F.Y.I.: For anyone wishing to get rid of their SS#
NOTICE: Not presented as legal advice.



For anyone wishing to get rid of their SS#.


1-Fill out two copies of the withdrawal Form.  http://www.ssa.gov/online/ssa-521.pdf

2- Take them to a SS office or mail Certified and get a clerk to stamp as received. They will try everything to talk you out of this. Don't let them. Leave one Copy for them.

3- Make two copies of the stamped received copy and make you an Affidavit of what you have done to this point.

4- Take two original Affidavits with attached SS withdrawal form to your
County Recorders office and get both stamped as recorded into the County Records.

5- Send one copy to the Secretary of State or PERSON over the UNITED STATES SS Department and request your Recorded Documents be recorded into their records. Send this Registered Mail with Signature required.

6- After 30 days your unrebutted Recordings are now law and will stand where ever you need them.

7- Then if they or anyone claims you can't quit Charge them criminally with political rights violations and involuntary servitude.


republic of Texas, T. R. C. P. Rule 53         

Commercial state of Texas                                    

county of Dallas


signed and sealed                              




Know all other Sovereigns, and men, women, and persons, principals and agents,


"I, ( Your title AKA NAME), Declarant, I, Me, a Citizen/sovereign, see, Kemper v. State, 138 S. W. 1025, page 1043, do verily declare that Declarant is a natural man, with life, over the age of twenty-one years, is a Sovereign man upon the land contained within the outer borders of the de jure Texas republic, peacefully maintains a lawful domicile within the outer borders of the county of Dallas, is competent for declaring, has first-hand knowledge of the facts related herein, and the facts are true.


"I, ( Your title AKA NAME), Declarant, declare that the attached document entitled 'REQUEST FOR WITHDRAWAL OF APPLICATION, FORM SSA-521' is a true copy of the original document I filed into the Social Security Administration office located at the corner of Masters Street and Lake June Road in Dallas, Texas at approximately 1400 hours on October 1, 20xx, and said original was properly received and file marked by supervisor X. Xxxxxx.  Said filing confirms the cancellation of Social Security Number by affidavit which I sent to the Social Security Administration in 20xx.


"I, ( Your title AKA NAME), Declarant, declare that I am not now, nor have I ever willingly and knowingly been a member of the National Socialist Democracy, and I am not a UNITED STATES CITIZEN, and further, I have always been a Citizen/sovereign, one of the People, in either (State) beginning on my date of nativity, Month xx, 19xx, and now, having accrued the privileges and immunities of citizenship in Texas, I am one of the People, Citizens/sovereign in the land of the republic of Texas ab initio and nunc pro tunc, Month xx, 19xx."


Declared, signed, executed, and sealed on October 1, 20xx, under penalty of perjury without the UNITED STATES, Title 28 USC 3002(15), Title 28 USC 1746(1), and the Texas Government Code 602.004.

L. S. _________________________________________________

         ( Your title AKA NAME), a man, Citizen/sovereign, Declarant









Signed and Sealed                        


On October 1, 20xx, (Your title AKA NAME), a man from the county of Dallas, appeared before me, a notary public for the STATE OF TEXAS, and after I administered the oath to him, he did declare that he has read the forgoing and that the foregoing is true.


Notary Public,




...fact of the matter is the Social Security Number is the Beasts Mark on you.
NOTICE: Legal information is not legal advice.
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