Go West With Lewis and Clark!

Kid's Stuff

Give your children these two things. One is roots, the other, wings.

    Blue Planet Games
    From Discovery Channel

    Wise Old Quotes and Wise Sayings

    "A Beary Special Place"

    Billy Bear's Playground
    Lot's of cool stuff here for kids of ALL ages.

    The Grammar Gorillas.
    Our friends, the Grammar Gorillas, need help identifying parts of speech. If you click on the right word in the sentence, our friends get a banana. And you know, a gorilla with a banana is a gorilla with appeal.

    Where is That?
    FUNBRAIN will show you maps. For each screen, identify the correct country (or state). Check the correct box or type in the name (spelling counts).

    Who Is That?
    FUNBRAIN will show you a portrait of a famous person with a clue. For each screen, identify the correct president and click on their name.

    What's the Word?
    FUNBRAIN will show you a picture. Click on the word that best describes the picture. To start, click on a topic below.

    The Cash Register Game
    Figure out how many of each bill or coin that you expect to get back when you pay for something. For example, if something costs $3.75 and you pay with a five dollar bill, you would expect back one quarter and one dollar bill.

    Stay Afloat
    Rules: (Stay afloat is similar to Hangman) Funbrain will show you a word. The player will guess a letter. If that letter is in the word, it will appear. If the letter is not in the alphabet, one object is placed in the boat. You must guess the words before all the objects are loaded and the boat sinks!

    Fun Brain
    Parents, teachers, and kids to come together on all of these interactive, entertaining and informative sites.

    How Stuff Works!
    Have you ever wondered how the engine in your car works or what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold? Then How Stuff Works is the place for you! Click on categories to see hundreds of cool articles!

    Animal World
    The Animal Kingdom is at once the Kingdom most and least familiar to us. Interesting for mom and dad, too.

    Sea and Sky
    Sea and Sky is a non-profit Web site created for the sole purpose of bringing the splendors of the seas and the wonders of the universe to members of the internet community.

    PBS for KIDS
    PBS Ready to Learn is supported by a cooperative agreement from the National Institute on Early Childhood Development and Education in the U.S. Department of Education.


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