by Andrew M. Keller

Treason has been part of humanity for thousands of years. Be it for wealth, belief, or just political opportunism, humans have committed treason. In this age, treason has reached a new plateau; politician have elevated treason to a parlour game. A game in which they not only sell their votes, but they have sold their states, and the people in those states.

And the people being so desensitized to political corruption have time and time again moved the line back, hoping against hope that this would be the last right taken from them.

Politicians have taken it upon themselves to rule instead of represent; they have seemingly placed themselves above the law. The law of the Father, the law of the republics, and the laws of nature - all corrupted by politicians, lawyers and judges. Now let us look at, and investigate the charges we have levied against the congress, the administration, and politicians in general. Time is short and these are the last days of a free republic, and a free people.

We have no court to try these traitors in, except the court of public opinion, but the people of the republic make up the court of public opinion, and if they find these traitors guilty, they have the right and responsibility to punish these acts of treason.

People may think this trial unfair. It is not. The traitors have already given their testimony and rebuts to these charges.

The only thing that has been let undone in this court is to present the facts and the laws that have been broken, then find if a particular politician, representative, or senator has in fact broken the law and punish accordingly.

They have met in the dark of night to pass laws that the people would find abhorrent.

They have passed laws that they have not even read.

They have abrogated their responsibility as lawmakers, to the administration and to the judiciary.

They have let a Presidential candidate run for office knowing he was not a citizen. Then after he had been elected they watched as he performed treason after treason.

They watched as he appointed thousands of federal judges and prosecutors that were totally unqualified, and sent into court with an agenda instead of law.

They have watched as departments and agencies, under the administration, have broken the law, then excused these treasons.

They passed laws presented to them, on behalf of an unfriendly foreign organization.

They have subordinated themselves and our government to this unfriendly foreign organization.

They have watched as this unfriendly organization has brought enemy soldiers upon our soil.

They have let usury become an abomination upon our land.

They have practiced unequal weights and measures. They have destroyed our constitutional money system. They have given us a fraud money system instead.

They have remained quite while the people were stolen from, by an unlawful tax system.

They have watched as people have been jailed for political reasons.

They have become conspirators with foreign nationals, to change the form of our Constitutional Republic.

For these reasons and many more too numerous to mention, we indict these traitors for the treasons they have committed against the people of the various States of America.

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