Who Owns My Car?

If you think you own your car outright, you don't! Look at what you think of as the title to your vehicle. It says Certificate of Title, not Title. It just certifies there is a title. Also notice you are only listed as "registered" owner, not owner. The words owner may be on it somewhere, but where it counts, you'll see that sneaky word "Registered" in front. Without realizing it, when you registered your car and signed the registration application, you granted the state you live in a trusteeship over your car! It's another one of those nasty, fraudulent contracts you entered into unknowingly. Who owns your car is the holder of the certificate of origin, which is issued by the vehicle manufacturer, and mailed to your DMV when the car is originally sold as new. I work at a car dealership and know this to be absolutely true, I have seen the Certificates of Origin being mailed to the DMV.

Strategic Withdrawal will show you the legal process to regain true, or allodial title to your vehicle, how to never pay for "registration" or license fees again. You will learn the process for obtaining a certificate of origin when buying a vehicle new. You will learn how to drive, legally on public roads without a state issued license. Just think about that, you can travel in your car without having to get permission from the state!

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