Life's Little Goodies

from Boogie Jack

Boogie Jack & Boogie Jill,
before we went over the hill.

These short stories are from a regular column in my newsletter. If you like them, think about subscribing. You'll get stories like these, plus web site tips, freebies, links to resources, silliness and more. Subscribers get the goods a month or two before they're posted on the site.

From WNS:
WORLD NEWSSTAND owes Jack a big thankyou for all the web assistance that he has provided us. It was not until recently that we discovered who Jack really is -- a REAL American and one that is also a talented writer as well as a talented website designer. The little "goodies" under the links below are uplifting and if you read them all, you will also meet Jack. That will be a rewarding and inspiring experience also.

The Goodies

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