Should you be a Citizen?

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What Is A Citizen?

Most people seem to rely on dictionaries for the definitions of words - however it is a fact that the information set forth in dictionaries does not in any way constitute the definitions thereof but merely sets forth the common understanding of words as the words are commonly used - this is what we understand to be correct "diction".

Put another way, the explanations of words set forth in dictionaries are erroneously referred to as "definitions" , when actually, all a dictionary does is set forth the ever changing commonly understood meaning of words - a dictionary does NOT set forth definitions of words - word definitions can only be found in statutes or other legal writings where the meaning of certain words are specifically set forth and "defined" as such words are used in such statutes or other legal writings wherein such definitions are set forth. I would never allow any dictionary and certainly not a so-called legal dictionary, to be used to establish the definition or understanding of a word!! Instead I go to how the word in question was used and understood and applied in the real life "diction" of the common people of the day.

In the case of the word "citizen"- from observation as to how "citizens" are treated in the United States - it is clear therefrom that the word "citizen" as that word is applied to "citizens of the United States", that in the United States the word "citizen" refers to a person whose lives, in every aspect thereof, are totally under the dominion and control of the fictional political government of the United States. From observation it is clear that the government of the United States (and its sub entities knows as states, counties and cities) wield total and unlimited control over every aspect of the lives of those persons who are designated as citizens of the United States. A citizen of the United States has virtually ZERO authority in regard to his or her own life - citizens of the United States are presently accorded the privilege of determining what brand of toilet paper they may use and how many squares they may use to wipe themselves but it is clear that this privilege may be withdrawn at any time and that the vast majority of citizens of the United States would meekly accede to a government requirement that they save and turn in their used toilet paper in exchange for fresh unused paper when the government decides to require such - or - such citizens would readily comply with a governmental order that they are to use both sides of their toilet paper before they will be issued fresh toilet paper.

So the foregoing is what a citizen is, as that word is applied in the United States - that is, a citizen of the United States is a person whose life is totally under the political jurisdiction and control of the government of the United States - with absolutely ZERO exception.

What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of US Citizenship?
From observation of the docile submissive conduct of citizens of the United States it is clear that citizens of the United States are totally convinced and accept and believe they owe total unmitigated allegiance, service and loyalty to the fictional political government of the United States.

Although there is what is called a Constitution, which is purported to restrain the government and protest the rights of those persons who live in the United States - in practice citizens of the United States acknowledge that this document's actual purpose is to allow citizens of the United States to teach their children that they are free, when in truth, there is no freedom anywhere within the United States - What this practice does is allow the citizens of the United States to claim that they are free - the ability to claim that they are free has proven itself to be far more precious to those who live in the United States than their ability to actually be free - after all - a people who are actually free would have to take individual responsibility for providing their own necessities of life rather than turning to the government to provide every such necessity.

Citizens of the United States freely acknowledge that their government has the power and authority to conscript their productivity through any form of armed robbery it can devise (euphemistically called "taxation"), and to use this conscripted wealth to institute and wage wars on foreign governments and kill millions of innocent people in foreign countries for the purpose of the US government gaining control over crude oil located in these foreign countries.

And the citizens of the Unites States allow and encourage their children to enlist in the military of the United States in order for the US government to be able to have the ability to murder millions of innocent foreign people for the purpose of stealing their crude oil - while the US government publicly claims that the purpose of the foreign warfare is to fight international terrorism - which the US government itself is most guilty of and itself instituted on 9/11/01, in a phony "attack" on New York and the Pentagon.

Citizens of the United States eagerly allow and encourage every level of government of the United States to create ever more laws regulating and micro-managing their day to day activities - including (but not limited to) the insertion of ID chips under their skin - after all - if a citizen has nothing to hide - then why would a citizen have any objection to such reasonable ID requirements?

Such citizens allowed the fictional federal government to empower a privately owned central bank to issue a worthless paper money where the private banksters then charge an interest, impossible for borrowers to repay, and then the private banksters take their profits through foreclosures on borrowers homes and other pledged assets - and the citizens of the United States accept this fiat money system without complaint.

Plainly put, slightly rephrasing the words of the forth article of the Fourteenth Amendment - "Citizens of the United States - shut up and pay up!!"

So, What Are The Benefits And Privileges Of US Citizenship?
You tell me!!
For a person born in the geographical area of North America - claimed by the fictional political government of the United States to be under the political jurisdiction of the fictional United States - I cannot discern any benefit whatsoever in a person so born in making such a claim!! Moreover, it is highly doubtful whether a person born in North Korea or Communist China would be politically any better off in the United States - as a naturalized citizen of the United States. Of course this negative does not seem to apply to Mexican Nationals who are encouraged to sneak into the United States and then are further encouraged and allowed to receive all manner of government social benefits without paying for such benefits - paid for by the financial extractions from the income of "citizens" born in the United States - extracted from such United States citizens at gun point!!

If such persons born in North America were properly advised (full and honest disclosure), as to the undeniable fact that when they were born they were born totally free and individually sovereign and independent over their own individual person - with absolutely no fealty or other political obligation to any fictional political entity created by persons born prior to themselves - which of such persons so born would ever voluntarily opt into US servitude citizenship?

Why is it that parents of children born in North America teach their children that such children are born in the United States when it is a totally absurd assertion to claim that a real live human baby could ever actually be born into a fictional political entity that does not exist in nature?? If a pregnant woman were to give birth to her baby in a Boy Scout camp - would her baby then be a Boy Scout - what if her baby were a girl??

Why is it that fictional commercial entities, such as Wal-Mart, General Motors and about a million other similar commercial fictional entities operate quite successfully on a voluntary basis without employing gunpoint coercion?? Why is it that a fictional political entity, purporting to have been created for the purpose of protecting liberty and freedom, chooses to resort to armed robbery in order to fund its ability to protect liberty and freedom - and why does such a fictional political entity claim that in order for the government to be able to protect your liberty and freedom - that you must agree to give up your liberty and freedom?

How Does A Person Become A US Citizen?
Although it is widely accepted and believed that citizenship is acquired automatically by birth within the political jurisdiction of a fictional political entity, such is nonetheless not the case!! However a person might become a citizen, acquiring citizenship by birth is a total impossibility and a total fraud!! Perpetrated by the tyrants operating fictional political entities of their own creation and for their own selfish self-serving purposes.

It is of the utmost significance to fully understand the basic fundamental fact that governments do not exist in nature - that governments are the intellectual products of the human mind!! How can it be at all reasonable that certain humans who happened to be born prior to your birth - have any proper natural authority to decide and declare that you owe political fealty to them and must pay tribute to them?? The entire concept is totally silly!! How would you react if Wal-Mart were to declare that you must purchase everything that you need from Wal-Mart and that you must pay Wal-Mart whatever Wal-Mart decides to charge.

There is only one way that a person can properly become a citizen of the united States and the operative word in that statement is "properly" - this would require a full and honest disclosure to the person including everything set forth in the prior sections of this essay - with such a disclosure it is impossible to imagine any sane mature person ever volunteering into US citizenship.

Persons born in North America are told that they must attend school in order to be educated in order to be able to take care of themselves in their adulthood. This is an outright lie. The clear purpose of telling children and parents this nonsense is so that the government schools can indoctrinate all children to believe that they are citizens of the United States as a result of being born in the United States - which - as explained above - it is totally impossible for a real live flesh and blood human baby to be born into a fictional entity that does not exist in nature (yes, I know that is redundant).

If taxation (armed robbery) were eliminated as the means of funding government then there would be no pressing need for the government to con people into being citizens!! If the government were funded by a voluntary means then the government would not have to resort to blatant dishonesty and coercion in order to gather its funding. Such a voluntary means of funding government is already in place and gathering billions and billions of dollars every year - however these billions are not going to the government - these billions are instead, presently going into the private pockets of the private owners of the Federal Reserve - it is important to understand that the Federal Reserve does not loan any of its own money or any of the money of its private owners and the Fed has absolutely no investment or risk in any of these loans so there is no justification whatsoever for the private owners of the Federal Reserve to be reaping these huge profits - this must be changed and it must be changed now!!

If the issuance of money was transferred to The People's Central Bank and the issuance of money was limited to lending of money to private sector borrowers where the interest collected thereon was credited to the treasuries of the various levels of government throughout the Fifty Several States, then taxation could be totally eliminated throughout the entire Federation and, once this system was established in this country, the concept would then sweep over the entire world, introducing a period of world wide prosperity never before experienced or even imagined by mankind!!


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