “14th Amendment” to the Constitution. The “War between the States” was all part of a planned strategic maneuver with one goal in mind – totalitarianism - and was but one stepping stone along the road toward the current situation we find ourselves in today with respect to how this country is being run and what’s really going on with our “rights”. What we have today is a socialistic and communistic corporate, militaristic governing entity, and the international bankers factor into this scenario. But they didn’t work alone in their “evildoing”. They were fully aided and abetted in gaining their current stranglehold upon Americans by the traitorous members of the UNITED STATES Congress.

The 14th Amendment

What is ironic about the 14th “Amendment” is that it didn’t even apply or pertain to the very same people it was supposedly drafted to protect – the blacks who were brought to this country in chains and forced to become slaves in both the North and the South. They had no say in the ratification of this so-called amendment, and one could arguably state that freed slaves of that time held no property or licenses with the government, and did not engage in business transactions with said government. The 14th Amendment was simply another means of “forcing” something else upon them – citizenship. Nobody ever asked these people if they WANTED to be citizens of this country. They were used as pawns for the justification of the unconstitutional 14th Amendment.

The 14th Amendment not only failed (and continues to FAIL) to protect the People, it threatens our very way of life and steals from us our personal freedom, property rights, and our right to self-govern. It serves only the corporate entity known as the UNITED STATES and is a gross act of WAR against the Constitution for the United States of America. It spits in the face of the Preamble to our Constitution, and remains the LIE that helped enslave an entire nation.

The 14th amendment was NEVER properly ratified by ¾ of the states of the Union, as is mandated by the Constitution. Senators from 11 southern states at the time (39th Congress) were denied seating in both Houses of Congress by a majority vote of Senators and Congressmen from the North because they rejected it. This exclusion of legitimate state representatives was, of course, in violation of the Constitution, which reads in Article V: “No State, without its consent, shall be deprived of equal suffrage in the Senate.” Yet, 22 Senators and 58 Representatives were “voted out” by their sister states in the North.

The fully functioning and Constitutional States that rejected the proposed 14th Amendment were: Texas. Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, Arkansas, South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, Louisiana, Delaware, Maryland, Mississippi, Ohio, and New Jersey.

The “rebel” states, as they were called, all had legal legislatures and were fully recognized as States of the Union. One of them, Virginia, was one of the original “Thirteen” states of the Union. What a slap in the face! Since the “rebel” states were deemed to be impediments to the ratification of “the LIE”, Congress decided to get them out of the way. It passed the UNCONSTITUTIONAL “Reconstruction Acts” for the purpose of removing the legitimate legislatures of these opposing states and replacing them with unlawful military “fake governments” which then – conveniently enough – suddenly voted in favor of ratification of the 14th Amendment. Wow! Just like that. Every “rebel” state was suddenly “okay” with passage of the “LIE”. Amazing what a little “martial law” can do to change a vote, isn’t it?

Each of the “rebel” states that had been denied representation ultimately filed a formal protest against the alleged ratification of the LIE known as the 14th Amendment, and against the Congress for being denied the right to equal suffrage in the Senate. They also declared the 14th Amendment UNLAWFUL, NULL, and VOID. It would seem like they had every good reason for doing so. Apparently, these protests were ignored, because today the 14th Amendment is peddled as a legitimate piece of legislation and remains in place. How CAN it be so when Congress acted in such violation of its guiding mandates in the Constitution?

Answer: It can’t. The Congress, in violating the organic Constitution on multiple occasions, committed acts of TREASON.

The 14th Amendment of 1866 is a SHAM. It served as the key that unlocked and opened the door of ultimate control of America’s wealth to the internationalists. What effects has it had upon the People of this Nation?

It’s pretty clear. Not only has it utterly failed in freeing those individuals who were brought to this land by means of chains, it has shackled ALL of us to tyrannical oppression. The “14th Amendment Lie” and the “Reconstruction Acts” drew a dividing line in the sand between Congress and the Constitution for the United States of America. Our de facto government now basically operates according to Amendments XI –XXVI (11–26) and while it pretends to defer to and respect the guiding documents of this Nation, its actions contradict this and its words are empty.

Under the “14th Amendment LIE,” Common Law has been kicked out the door of the House of our Republic and replaced with Civil Law. We are at the mercy of “Courts of Summary Judgment” that have enlarged powers over us. Who or what stands between the average Citizen and Government? No one and nothing.

Thanks to the Traitors of Congress, under the 14th Amendment the citizen with a lowercase “c” loses control of his health, his wealth, his property, his children, and his future. Forget prosperity. Americans are paying for the Congress’ debauchery with blood, sweat, tears, and of course, our Federal Reserve Notes, which we are told is REAL MONEY, when it isn’t.

The States of the Union are subjected to economic and political blackmail under the “14th Amendment LIE”. If they refuse to go along with proposed legislation, they are denied needed funding by the de facto government. We the People are denied our right to personal freedom, and state and local governance is becoming a memory as more and more control is taken by the federal government thugs. Under the “LIE”, we are told we are not to question the “PUBLIC DEBT”. That should read “congressional debt” since it was the Congress who agreed to whore itself and America to the international bankers in the first place.

The 14th Amendment states in Section 4:

“The validity of the public debt of the UNITED STATES, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.”

Are they kidding or what? They aren’t kidding when they use the term “public servant.” Unfortunately, it more readily applies to the average citizen than to employees of the de facto thug factory we call “government” in this country. WE have become the public servants under the 14th Amendment. Oh, and the answer to my question at the beginning of this paragraph is: NO, they aren’t kidding. The meaning is very clear. Pay up and shut up. Are we all feeling free and easy so far? Good, let’s keep moving right along.

As for the “slavery” issue, the only difference today is that “We the Slaves” are not individually and privately owned. We are now under corporate ownership of the UNITED STATES political entity. So, in contradiction to its pro-14th Amendment propaganda, the “LIE” serves to only enslave MORE people, and not the other way around. We are “subjects” created by the TRAITORS in Congress, and therefore, we can be taxed and taxed and taxed into infinity. Who is to stop this from continuing? Our founding Fathers are long dead, but are probably rolling in their graves over what has become of America. I wonder if they can be taxed for that.

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