Jeff Rense Interviews Dr. Bill Deagle
about the Fukushima Nuclear Plants

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[Jeff] Here we are. We´re going to bring you up to date on what´s happening in Japan and by extension and not very much of one, what´s happening here in the United States "excuse me" formerly [the] United States of America. Two states, now, have announced that they have found radiation, radioactive products in the milk of dairy cows. They´re not saying what kind of isotope it is to my satisfaction nor are they identifying the kinds of isotopes that are being picked up on monitoring stations both civilian and government in most parts of the country now. What I´d like to do is start this off by saying, first of all, and welcoming our special guest and colleague, Dr. Bill Deagle, who is right on top of this as are we here at on the Jeff Rense program and Bill´s program as well. ( ) I don´t know any other two programs that are trying any harder to bring you the reality of the situation which is not good.

Hello, Bill, and welcome back.

[Bill] Thanks very much, Jeff, and, of course, the audience that listens and I believe that our audiences that listen to your program and my program are probably the most intelligent. They´re probably the most inquisitive to ask the right questions. As I say, if we don´t have the answers we want to have the best questions proposed and a clear sight of what is really going on rather than spin.

[Jeff] Absolutely. Now, let me do a little setup here. Just for fun so you folks know I wasn´t kidding when I mentioned this last hour - go to Google News, right now. A lot of people go to Google News. I look at Google News because they have a lot of different sources there and I can pick and choose. Here are the top stories in the Universe. Robert Gates, Goal for Libya - one. Number two, ragtag rebels struggle in battle. Number three, Syria offers changes before renewed protests. Number four, Libyan rebels losing their nerve. Number five, two contestants eliminated from American Idol. Number six, Buffet´s handling of deputy baffles experts. Number seven, Celtics snap funk send Spurs to fifth straight loss. Now, did you hear anything about Japan in there? No, nor will you if you read the entire damned page. Nothing, not one story about Japan that I can find. Alright, that said, Bill, it´s no surprise to you and our listeners as you pointed out aptly are probably the most intelligent certainly open-minded and inquisitive intellectual audience members in talk radio and I´m extremely proud of them as I know you are of your audience. Now, that said, let me play one little piece here. Dr. Micheo Kocku[sp?]. Now, this is from a couple days ago but it is still every bit as important right now as it was when he spoke the words because nothing has changed. And what has changed there is the simple fact that Tepco is SOL--it´s over--they´re out of luck. Here´s Micheo Kocku:

[Micher] This is huge. For the first time they´re using that dreaded word, breach, meaning uncontrolled release of radiation into the environment. And remember that Unit Three which is suspected to have the breach contains plutonium. Plutonium is the most toxic chemical known to science. A speck of plutonium, a millionth of a gram, could cause cancer if it´s ingested. So this has to be looked at very carefully because if there is a full abandonment of the reactor site, if they abandon ship, we could be in free fall.

[?] Even before we heard those words used by the Prime Minister, doctor, we saw this in a Tokyo newspaper this morning. The headline that Japan´s own nuclear safety committee is thinking about upping the level here. Let´s take a look at these numbers. Three Mile Island in the country we all know was a level 5. Chernobyl was a level 7. That´s the highest possible and now Japan´s considering moving this up to a 6.

Well, the utility is the laughing stock within scientific circles because obviously this accident has exceeded Three Mile Island. At Three Mile Island we had one reactor sustaining perhaps 90% core damage but very little escaped into the environment. There was no breach. Here, we have three raging meltdowns in progress, one spent fuel pond open to the air, hydrogen gas explosions, any one of which already exceeds Three Mile Island.

[Jeff] Ok, you get the picture. Three in meltdown. At least one of the spent fuel pools open to the air and the funny part about all this is, if there is any black humor in it at all, is that they have now discovered, golly gee, that the countless millions of tons of water, mostly sea water they´ve been pouring on these four buildings, for how many? Two and a half weeks, now, practically--had to go somewhere--it didn´t bubble up and come over the sides. It´s been going down and out the bottom, folks. I.e., the bottom of the buildings are breached. The concrete is open and the water has been going down into the ground, into the ground water, and they discovered, today, a torrent of water coming out from under the buildings, obviously radioactive and this thing is getting to be absurd. Bill, go ahead.

[Bill] What I want to do is start out with some real basic things so the people can understand the scope of this so they can get the forest and tree image. First thing I want to do is start off with the statement, this dwarfs any other environmental disaster including the ~Micando (Gulf) disaster of last year by an order of magnitude that has never before been seen on planet earth. Now, by the way, the ~Micando disaster is not over. There´s still a large amount of oil releasing there and the tectonic vents started there are going to continue. Now, people need to understand some math here. The first thing is that the amount of radio isotopes stored in all those six reactors reactor pools is 24 times the amount of material at Chernobyl, which means Wormwood, right out of the Bible, disaster.

[Jeff] 24 times?

[Bill] 24 times. They have to also realize that the design of these were the original Mark 1 design and that upgrades that were done to American plants were not done by Tepco to these plants. They had as their emergency equipment fifty (50) paper radiation suits, one satellite phone. I think they had one stretcher.

[Jeff] One stretcher? I ran this last night. One stretcher, fifty throw-away paper suits and one satellite phone that probably didn´t even work. That was Tepco´s preparation.

[Bill] Now, according to the sources--also we know that when you have a reactor, especially if it´s exposed to neutrons, Concrete ages and sometimes it can age over centuries or decades. But when you have metal that´s been bombarded with neutrons repeatedly what it does it starts to anneal, it starts to break, it fractures, it does weird things. If you take an object and put it in a stream of radio isotope activity the bombardment of neutrons changes it. For example, one of the things that I want to test on the debris of the World Trade Center that could be tested millions of years from now the stable non-radioactive elements is called iron-58 where there´s an extra neutron inserted into the iron so it has an extra atomic weight--not radioactive and it doesn´t decay. It´ll be there a billion years from now. What´s happened in the Fukushima reactor and I want to define that this is not an accident. This is on purpose. Now, one of the articles--I like this one that you posted up.... And I like the fact that he presented all the facts, not necessarily telling you what the conclusions is about, the different things that can terminate and cause earthquakes.

[Jeff] Well, we try--thank you.

[Bill] And you´re presenting the information so people can make up their own minds because a lot of people like to chase, I call it rabbit chasing, gopher chasing, whatever. I have a West highland white terrier named Max and he´s still pretty frisky at ten years of age. I got him three days before 911 and there´s quails where we are and rabbits and gophers so he´ll chase them. Unfortunately, a lot of people chase rabbit and gopher ideas.

[Jeff] Well, they also chase their tails.

[Bill] Exactly. Now, you have to use a little humor here so you can get past people blocking their minds on this but they have to really grasp just how big this is. The reactor that blew up at Chernobyl was very badly managed. In fact, the day that the reactor went critical was the day that the alarm systems went off in Sweden, I think 1200 miles away, at a similar type of reactor but on the day of the reactor apparently people were off, they´re not servicing it, the monitoring people weren´t there and they were doing a break. So, they had a simple thing which is a graphite reactor that had an explosion and then they simply entombed it.

[Jeff] Now, this is one reactor, ladies and gentlemen, please, not four--this is one.

[Bill] Right, and what happened is this was like a single event. It was like kaboom and the radiation hit about 220,000 people in the immediate downwind plume region.

[Jeff] And a million are dead in the interim.

[Bill] Yeah. And there were a bunch of people that got exposed a lot. They dumped thousands of tons of powdered zeolite, put thousands of tons of sand and concrete so it entombed it. And by the way, they didn´t do a very good job.

[Jeff] They´re going to have to re-do it, it´s falling apart.

[Bill] Exactly. So, it´s not even apples and oranges. It´s like granite bowling balls and tomatoes--they´re not the same. What we´re dealing with, right now, is like if you could pick the possible worse reactors that were ever developed by the minions of Satan himself to go bad, these reactors in Japan are the ones. These are water cooled reactors. These are like nuclear steam kettles only they´re the oldest design.

[Jeff] It´s absurd. They were probably designed close to fifty years ago and they´re probably forty years in age.

[Bill] What people have to understand is exactly the scope of this problem. Here´s a couple of issues so that they´ll realize that weeks ago the Japanese should have hauled out their little swords to do..., kill themselves. They should have just told the truth, come clean and got more help more quickly. But they have to think out of the box because obviously this kind of meltdown has never been planned. We had one of our nuclear engineers on the program last few days, Chris Harrison, who´s one of the 43 nuclear safety engineers in the country who works at a... ...because those are a series of reactors, they´re new ones that have been set up. Currently, he´s at one in Delaware and I won´t name the specific reactor but, let´s put it this way, to summarize he says they planned for a decade type event. They didn´t get a century event, they got a millennial event. They got an event that, it double-whammy sucker punched that exceeded all of their expectations not only in Japan but anywhere. And they didn´t have any safety procedures or drills to deal with reality that they´re sitting on a subduction zone fault line. They didn´t have any backup power and their batteries will last 8 hours, believe it or not. The ones in North America at our plants that are similar to the Mark 1´s last 4 hours.

[Jeff] Ok, I hope you heard that. Let´s not skip over that too quickly.

[Bill] The batteries last 4 hours. Now, these reactors, if you´re trying to cool them down, especially water cooled reactors, you´re talking about weeks and months to cool them down properly as you withdraw the rods promptly. Now, if the rods start to melt down because there is zirconium casings with these little pellets of uranium oxide, as they start to melt down you can´t withdraw the rods. That´s the first problem. The second thing you can´t because they´re in a casing. The second problem you have is that the place becomes so radioactive you can´t put people in there and people should know this that you can´t put robots in there either. Why is that?

[Jeff] That´s a real misnomer, by the way. Hold that thought because people are always sending robots over there. They immediately have an image in their mind of two arms, two legs and a metallic head with a video camera. No, these robots are sensing robots to detect radioactivity and give visual images and that´s all they can do.

[Bill] Right. And not only that, even if they had a robot that could do more and had arms and legs to walk in there.

[Jeff] Fried.

[Bill] Yeah, they´d get fried. And the way they get fried is this when there´s these emissions, what they do is they fry the integrated chips (IC´s). Now, there´s only, that I know of, in America one chip company that makes these, a truly electromagnetic radiation proof chip. It´s called a ~IEEE..., Atmel Corporation in Colorado Springs.

[Jeff] And the military probably buys all their output.

[Bill] Let´s put it this way, they don´t have enough production to provide for their jet aircraft and missiles for more than 5% of all they need. Ok, so they´re not sending over chips to Japan or making robots that can go into radiation areas. And if you put any kind of robotic device in there in a high radiation zone it would only be a matter of minutes before its integrated chips become useless.

[Jeff] Agreed.

[Bill] The second thing is when you put a person in there, most people aren´t aware of this, a helicopter pilot flies over and they had to actually put radiation shielding on the bottom of these big Russian helicopters to fly over Chernobyl. The pilot that flew that dumped it died weeks later but you develop a syndrome called acute radiation shock syndrome. This is before you even get what we call bloody diarrhea and other things. Radiation levels can be so high that it immediately shocks your brain just like you´re hit with electroshock. But just imagine you´re not laying on a table with a little sponge in your mouth and the doctors giving you enectine to make your muscles not contract when he shocks with the 20,000 volts across your temples. You´re flying with your hand on the stick control of the large helicopter carrying a giant load of concrete and sand. And all of sudden you´re hit with this bolt of lightning, electromagnetic, the zap of these high energy beta particle emissions electrons and the shock, basically, dumps all your adrenalin, your brain hormones. And the first thing that happens is you get very disoriented, extremely dizzy, because it hits the vestibular system in your ear and you cannot stand up, even know which side is up or down. Even if you´re trying to look at your instrument controls you start to go bonky. The human being loses orientation. Now, they have a drug called ~emaphostine{?} that helps to prevent the depletion which can happen in a matter of minutes of a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. Now, I have neutraceuticals that will do a lot of that too. It´s a protocol involving fat soluble thiamine, cytodine, choline and uridine monophosphate which is a special...

[Jeff] What does acetylcholine do?

[Bill] It´s a CDP or cytodine choline. Acetylcholine regulates pretty well everything, regulates the executive functions of your brain. It regulates your neuromuscular control. It´s very important. So the frontal lobes are connected to your brain...and the primary neurotransmitter also regulates the....memory traces. So you can´t learn anything if you get hit with it.

[Jeff] Now, a total disorientation.

[Bill] A total disorientation. Now, people understand that they start out with what they call the Fukushima fifty. It´s now up to about 400.

[Jeff] Yes, at least. Well, it was three and now it´s probably higher than that.

[Bill] Around 400, I heard. One of my colleagues that´s been on the program last week, Dr. Dirativitch{sp} is part of the team of military doctors that went over there. Now, Dr. Dirativitch used to work in the Soviet Union. He joined the US military about 25 years ago and he´s a triple...specialist and they´ve got about 140 US doctors over there and toxicology specialists. They´re in the process of getting ready to bank the bone marrow of everyone of these engineers, technicians and staff working at the Fukushima...plant to bank their bone marrow because they´re all going to crash--burn. Now, the biggest problem...

[Jeff] The idea being is to inject it later?

[Bill] Yeah, re-bank their own bone marrow and give it back to them after they crash because in terms of relative sensitivity your stem cells in your bone marrow are the most sensitive. And one of the best tests to tell you if you´ve been blasted is you look at your absolute lymphocyte count and if it crashes day after day then you know you´ve been blasted with enough radiation. Relatively low levels of radiation will knock out your lymphocyte count and when that happens some of the people in Japan that didn´t even get radiation burns, physical burns, or a trauma or crush injury they actually started to develop gangrene while they´re walking around.

[Jeff] Really?

[Bill] Yes. So they started to actually fester and have gas gangrene and were literally like walking dead. So, people need to understand if your lymphocyte count becomes dismally low, even if you have a pulse and you haven´t bled anywhere, the first thing that happens is you lose that, the second thing is you start to lose your blood components that prevent bleeding and you start hemorrhage.

[Jeff] You´re talking about tens of thousands of people who are being left to die in the exclusion zone. This evacuation zone should be three times, at least as big as the Japanese government--the Americans have put it at fifty, sixty miles and I think the Japanese is 20.

[Bill] Well, it´s not just miles. You see, the problem is they fit it as a radial thing. There´s another big mistake. If you got prevailing winds and they know where they are from satellite Doppler radar they should be thinking of them as the radiation plume, not a diameter. You might be 25 miles from Daiichi{sp?} but you´re up wind of the reactor and you got virtually no cesium 137... They tested it. They find the cows don´t have anything or very little. What´s happening down wind though and it could be going in the direction of Tokyo, you could have portions of that plume just like after you get a plume from nuclear fallout, it could go with a narrow band, it could go 100 miles and it might be extremely high levels of radiation in that area. They´re not testing so they´re not doing what´s called, I´ll call it a radiation plume evacuation rather than radial.

[Jeff] Good--good point. And, see, we´re not getting that over here. I´ve seen so many as have you and many of you listening, the projections of the radiation from Japan how they´re going to come over here in plumes, in streams, and being sort of turned into vortices by low and high pressures. No one knows for sure but the point is these things are non-uniform. They´re randomly virulent in their strength and we don´t have a clue about where or when they´re going to make landfall.

[Bill] Yep. The other thing people need to realize, it´s not a linear, it was called a non-linear event.

[Jeff] Precisely.

[Bill] In other words, we have layering, laminar layering and actually instead of it diffusing as much as you might think it can literally cross the ocean depending on the weather patterns and the temperature differences relatively intact with a relatively narrow plume that could strike the coast with a relatively high concentration.

[Jeff] You need to measure at 2500 meters, at 5000 meters, 15000 meters and it would be different at all three.

[Bill] Right. They should have radio balloons that go up and get air samples. They should have ground based... And the thing is, well first off, a lot of people are over looking at these sites like the radiation network. And the problem is they´re looking at counts. Well, there´s three things to look at. You´ve got gamma emissions which are radiation--energy. Then you got particle emissions called high speed electrons or beta. And then you got alpha particles and there´s a lot of differences in alpha. There´s low energy alpha that is relatively nothing. And then you got high energy alpha that´s real bad. Now, the problem is over and over again they´ve made this comparison of external radiation. No, it´s only equivalent to ten x-rays of your chest. But the problem is it´s like you´re inside the x-ray machine like you never get out. So, what they´re doing is a scientific fraud to lie to the people because there´s a process called the Petcow{sp?] effect which means internal radiation, it doesn´t quit. It doesn´t have a coffee break. If you´ve got a strontium 90 in your body it gets incorporated in the hydroxyappetite{sp?} bone crystals it´s going to stay there with a half life of over thirty years and when it decays it decays to yttrium and when yttrium produces--it only has a half life of like 36 hours. It has a super high energy beta particle emission that´s so powerful that if you even wear lead shielding around them, lets say in a normal x-ray unit when the beta particle or electron hits it, it actually generates x-rays all over the hospital and the unit. So if someone has strontium 90 poisoning you can´t use lead shielding because you´ll have x-rays everywhere.

[Jeff] I don´t want people to panic about not drinking milk or eating dairy products necessarily yet. You should have panicked about that twenty years ago--it´s no good for you so it doesn´t bother me. Maybe this will be a good thing for people´s health in the long term if they stop consuming this poisonous crap that the dairy industry foists on all of us.

We´ve surveyed the catastrophe in Japan which is manifesting results now all over the world, the northern hemisphere and probably eventually into the tropics. We know it´s hit Hawaii. There is no health risk, ladies and gentlemen, no health risk at all from consuming milk with extremely low levels of radiation like those found in Washington State and California so said unnamed expert from the EPA. And let´s go down here a little bit. It says, results from screening samples of milk taken in the past week in Spokane, Washington and San Luis Obispo County, California detected radioactive iodine or iodine 131 at a level 5000 times over the limit set by the US Food and Drug Administration. Of course, we all know how much we can trust the FDA and apparently they only tested two locations. They didn´t mention anything about a wide screening of milk samples. Maybe they only looked at those two--we don´t know. The story doesn´t tell us. Iodine is not the big worry. It only has a half life of about two weeks. That´s something that people need to keep in mind as well so the FDA in conjunction with the EPA and the CDC will be in on the act sooner or later, has now decided that the EPA will, in fact, raise the limits of allowable radiation in food products in these formerly United States. Sound familiar? Sound like Japan?

[Bill] It really does. One of the statements they made about genetically modified food is a good example, now it´s radiationally modified food. By the way, don´t ask the question or make the statement that it´s modified even if that´s the very nature of what it is. And don´t suggest that maybe there is no lower limit of bio-accumulation. We´re not just dealing with an event like a level, like when you get to a certain action level something happens. You´re dealing with something that bio-accumulates in the body...

[Jeff] Well, especially cesium. I mean iodine, ok, it goes in two weeks.

[Bill] ...four half lives, thirty-two days. But cesium and strontium...polonium, plutonium and uranium they stay around, again, long after the sun is now a dark cinder on the edge of the burnt out galaxy. They´re still going to be there.

[Jeff] Ok, the idea of accumulative exposure is not being discussed anywhere that I have seen so far.

[Bill] No, no one is doing it and the thing is they´re not doing what´s called...  Here are the data that I would like to see... First starting out with Japan. ...only see a map with actual counts of alpha, beta and gamma over a territory. But I´d also like to see the change in the radiation plume from day to day depending on the weather...

[Jeff] Not seeing any of it. They´re not showing it to their own people.

[Bill] I´d like to see data that says there´s air sampling at sea level and it´s a 2000, 4000, 6000, 10,000 feet around these edges of this plume to see how far out it´s going. I don´t to see US and other international aircraft doing air sampling in the mid-pacific and elsewhere and then trying to see if they can track and do computer simulations of how cohesive these plumes are and where they expect them to come to landfall because what´s going to happen is they´re going to change. They´re going to have pulses of different isotope patterns depending on what happens. For example, we know that reactor core 3 is the MOX reactor. The fuel in that reactor is a combination of plutonium 238 and regular uranium and it runs hotter. It is roughly 20,000 times more toxically dangerous than all the other reactors.

[Jeff] It´s like a race horse compared to snails.

[Bill] Right. The kinds of isotopes it´s going to release we need to know. For example, people say, oh, don´t worry it´s going to be diluted´--the old story of the solution to pollution is dilution.´ This is a solution. It´s like the old idea that if it didn´t kill you now it won´t kill you tomorrow. That´s wrong. In fact, that´s one of the reasons why troops are exposed to increasing sorties or battlefield exposure depleted uranium. They finally had enough bio-accumulation and it kind of screwed up their metabolic processes. They accumulated increasing amounts of DNA, mitochondrial damage, finally their cells through what I call the death switch, apoptosis. Their lymphocyte count crashed. They started consuming the tissues because it blocked their...shunt, their energy level--the cells literally starved and wasted faster than if they starved to death.

[Jeff] Talk about hyper-protein wasting--that´s...

[Bill] Yeah, faster than starvation. So, here´s the data we don´t have. We don´t have any data. We know that there´s monitoring stations in the Western US--these are pathetic. They were measuring gamma and beta and when they did present it like the EPA they do it in such an obtuse and strange way you can´t make any hide nor hair of it even if you have an expertise. You look and say, what the heck are they doing here, presenting the data?´ They don´t have distribution maps, altitude maps, isotope differences, none of that.

[Jeff] They´re not instructing the public at all. They´re not educating anyone, nothing.

[Bill] And then they´ll say, don´t worry, be happy,´ like the song, don´t worry, be happy.´ So, the first thing you have is a durst of information so that even when the journalists have a background like us and we asked a question, they not only don´t come back with answers they get incensed that we even raised the question. For example, one of the issues that I raised was, wouldn´t it be nice to know what the level of background I 131 was before across a number of data points even if you had only, let´s say...

[Jeff] Absolutely. Normal background of 131--absolutely.

[Bill] him, and what is it now?´ Is it 500,000 times that level now?´ And especially when we´re looking at the long-term isotopes. What we have, it´s not like Chernobyl where you have an explosion and then it´s gone in four weeks. As long as this plume of radiation continues it´s going to have fresh, like right from the dairy, literally, fresh iodine 131 and it´s going to be entering the atmosphere continuously. Now, most people think it´s only your thyroid that´s targeted by iodine 131. No. All the thyroid does, it does two actions, it makes thyroid hormones and it makes a pro-hormone called T4. T4 is a pro-hormone, it´s not a hormone. It´s converted to T3 and it´s converted in the body and the thyroid converts a little bit for the heart and the blood circulation but it´s converted in each different body compartment under different control systems. There´s a control system for converting the brain, the brown fat, muscles, liver, the kidneys, solid organs, lymphatic etc. And each organ has different conversion ratios depending on how it´s being metabolically controlled. It also generates--the thyroid makes and takes iodine in the monatomic form like a salt like potassium iodate or iodidized salt or seaweed and it has to convert it to I2 which the molecular form of atomic iodine and it´s called I2. And that´s necessary for the body to be able to protect itself to make new mitochondria and to catalyze T3. So, what happens is when you get radio iodine you literally are sending this laser in, in the most sensitive part of your cell which is your mitochondria. When your mitochondria starts to decrease in activity the membrane becomes unstable, called the inner mitochondrial membrane and there´s forty different proteins in there. Some of them are really exotic type names. One of them is called apoptosis induction protein, AIP. Another one is called cytochrome C. And when they dump they tell certain genes to tell your cell to kill itself--in other words, like Japanese hari-kari. So, a good part of aging is actually programmed in but once the cell gets a certain amount of damage it says, that´s it, I´m doing it. I´m not going to repair any organelles in the cell like endoplasmic reticulum or the Golgi apparatus in the inner mitochondrial, collagen and cyto-structure of the cell. I´m not going to do any of those things. I´m not going to metabolize, X to Z, all these different things.

[Jeff] When people talk about thyroid they don´t talk about pituitary which controls the thyroid. It releases TSH and stimulates the production of T3 and T4. No one´s talking about that and I´m sure that iodine 131 will bother the pituitary or not, but we´re getting nothing.

[Bill] Yeah, it will affect it because, you see, in the brain these...have layers of, for example, in the brain it´s not just TSH. The hypothalamus helps to supply the brain with TSH, it stimulates the thyroid directly but it also sends a signal to the autonomic nervous system called TRH, Thyrotropic Releasing Hormone and it also stimulates the you´re your jejunum just below your...

[Jeff] You can´t think compartments here, folks...

[Bill] Yeah, it´s extremely complicated. Literally I studied thyroid and metabolism for thirty years and it´s so complicated and the thing is when you´ iodine it´s not just going to hit the thyroid and if you looked at one component, when your mitochondria starts to fail your cells become hypoxic,....pathogens and you switch on what´s called the aging genes where your cells going to stop repairing themselves. Stem cells are shut off, they don´t differentiate and your immune system fails because when your mitochondria starts to go down. So what I´m saying is the world by release of this brew which they call thorium. It sounds like something out of Trilogy, the Ring, but it´s kind of a brew of radio isotopes that are boiling off all these nasty short and long acting isotopes. Their primary target is mitochondria, your DNA. Now, if you have a certain amount of damage your cells have the capacity of normal genetics to repair. Now if you have the syndrome called fragile X syndrome of certain genes your repair rate is not very good so you can´t expose that person to radiation. We can do gene tests now and about 1 in 200 people are what´s called radio-sensitive. So, if they fly at high altitudes where there´s more radiation they especially at night or if they were to work at a nuclear reactor I could predict based on their genetics they´re going to get very sick and they´ll die prematurely even with relatively low levels of radiation. Now, one of the most important things to protect you is you´ve got to re-mineralize your tissues and our mineral content of our food is so abysmal that the average person...

[Jeff] There isn´t any.

[Bill] They don´t have any. The average population, probably 98% of the population they´re deficient in significant selenium, chromium, manganese, magnesium, a whole series of macro-minerals.

[Jeff] Especially magnesium and potassium and people don´t understand unless you have adequate and proper baseline mineral content in your body you actually cannot utilize vitamins.

[Bill] Yeah, in fact, every enzyme in your body requires minerals like a lock and key. And the problem is, is the radio isotopes are actually more absorbed more avidly. For example, strontium, if you give non-radioactive strontium to a person they don´t incorporate faster in your bones than magnesium or calcium. So if a woman is ostepenic, meaning your bones are little weak or osteoperotic...or you have a child growing real fast they´re going to suck that strontium in, in an enormous...

[Jeff] Every newborn baby now, anywhere near that place, is being checked for radiation already.

[Bill] The problem is some of these isotopes are going to be injected into the atmosphere--I´ve talked to experts that have told me going right back to Dr. Ernest Sternglass who wrote the Salt 1 Treaty. They´ve estimated that their isotopes that were injected by Nagasaki and Hiroshima in the above ground test at the Bikini Atoll that are still circulating in the upper atmosphere, they´re still raining down on us. So, when people say, oh, that just happened at Fukoshima. It´s over when the fall season, the football starts..., if it does again. And that´s not the case, when they´ve injected those, and a lot of people say, well, it has to have a big explosion to put it high in the atmosphere,´ oh, that´s not true at all. Once these things become nanoparticles because a lot of these materials...

[Jeff] It´s called evaporation and heat.

[Bill] Yeah, they get re-mobilized by the hydrological cycles and evaporation in the oceans and lakes. They get inserted by different streams of air for the lower atmosphere and the upper atmosphere, they rain down. I mean, you don´t have to have a big explosion but there are going to be something. Here´s the timeline. What we´re looking at now is we are probably within five to twelve days away, roughly, of a series of what I call vents--rather than event, I call them vents--which may be small explosions. They´re really big explosions. Some of them you may not be able to observe because they´re actually underneath these reactors, kind of what they call the China Syndrome but unfortunately they´re already in China or near it so it´s not really a China syndrome, what ever is on the opposite side of the world. So, as they explode, as they get down to ground water table they get either near sea water, the reaction, the hydrolysis, is going to occur because zirconium and the radio isotopes are going to generate a lot of hydrogen and when it reaches a certain concentration it peaks at the top of whatever the pile of stuff is there and then it´s going to blow and you´re going to periodically have explosions repeatedly being bursts of radiation from this area for a long time. We´re talking about not days, weeks, months not even years and decades, but centuries and millennium.

[Jeff] The workers are already encountering these mini-chain reactions.

[Bill] Right and they´re giving proton beams which means why did they lie and say, look, oh no, we don´t see proton beams,´ and they´re trying to cover it up. Look these neutron beams are actually going to jet out and actually if you have detectors you can see them eight, ten miles away. Because they ionize the air you can actually--depending on circumstances--you can physically see them.

[Jeff] Now does this work the same way a neutron bomb would if you´re standing in the way of the beam and you get a neutron beam?

[Bill] It probably is not good for you because, of course, they´re going to move very quickly. A neutron weapon basically will kill anything because, yeah, it´s going to have nasty effects. These neutron beams are going to go quite a distance, almost like a laser, so they´re going to go ten, twenty miles or more.

[Jeff] Let me bring up another issue here. We´ve talked about water, heat, evaporation. Heat rises, these nano-particulates and other particles are going to go up and they´re going to get picked up and carried along, given a free ride around the world.

[Bill] Right.

[Jeff] Ok, we´ve seen water being poured into these buildings for a couple of weeks now. As I said at the top of the program I have yet to see a shot of water coming up and over or out the sides of either of these three destroyed buildings. So where has the water been going? It´s been going down and through the bottom and into the ground table.

[Bill] The ground table is really interesting and I discovered this with a comment made a year ago, actually when they were talking about, here in California, when they had a number of farmers pumping water in northern California in the delta area. They pumped the water so vigorously they were sucking in salt water from the Pacific Ocean. They realized, oh, gee, these things are connected.´ They were seven miles in and they´re getting salt water. So we had to realize although there is a relative barrier there it´s not an absolute one. So what happens is these things are not only going to contaminate the ground water in northern Japan but they´re also going to get directly into the ocean.

[Jeff] Well, that´s where it´s going now. They´ve described torrents of water that they discovered coming out from under the buildings. Gee, where did anyone think the water was going if not out from under the buildings and into the ground and into the ocean? And here´s a quicky, let me play this short little sound clip here and you´ll get an idea of where we are with the radiation leaks and the water over there.

[clip] Radioactivity in ground water beneath a damaged nuclear power plant in Japan has measured 10,000 times the standard level. That´s according to officials with the company that operates the Fukushima Daiichi facility but they do not believe that it´s contaminated the drinking water supply.

[Jeff] Oh, please, now, is this science fiction or what?

[Bill] Well, actually, it´s a form of a thing called Reichian{sp?} mind control. So what you do is you say two things that are complete cognitive dissonance. In other words, they´ll tell you that both things are with the same level of emotional validity like they´re true but you know that they´re completely conflicting each other. So eventually if people hear enough of this drivel they decide, well, I´m going to do nothing because people that say it´s dangerous they must be mentally ill or they´re trying to frighten. And we´re not trying to frighten people. We want people to become aware of the dangers and what should be done. For example, there are probably people within, say, thirty miles of the Fukushima Daiichi plant that are growing spinach and have vegetables there and if they sampled them, I´m willing to bet if they sampled them and they were continuously upwind of all this they would have a relatively low level of radio isotopes. But the people downwind and they could be in Tokyo would be getting blasted like crazy in a specific area because there´s a prevailing wind carrying it all in their direction. Now, people also worry this is a bio-accumulative thing. So, you see the minister Edono{sp?} making a statement, I think it´s accumulating enough now. We´re going to have to do evacuations.´ Well, after Chernobyl when they had the levels of radiation that were one-tenth this high they evacuated fifty kilometers around within three days. Here, they have delays, and letting people go back and get toys and household goods. It´s nuts and so what they´re doing is they´re letting people go back and get contaminated with these radio isotopes and go into areas that dangerous when they should present the data and say, this is the data. The plume is heading towards this part of Tokyo You people in Tokyo, you can´t just go indoors, you need to get out of town or you got to get out of Dodge now.´ The problem is once it reaches a certain dosage of radiation you´re going to see what I call overt radiation syndrome. And when that happens you need to get on U-Tube clips and so on when people start to realize that the Japanese have really balled this up and the international agencies including the IAEA, they´re liars. Even the nuclear regulatory commission...

[Jeff] Well, the NRC´s first cousin, the EPA, is utterly negligent because as you said earlier we have no baseline readings for the public of cesium, iodine or anything else. We don´t know what normal background is. So they´ve got us by the short hairs.

[Bill] Right. And so here´s the problem. They just say, don´t worry, be happy, it´s enough bio-accumulation. Now, here´s what´s going to happen. Let´s say this bubbles and boils like the witches brew for lets say two years before they finally come up with a brilliant idea to how to get rid of it. What it´s going to do is it´s going to continue feeding us a small amount of poison. So, it´s like you and I, Jeff, walking around with an OR Johnny shirt and we´re in the ward called earth and we´re getting a small level of poison, not enough to kill us today and we don´t know which day or month it´s going to finally kill us. We don´t feel right, let´s say, six months from now and we´re trying to do everything we can.

[Jeff] That´s what it´s going to be like too. We just don´t feel right.

[Bill] You don´t feel right and what´ll happen is some people will say, gee I don´t know how George got such bad pneumonia, he just died in the hospital,´ or how did this pandemic flu just get such a grip on the population and spread so quickly?´ This is the groundwork for the rapid evolution explosion of a pandemic, a weakened population and now the virus is going to say, now that I hit your right knee I´m going to knock you to the mat.´

[Jeff] Yeah. Well, they´re deconstructing the immunocological competence of the world basically.

[Bill] Right. So when you get one called the world herd immunity down you´ve got decreased natural killer cell activity on a global population area some of those population people in a bell curve distribution are on the far end of that little tail and they can´t tolerate picking up something that´s going to grow in their body and all of a sudden they get a cytokine storm so it´s going to kill them. So we´re going to see cancer rates go up, dementia, heart attacks and stroke rates go up because it´s going to induce nitric oxide radial on the artery walls. We´re going to see prematurity, small birth weight, microcephaly, cretinism--in other words, every illness that will cause premature death, disability, deformity, spontaneous miscarriages,...during pregnancy that causes spontaneous death. Everything that´s going to go up and it´s not just going to go up for years, it´s going to go up for centuries.

[Jeff] This whole thing is unfortunately not going to be resolved. Tepco is going to be taken over by the Japanese government. They announced that today.

[Bill] Out of the box things that we have to look at, we just look at it as a thing that could be solved but we need to pray. First off, I´m going to tell people, pray that we get ideas. Maybe we´ll have some ideas in the show but the first thing is we´ve got to trap the air. So in other words, we can´t just put a tomb over it like a sarcophagus like in Chernobyl. We literally have to have some material that´s strong enough like Kevlar and big enough to cover the whole reactor area.

[Jeff] Big tarp.

[Bill] Yeah. Like a giant bubble. Almost like, let´s say, Denver International Airport only put it over the whole thing so you can suck the air out and even if there´s an explosion it doesn´t blow it out because you allow it to vent through special filters. Secondly, we need to drill down walls so you actually go below the ground water table and you go so that the water can´t go through the reactor core area where...

[Jeff] Who´s going to do that?

[Bill] Well, it´s a massive job. They got to literally lay a wall and go all the way down below the water table, all the way around the entire complex. And then they have to actually, in a sense, work at tunneling underneath it and inject the whole thing with materials so that it is waterproof. In other words, they got to create a bowl underneath it. And then this thing, once they cool it off enough, which is going to take a lot of work because then they have to make what´s called radiation proof robots because human beings, this is so radioactive a person within minutes.... They have to invent robots that are radiation proof that can go inside there and put things like boron and I call it Pepto Bismol for sick reactors inside each of these things because they can´t just withdraw the tubes...

[Jeff] They can´t even get to them though, Bill, because of the wreckage on top of them.

[Bill] Well, I´m just using my imagination here.

[Jeff] I know.

[Bill] This is what they have to do in order to stop it.

[Jeff] I don´t see how two Japanese battle tanks are going to clear the rubble away from these reactor either but good luck.

[Bill] Well, the clearing away has been nothing. They actually have to get in the reactor core and put in materials that can stop these neutrons to literally cool them off. Then once they have them cooled off completely then they can create a sarcophagus. This is a project that even the Japanese are now saying, if it´s done correctly in all of my theoretical sci-fi stuff is done we´re looking at a project that could take a decade to...  One of the Japanese experts says a century, literally a century to completely close off and make this area safe.

[Jeff] Somebody said a century?

[Bill] Yes.

[Jeff] The bottom line is they don´t know what the hell they´re doing there. They still don´t.

[Bill] This is going to boil and bubble like a witch´s cauldron for months and maybe years.

[Jeff] Here´s the problem over here, Bill, and we´ll talk more about this next hour. Everyone´s saying, well, I´ll grow my own food. I don´t buy the stuff from the stores. I don´t have to worry about taking a meter into the stores with me in six months and checking every item.´ Well, folks, you better cover your gardens pretty soon because this stuff can get in the soil and depending on the kind of radio isotope it is it can stay around for a long time. {what about rain water?}

Dr. Deagle has been explaining a lot of things that are very important and let me play, Bill, a couple more quick clips just to round out some things that the people need to keep in mind. This goes to demonstrate the double speak of the Japanese government when asked about expanding the evacuation zones. Here´s what they said and we´ll give you the translation in just a moment.

[Clip] Regarding reports from the IAEA that radiation from the soil exceeds safe limits we believe this would only be harmful to health if you were exposed to it for long periods of time. So, we´re going to increase our monitoring to see if there is the possibility of protracted high levels of radiation in the area and it is necessary to make thorough analysis of this and take relevant measures on the basis of this monitoring.

[Jeff] Real comforting words there, Bill.

[Bill] In other words, we´re monitoring if the monitoring will make the radiation no longer cause health issues.

[Jeff] Exactly. And let´s go back and pick--the monitor is the answer.

[Bill] Actually, if you just monitor it and you actually convince people, this is a new technology, it´s called radiation hypnosis.

[Jeff] Perfect.

[Bill] Hypnotize the Japanese people that if they get a big cloud of radiation over Tokyo, if they get mass hypnosis of the population, just like, let´s say, like the mini-series recently on TV called V. You just give them the radiation... They won´t die of radiation illness.

[Jeff] Of course, you notice he didn´t say anything about actually giving them the results. He said, we´re going to monitor it.´ So, it´s that issue too.

[Bill] Oh no, like anything it could be explained in simple terms of a child but they´re not going to explain it even to adults that have some background because they don´t want us to ask them even tougher questions.

[Jeff] Here´s Micheo. We´ll revisit a little bit of what he said and then ride it out to the end because he´s very articulate and very interesting as always.

[clip] Well, the utility is the laughing stock within scientific circles because obviously this accident has exceeded Three Mile Island. At Three Mile Island we had one reactor sustaining perhaps 90% core damage but very little escaped into the environment. There was no breach. Here, we have three raging meltdowns in progress, one spent fuel pond open to the air, hydrogen gas explosions, any one of which already exceeds Three Mile Island. Obviously, we should be level 6.

At level 6 you point out, Ed, and we saw those eerie images just yesterday morning here of the ghost towns created near the Fukushima plant. Are we looking at a potential Chernobyl situation for an entire region of Japan would be empty for years to come?

Let´s hope not. Let´s hope they bring it under control. But if it goes to a full scale evacuation of all personnel it means that fire fighters are no longer putting water onto the cores. That´s the only thing preventing a full scale meltdown at three reactor sites. Once they evacuate then we pass the point of no return and meltdowns are inevitable at three reactor sites leading to a tragedy far beyond that of Chernobyl creating permanent dead zones in Japan.

[Bill] That´s a very appropriate statement. I want people to grasp this. Let´s just step back and let´s say we have an observing tourist delegation, if you want to call it, from other worlds watching earth. Believe me, the number one mini-series in the galaxy, in the cosmos right now, Fukushima on earth. This is really not good. Now, here´s what I think is going to happen and you better be sitting down with your seat belt on and your...up in the locked position because I think this is going to continue burping radiation for months and possibly years. If they are going to entomb it they have to do it, as they´ve said already, and use a little bit of what I call sci-fi imagination. Remember, now, the most powerful thing we have is imagination because we can stretch beyond what we think we know and use intellectual and spiritual powers to kind of look at things in a completely different way. Just like I mentioned earlier, we have to invent a material, let´s say a carbon fiber material that can withstand explosions. We have to have filters that can filter out nano-particles which we don´t have, by the way. Most people aren´t aware of this but when we send radiation workers in they´re using nano-particle masks but a lot of these isotopes are in atomic size so they´re not being filtered out. So we have to invent literally some of these things. We don´t have robots that can withstand giga-Becquerel´s of radiation because the integrated circuits (ICs) will be fried. It even causes metal fatigue so if these things are working around super-high radiation zones within hours the metal fatigue--literally the robot will start to fall apart.

[Jeff] We have ducked so many bullets for so many years here in the states with our 103, 104 reactors. I´ve talked and you have over the years--we´re starting our 18th year in June, here. People who are in the inside who say without question, they´re frightened that any day they´re going to pick up the paper or turn on the TV and there will be a far worse than Three Mile Island. These plants are so rickety and so crappy. I remember when they were being built, Bill, do you remember all the scandals about the welds, how they were falsifying the welding data. {Not to mention the substandard concrete. And also that the so-called back up generators and pumps, although for emergencies, would fail quickly because the pump designers never figured that there really would be a disaster. That´s what happened at Fukushima. The earthquake didn´t do the damage to the plants. The tsunami didn´t damage the plants. What happened was the electricity failed to the pumps and the core melted down. They couldn´t get the pumps to cool the cores so the reactors ran away. Sort reminds you of the Titanic--the disaster equipment (life boats) was a joke as well as the watertight integrity of the hull due to the steel in the hull was not rated for that temperature of water in the North Atlantic in the iceberg season.}

[Bill] We had that here at...recently...

[Jeff] Well, they x-rayed everything to make sure they were being welded properly and it turned out that the x-rays weren´t being done and they´re just lying.

[Bill] Right. Now, here´s the other thing. Even when they x-rayed them people need to understand when you have a reactor and there´s exposure to radiation, even low-level radiation, it speeds up the annealing of the metal. It speeds up the...of the concrete and so all... In other words, these things literally crumble. That´s the best technical word. The metal and the concrete and everything in the reactor crumbles. There´s some good news and some bad news. There´s not very much good news. The good news at this point in time, it´s not the end of the world. The bad news is this is an event that is going, number one, it isn´t going to just be, oh, it´s time to buy Japanese stocks because the share price multiplier of stock values is only 1.06 over book value...

[Jeff] People are doing that. They like parasites--disgusting.

[Bill] Parasites, they´re going crazy. What they should be doing is trying to, number one, mass evacuate the Japanese out of northern Japan.

[Jeff] 15% of Tokyo or thirty million people are said to have left.

[Bill] Right. And we had one of our listeners, Shentaro Ohara{sp?} who e-mailed me two weeks ago that within 24 hours after the tsunami and earth quake he evacuated his wife and daughter out of Tokyo and knew that eventually it would become more dangerous. So he already had some of my radiation protection protocol, Nutridine (nascent iodine), two years before and I´m sure by now he´s already left. But a lot of people are quietly leaving before the panic hits where people realize like, oh, we were lied to.´ And by the way you already have isotopes in your body that will, at some future date, if you could get a flash forward to laying in a bed of your own bloody feces or being hooked up after someone´s giving you a bone marrow transplant or seeing your body waste and you´re down to skin and bones they might reconsider what´s going on right now.

[Jeff] We don´t want to scare everyone out there. It´s not going to happen to everyone. We´re talking...Japanese.

[Bill] No, but we know that there´s a number of people exposed in Japan right now, that those people in Japan, they´re in that radiation plume zone, they´re going to...

[Jeff] They´re toast.

[Bill] Well, they´re going to continue getting more accumulation. Let´s say we´re not talking April first tomorrow, we´re talking, let´s say, July first. Then the thing has not only not been resolved but they´re had several repeated and very unfortunate explosions that have caused more major plumes and they still haven´t evacuated people adequately and the people who were exposed aren´t being monitored. They haven´t, for example, started talking about mass banking of the blood of people who have had some exposure who may crash and burn. Now, there´s only a limited number of pair matched blood, bone marrow donors so a lot of people as they fled the system, when they send our American teams over, they can probably deal with the engineers and the technicians and the Fukushima 50 or 400, now, that are getting blasted with radiation. But if they get, say, 20,000 or 30,000 people developing acute radiation illness and they haven´t preemptively started to bank their bone marrow in an international blood bank so that they can actually be able to give them a transplant back those people are going to die because the system can´t handle it. It´s like the ekmo{sp?] devices for the H1N1 flu. They only had like 24...

[Jeff] They ran out of those in one week.

[Bill] And by the way, the flu is coming back. It´s now in Mexico, ripping through Mexico.

[Jeff] All over Mexico.

[Bill] All over Mexico and this is a lab virus and I will debate anybody on that, that this is a virus with four different origins from three different continents. It was created in a lab.

[Jeff] It´s still changing. It´s re-combining and...

[Bill] Right. It has been designed to be a juggernaut, a Tasmanian viral devil but eventually when it ever acquires the genetics of say, H5N1 which will probably occur...

[Jeff] It´ll happen.

[Bill] When that happens...

[Jeff] And then you got a weakening herd and...

[Bill] The herd immunity is down so I´m going to make a very gross prediction that in the next six months to a year we´re going to have a major release, if not the third or the fourth wave, of a now mutated super-flu or super-pathogen pandemic that´s going to rip through the continents.

[Jeff] Well, I agree. I´ve been reporting on the Mexico thing every day.

[Bill] Yeah. Well, I think that now we have a weakened population we have all these things converging like the super-storm from hell--I think that´s what´s going to happen.

[Jeff] You know what else weakens the population, folks, and that´s stress which is something that is absolutely the worst. By the way, one minute of real anger can actually impact your immune system for up to 8 hours. It diminishes it. Anger is not a good thing. Now, the government is not releasing any video tape of projected plume transport across the Pacific. We haven´t seen any. There have been some people on the internet doing very diligent and dedicated work to try to project this. They´re using something called wow weather, woweather. Now, there are two disclaimers on the wow weather page. I want you to understand, when you look at these plumes do not think that they´re accurate necessarily.

[Bill] They´re a simulation, aren´t they?

[Jeff] That´s right. Here´s one of the disclaimers. While this is a NOAA model it is not a NOAA product meaning the map you´re looking at and the plume travel, and has not been seen and commented upon by NOAA. Extreme care should be taken with an awareness that the used high split forecast was developed mostly for long range transport purposes. Furthermore, the amount of radioactive material emitted has not been quantified. It should also be noticed the local surface winds are largely affected by topography and the structures, therefore wind patterns near the ground are likely to be different from synoptic scale patterns that you´re looking at in these projections so the point is these are not accurate in the sense that they´re real science. So you got to keep that in mind and not flip out if it shows it running over your part of the country because it may or not be there. ...trying to give you an idea, a general idea, of how weather can move.

[Bill] Exactly, in other words, it´s giving you a prospective fairy tale or maybe a Grimm´s fairy tale, of what´s happening. Now, I want to give people a couple of things. Firstly, number one, in Japan they should have an international consortium of scientists to think out of the box like the Manhattan project...

[Jeff] Right now.

[Bill] Right now, today, not just to start banking the bone marrow but to do things like create a tent over this area to capture all the airborne radio isotopes. They´re going to continue to explode. This is going to go on for months or years.

[Jeff] The last idea I heard was they´re going to try and spray the ground with resin to trap it.

[Bill] That´s silly.

[Jeff] ...they´re not making much progress, is the point.

[Bill] Yeah, they need to have out-of-the-box thinkers and immediately start doing these things now. For example, we have materials, space-age materials, that we know would be able to withstand the forces. For example, like spider silk and combine it with Kevlar, radiation protective sprays if they bury them. We need to start thinking out of the box. We need to great materials that can create a bowl underneath it so it can´t get into the water table and continue generating hydrogen. Then once we´ve got the reactor cooled down enough--and the only way we can do it is we can´t use individuals. One of the things we´re going to have soon is a dearth of people who know where those valves, pipes, and the things inside of the plant are that are willing to die after their relatives get paid a large amount of money for the... As these people get sicker, which they´re not telling us how many of the Fukushima people have died already. You can´t just put in fire fighters that are willing to die. You have to have trained technicians that know how a nuclear power plant of this type works. So as they start getting sick you´ll have no one left that actually has even the faintest idea what is inside the plant before it got blown up and therefore what needs to be put in order to even just to insert something to turn off the neutron flux densities that are going to cause more fission reactions.

[Jeff] The only thing that is being done in a innovative sense is two gigantic concrete pumps described as the biggest of their type in the world are being retrofitted to not pump concrete but to throw water and they´re going to ship them over there and set them up outside and they´re going to pour water on these things. This thing is, as Bill´s saying, a long-term issue. Now, where is all that water going? It´s going into the buildings, it´s going down through the floor and out the bottom into the ground water and the table.

[Bill] Right.

[Jeff] That´s the truth and they can´t bring enough fresh water into these things. Barge after barge, I don´t know how many barges they have there but going to end up being the same thing. It´s going to go into the ground water. It´s going to come bubbling up...

[Bill] Yeah, these are just basically spinning their wheels waiting for it to explode bad enough that no human being even if they wanted to commit what I call radiocide or commit suicide by going in the radiation zone, even going to be able to even if they want to. So here´s the situation we´re facing. The Japanese economy with this event is going to receive a shock that´s going to cost a trillion dollars or more. Now, most people don´t understand it´s not just the Japanese economy. If you talk to people like the experts on the Comprehensive Annual Financial Review and Walther Burien and you see how all of the debt and all the investments are interlocking the whole planet, the reason why the media are putting the cap on this is because for every bad news story that goes over there and it goes up one tick on the I´m scared as hell´ scale, it costs them billions of dollars per day so they don´t want anybody even asking the question.

One of the problems is that amplifies the fear by me even talking about it because there are things you can do. And there´s four areas that people could do here in North America. First, number one, for your own personal body you need to get diatomic iodine. We have an engineer that makes the actual Edgar Cayce iodine in Texas. Number two...

[Jeff] Hold on, Bill, these are available on Bill´s website.

[Bill] Yeah, and I´ve prepared these for years because I knew this was coming. I didn´t know it was going to be Japan but I knew that it was going to be an event either a regional war between India and Pakistan or a major meltdown of a reactor or more.

[Jeff] What was the first product?

[Bill] The first thing is called nutridine, diatomic iodine, it´s not like anything else in the world. It´s made with a super high energy that´s so high that if you don´t have special cooling equipment--it looks like mad scientist--if you don´t have the special equipment you can´t make it. So there´s only one guy in the world that knows how to make it. The second thing, and they have lots of production at the moment, but if everybody decided to get it even the 1% of the people that listen to this show we´d probably get swamped.

But the second thing is you need to protect your DNA. Now, everybody has a repair enzyme for DNA to take out defects and errors. And if you have a little bit of background radiation it´s not going to hurt you. It´s not internal, it´s just going to blast you with a little bit of radiation. It induces enzymes to help to stimulate these enzymes to protect and repair. If that repair rate is sufficient it´s like if you go into the garage often enough and you change your oil and your transmission fluid and everything your car continues to run fine. But when you exceed that repair rate by even a tiny little percentage your cells start to fall apart and when they reach a certain point the cell just says, that´s it, I´m out of here. So, we have things that´ll do that. One of the most powerful, and this goes back to research I did actually as part of a project that goes back 38 years ago, preparing neutraceuticals and drugs for the US military so they could do on the ground military operations with boots on the ground within 48 hours of a nuclear explosion instead of two weeks. We did develop it. People need to know that the US government has these, the Russians have them too. And what they are is they are drugs, not just neutraceutical drugs etc, more powerful than just the simple ones you hear out there that the nuclear toxicologists use but these are classified. But there are neutraceuticals that have been developed. One of them is called long-acting alpha lipoic acid. We call it neutratrala.

[Jeff] What does alpha lipoic acid ( ALA) do and why is...?

[Bill] It recycles your fat and water soluble systems because when you have a radiation source it literally steals electrons--that´s the best way to describe it from whatever it does whether it´s gamma, beta, or alpha. It in a sense knocks electrons off things, it´s going to create states where electrons are stripped, where acidity rules or where hypoxia rules and we get cross-linking of DNA and proteins. So, when you recycle your fat and water soluble systems you protect your body from radiation. In fact, you can take an animal and you give them long-acting ALA and you can just put them into a radiation source and you´ll block like 90, 95% of the radiation. So if someone´s going through, for example, radio therapy for I´ll say a lung cancer and they´ll tell you, for example, in the radio therapy, don´t take any vitamins.´ You might counteract our treatment. And of course, the reason is if you take the right ones which we have which are special forms because if they crystallize like we have a special non-crystallizing form of CoQ10. We have those special primadines like they´ll protect your mitochondria. If you don´t have the right ones you can´t block the radiation. Now, if the Fukushima 50 or 400 took my full protocol it had the best radiation suits which are Russians or the Americans which are the next best, they´d probably block 95 to 98% of the effect of the radiation--right off the bat. That´s why we´re going to the powerful drugs that we have like amaphos..., etc, and the reason is there´s four areas. You got to protect and stop radio iodine and you don´t need mega-doses either. Little tiny doses like three to five drops three times a day is adequate.

[Jeff] Should people be taking K1?

[Bill] No, never. Dangerous as hell. In fact, if you want to fill a poison control unit to get renal failure, retinal damage and kidney damage take the K1 and don´t just dispose it down the toilet, bring it to your pharmacist to dispose in a hazardous waste dump. You only need a little bit of nutridine either. You don´t need a whole lot. A drop on an infant a couple times a day is plenty.

[Jeff] The Japanese take 12-1/2 or more...

[Bill] They take 12,000 micrograms, plus, per day. We in America take an average of about--they say we take about 150 micrograms. It´s lower than that and the form that we take is not very bio-available because we are taking in forms like iodized salt.

[Jeff] So we are iodine deficient, there´s no question.

[Bill] Oh, very, very. Simply by just replacing and getting adequate forms of the diatomic Edgar Cayce iodine your body grabs and says, oh my gosh... 

[Jeff] Alright, I got a bottle of tincture of iodine for external use, antiseptic for cuts.

[Bill] Those are salts and the salts are next best. They´re not nearly as good as diatomic.

[Jeff] I understand. For those who can´t get it the iodine you paint a little the size of a dime or less on the inside of your forearm each day and your body will take what it needs...

[Bill] It´s going to suck it in through your skin.

[Jeff] Alright, give us the website URL, the address, Bill.

[Bill] that´s the radiation protection protocol you´ll see under conditions.

[Jeff] Now, here´s the deal, I´ve got three links at the featured story at under the radiation feature box. It´s the second one there. You´ll see it. You can´t miss it. One of them is a fixed real time read in Santa Monica, West L.A. And the guys got his column Inspector Plus. That´s the best one (radiation monitor)

[Bill] It´s one of the very sensitive ones.

[Jeff] That´s probably the best one. Now, that´s reading out counts per minute. Let´s see what it is right now. They´re normally anywhere from twenty to forty counts per minute. If you go down and look for West L.A., Santa Monica and click on it it´ll bring it right up. Last time I looked it actually had sold some commercial time in front of the actual live screen. Let´s see if they still have their commercial in there. But the guy´s doing a pretty good job of actually monitoring and cataloging what the daily reading is. This little unit apparently is able to do--oh, this is funny, stand by, taking a ten minute average. So he´s actually removed the little unit. Now, he´s putting it back, the Inspector. It´s kind of funny. Where is the commercial? It was a funny screen. He had hand written a handwritten sign, back in ten minutes, taking a reading.´ And then you saw the inspector being dropped down from the top and then they went to their little quickie. Now it´s back and there´s no sound to it. It´s reading 17, 18, 19, 20--it´s apparently reading now, getting an average and it´s moving up--22, 25. So, let´s see where it goes. 27--seems to have leveled off there--ok. Alright--28 counts per minute. You said that 100 is no problem. When you get to 150, 200, then you want to start to think about things. I don´t know, they´ve been getting exterior readings--45, 41, 44, 45, 50, 46. Those are fairly steady and that´s during the day today. So, this guy is doing a pretty good job. It´s reading 43 right now, the Inspector, now up to 47, now up to 51. So, it´s moving up. He just reconnected it after taking his average. It´s now 55 and going up. What does this mean, Bill, which isotope is it reading--do we know?

[Bill] Yeah, I think it´s probably reading primarily a composite of gamma and beta emissions. I don´t think it´s reading those because they don´t show three different numbers. So, I´m not sure. It doesn´t make it clear enough on the site and, again, it´s fluctuating on one data point which is Santa Monica, what does it mean when it fluctuates? Is the wind moving faster? Which isotope, which thing is he measuring? Right?

[Jeff] It´s up to 76, 77, 78. I´ve never seen it this high.

[Bill] Well, when you see it that high it means we´re probably receiving another burst because, see, the radiation´s increasing. Those plumes are going to be more rich, more dense with radio isotopes. A lot of people unfortunately they´re putting their guard down saying, well, the air smells just as clear, the sun shines just as beautiful on the California and Oregon coast.

[Jeff] Wonderful. You can´t see it, folks. 3/15 was the first day it´s the 31st, today. The highest I can see is 51. Now, this is up to 104. I don´t honestly know what to tell you. Maybe it´s just calibrating itself somehow and it´ll settle back down.

[Bill] It may fluctuate too. That´s the other thing. We need multiple data points so we can actually draw conclusions just like if you´re doing a data set you need a number of data points. You could say, is this..., has this machine not been properly recalibrated? What´s going on? We don´t even know what they´re measuring. What are they measuring?

[Jeff] The thing is going 120 now--121. I´ve never seen it this high. So maybe it´s running through some kind of an internal protocol.

[Bill] Either that or there´s an actual radiation cloud that´s coming here that we´re not being reported on.

[Jeff] Not being told.

[Bill] Exactly.

[Jeff] Gosh, the government would lie?

[Bill] Oh yeah. There´s four areas that people need to be concerned about. Number one, the least of the problems, the easiest to fix is radio iodine. Just taking diatomic iodine, nutridine. Number two, you got to protect your DNA. Number three your mitochondria and, number four, you got to remove the heavy metals.

[Jeff] What about heavy metal detox?

[Bill] Well, there´s four different things that I can recommend that we carry but I tell people it´s real simple. You can take things like--Dr. Dirocavitch did a study simply using seaweed about 25 years ago and it was an actual medical study and found you could bind 90 to 95% of strontium and cesium just by taking seaweed in your diet. Now, we can even pull out more than that because we have medical grade neutraceuticals that´ll do it. One of the first ones that the easiest, believe it or not, is an organic steam extracted green tea that´s 600 milligrams called Green Tea Supreme. We´ve got a medical chelator called Chelormax that´s used for removing heavy metals. And we have a non-acid wash zeolite. And the reason why it´s non-acid wash, as soon as you wash it with acid you change the cage structure and it´s not as effective.

[Jeff] Well, zeolite is one of the clays. There are a number of different clays.

[Bill] Yeah, it´s the same clay...

[Jeff] We have a database of information on French Green Clay which is what the Soviet Russians decided was the best and they used it in chocolate bars and...

[Bill] Exactly, they made chocolate bars out of it and I guess the kids ate them.

[Jeff] So, the green clay as far as I can tell is the best clay form. Zeolite is good. You got to make sure you´re well hydrated because it can plug you up. Any of these clays can...

[Bill] Oh yeah, you can get diverticulosis or appendicitis or a bowel obstruction because it´s dehydrating.

[Jeff] I want to know what the hell this thing is counting. It´s up to 186 now. I´ve never seen it like this. It´s got to be doing some kind of calibration or something. He just put it back. I´ll keep my eye on it and see.

[Bill] Yeah, I wouldn´t jump to conclusions yet.

[Jeff] I´m not jumping.

[Bill] Now, the thing is that there are some new discoveries, now. In fact one of Dr. Marvin Houseman and we have a mushroom from South America called Americus Blazei and have special technology to make it generate vitamin D2 which locks onto the receptor in the mitochondria in your brain through the body and a special molecule called L-ergothioneine. Now, what they do is they protect your mitochondria from radiation induced damage to the mitochondria because when they go the whole call goes. What people need to realize is there are very simple things. Now, I have a very long protocol here but there´s only a couple basic things you need to cover and if you do, if the count gets high, people are going to have to start doing what I call decontamination protocols. In other words, if this count, say, went to 125 at multiple sites I´d say better get your niosh masks, better wear your ponchos, better...

[Jeff] 125 is your cutoff. I´m able to see what it says now.

[Bill] When it´s over the arbitrary limit but I wouldn´t just pick one data point in Santa Monica. If it gets over a certain level...

[Jeff] It´s not been counting what we thought it was. I´ll explain it in just a second.

[Bill] But, in other words, if you had multiple sites showing that there was a significant increase in plumes I´d say our behavior should change. In other words, we should have filters on our furnaces to try to at least get the larger sized particles out like Hepa filters.

[Jeff] Now, that´s a good idea. Let me read this, though. He does have a note--I don´t want to miss this. I believe it says that by--it may have clipped a letter or two on the left-ion average test total count. Something tallies, all ionizing events over a ten why the number keeps going up. Something we--I can´t quite read it--total by tens so we get a really accurate count so it is, in fact, there´ll be some kind of a divisor factored into this total to get the count. So I don´t want to alarm anybody.

[Bill] So, in other words, it´s not in his final stabilized number.

[Jeff] No, it´s doing its thing.

[Bill] So it´s going to equalize over so many minutes and then get a count.

[Jeff] That´s right--ten minute test.

[Bill] So, the behaviors that people should have now in Japan, if you´re downwind of this and you can look at the weather systems, if you haven´t evacuated you should be. Number two, you should if you´re in these radiation zones and you haven´t done it you should bank your bone marrow because don´t expect the government to do it. But you should start going to a doctor and getting your bone marrow banked if you´re in that exclusion zone which according to Dr. Chris Busby and others is ten times higher than the maximum radiation in the exclusion zone that they evacuated people out of in three days, not two and a half, three weeks. So, that´s what I tell people in Japan. Now, people here in North America you´re not off the hook or Europe because people say, oh, there´s no danger, you´re not going to get it.´ It´s not going to happen tomorrow. It´s going to be because you´re, let´s say, eating cheese, drinking milk, eating salads, whatever that is not protected and these isotopes are going to accumulate in your body over time. They´re not going to just be like, oh gee, he had two salads and he´s dead now.

[Jeff] What´s interesting--yes, indeed. The radiation network map is a very hit and miss kind of a thing.

[Bill] Yeah.

[Jeff] Yeah, the highest reading, right now, is 58 and that´s at Denver Colorado.

[Bill] Any higher altitude is going to show a higher reading just because of your elevation.

[Jeff] Well, what´s amusing though the West Coast is 14. Los Angeles 28. Stockton area 30. San Francisco 12. San Maria and up above there 34. Eureka 28. Portland. Now, I´ve looked at this map many times. There are some high reads occasionally and they´re invariably right next to one of the nuclear symbols representing a nuclear power plant.

[Bill] They all vent off radio isotopes, they all do.

[Jeff] Thank you, that´s what I thought.

[Bill] If anybody tells you they´re safe, nuclear energy--it´s total B.S. Every reactor vents off strontium, thorium, cesium, etc, and they all have a zone of increased small birth rate, increased dementia, increased..., etc.

[Jeff] Well, look at the zone around TMI. The subsequent zone around there proved out exactly what you´re saying.

[Bill] If you´re downwind you´re going to have increased...

[Jeff] Look at Indian Point (NYS), Indian Point, forgive me for repeating myself, you folks that listen all the time, two to twenty gallons per minute of leaking radioactive coolant in the plant since 1993 and no one has made them fix it.

[Bill] Well, the same thing with Pickering, Ontario and they think it´s between 20 and 30 gallons per minute.

[Jeff] Where is that water going? It´s going in the Hudson River at Indian Point.

[Bill] And Lake Ontarioin Canada and, of course, across the United States. Now, there are simple things we can do in North America. If the true count goes higher people need to start wearing Niosh masks at the very minimum at least to get some of the particles out.

[Jeff] That´s N95?

[Bill] 95. The N100s are too high and if you got respiratory problems if you wear these masks you can get increased...breathing and you can actually desaturate...

[Jeff] That´s not to say the valve masks are all bad but you got to be careful with them.

[Bill] right. But the problem is when you´re breathing out it leaves a pathway to let something to get in too.

[Jeff] It doesn´t close instantaneously.

[Bill] It doesn´t instantly. Now, the other thing is that people need to start thinking about the idea...

[Jeff] They tape the valve shut and use the mask.

[Bill] Yeah. Don´t play snowman, for example where there´s areas of North America where they´re still having snow in say in Northern Montana...

[Jeff] Oh, God, the Sierra Nevada, record snow. Mount Shasta, they got a great water pack--that´s wonderful--but they´ve topping on top that they don´t want and that´s going to be coming down in the runoff.

[Bill] Right. Now, the problem is it´s going to start accumulating in the soil and in the plants and the food and one of the things that I think people should be seriously considering is getting either an Inspector Plus or a Monitor 4. The Monitor 4 that we have through our website now, a small number, they´re available right now.

[Jeff] The Inspector Plus is out of stock for two to three months.

[Bill] They´re out of stock for a while. They´re going to be hard to get. There´s another one called the Terra P which we don´t carry. And if you order them they actually are made by a group of engineers out of Ukraine that designed them after Chernobyl. And they´re actually probably one of the better of the cheaper version ones and they´ll measure both beta and gamma and it´s a pretty good little device. It´s about the size of a cell phone.

[Jeff] Which one are you selling?

[Bill] Through Less EMF we sell three different ones. We sell a gamma detector. We sell the Monitor 4 which some are available now and those cover alpha, beta and gamma. And then the Inspector Plus is twenty times more sensitive. We hope to have some within a couple of weeks. We´ve actually got a supplier that--they have some within a few weeks rather than a few months. But the Monitor 4 are available right now. In the United States people should have these and the reason why is you may literally have to have in the center of your kitchen table where you´re eating your salt, pepper and your radiation detector.

[Jeff] And you may take it shopping with you too.

[Bill] Yeah, you can walk down the shopping aisles and go, gee, click, click, click, click and you pass that aisle, let´s say a fresh fish or you pass that aisle of cabbages, whatever, because that particular batch of cabbage it was a radiation burp, I call it, a radiation burp from Japan that it just happened to rain on that bunch of cabbage or lettuce or whatever. So one of the most valuable things you´re going to have, right now, is to get a greenhouse. And everybody should have an RO water filter. We´ve been carrying one called the Pure Water System that generates water cleaner than distilled. But you have to have greenhouse support and even if you have a farm because we´re going to continue to have raining isotopes on our food for decades. ...this tomorrow this will be raining on us radio isotopes for decades.

[Jeff] You can cover your regular garden, folks. You can go to Lowes or Home Depot and get the plastic.

[Bill] Or you can get these hoop ones. You can get these, what´s called temporary greenhouse type things and you can pull these things out. They´re really inexpensive that can be anywhere from 60 to 100 and some feet long and you pull them out--they´re a bunch of hoops and you can anchor them and they´ll withstand pretty good winds and everything. But I think people are going to need to start what I call, whether it´s a formal greenhouse or some way of covering their crops so they don´t get rained on. In other words, they have to filter the water that they do irrigate with.

[Jeff] Or take it from the bottom of the pond hopefully--I don´t know.

[Bill] Well, I think you need to filter it because these isotopes are going to get everything. You have to assume unless you´re able to do sampling. And the proper sampling of this stuff is incredible expensive. So you have to take the water, then you have to put a thing called neutron spectroscopy. It´s going to cost $1000 to $1,200 to do one sample--just one sample.

[Jeff] I´m so not surprised but yet again disappointed by the EPA and the feds for giving next to nothing same old story--just like what they´re doing in Japan. It´s all double-talk, double-speak. You saw the EPA is now going to raise--I mentioned this earlier--raise the allowable limits of all these radioactive isotopes in food and water and in life and good luck.

[Bill] Isn´t that funny? They make it less toxic by raising the limits. Crazy, it´s like, excuse me, if it was toxic before why is it not toxic now?

[Jeff] All you got to do is raise the limit and it becomes far more diluted.

[Bill] Yeah, exactly. The solution to pollution is dilution but it isn´t. And here´s the problem, when you have a population and they´re having scalar pollution. There´s a hundred million time more scalar radiation from cell phones and WiFi networks. Now, we´ve got the Fukushima problem. We´ve got all the toxic chemicals, seven new chemicals every day introduced in the biosphere that were never around before into industry and in the commercial environment. We have a population with more mineral depletion and now we´re trying to make people think that it´s ok to eat genetically modified food (GMO) when any self-respecting critter will not eat it.

[Jeff] And that´s the truth. Actually, animals, farm animals will not eat genetically modified foods in many cases. Rats won´t do it, field farm animals won´t do it--it´s not everyone but...

[Bill] The only reason why that is, interesting, even animals that only see black and white you know what this suggests? They can all see the infrared spectra. Yeah, the infrared spectra of a food is very distinct and it´s not the same as the color of the food. The infrared spectra has a specific appearance that animals can see, even the ones that only...

[Jeff] I had no idea. It´s not smell, it´s not taste, it´s infrared?

[Bill] Infrared spectra. So when you change a food and make it genetically modified...

[Jeff] It throws off a different color.

[Bill] It throws off different infrared spectra that the animals didn´t like it. For example, let´s say, you got a self-respecting gopher and they come up to your tomato plants but they´re GM tomato plants and looks on them and those tomato plants have scorpion genes inside them. So instead of looking at nice red ripe tomatoes that have a nice smooth color but they also have an infrared spectral color. The gopher looks at it and he says, gee, look, it´s got big wonky looking purple and grey spots on them in the infrared spectra. I´m using the analogy and they look at them and say, it smells like a tomato but it is not a tomato so I´m not eating it. So, that´s what´s going to happen. Also, some of these plants do give off organic acids that have a different smell too. So when you insert a gene that´s not incorporated into the genome it has all kinds of untoward effects of many other genes you wouldn´t expect it to be influenced by it. In other words, it has an epi-genetic effect that´s throwing off dozens or even maybe hundreds of genes. For example, when you give gerbils genetically modified corn they grow hair on the inside of their mouth and they have purple scrotums and microcephaly and a large omentum and enlarged liver and they get birth defects and many of them will die within weeks of birth. So these genetics effects are ones that you´d never predict. You´d say, well, gee, that the heck is that?´ How can you have a gerbil turning on genes to grow hair on the inside of their mouth? And one of the things that happened as I expect unfortunately and we found this after Israel with depleted uranium is that the sperm counts are going to drop worldwide. We going to start seeing more of abnormal sperm and morphology. We won´t have any monitoring. This is one of the best monitors. If you were to get sperm samples from all the people in northern Japan over the next decade we´d see the rate of morphological abnormalities and low sperm counts. And abnormal sperms that cannot cause pregnancy will drop {rise?} dramatically. We already know the Japanese are being wiped out.

[Jeff] We´re being attacked on many fronts here by our own devices and you know damned well that people at the very top levels of these various enterprises and industries know these things are deadly and they don´t care. They don´t care...

[Bill] They literally don´t care but, see, they want the future for themselves. I talked to one of my colleagues, Dr Ron Class, who´s the president of the academy of anti-aging medicine where I lectured and I´m preparing some more talks this year for some of their conferences and he would ask to go to Dubai last year to talk to these billionaires about life extension. They don´t want life extension for the regular crowd and let´s theoretically say that Nicola Tesla´s boast to Madame Curie was correct. He´d use scalar technologies to actually take radioactive elements and transmute them into non-radioactive. So, let´s say, out of the box, in Warehouse 13 somewhere in DARPA or somewhere else in one of our lettered agencies we have a device or a technology that can safely without exploding nuclear bombs or ripping the earth apart or grabbing the vortex field that holds the gravitation field to hold the earth together they can simply transmute all the depleted uranium and all these radio isotopes into non-radioactive elements. I´m willing to bet that we do have this technology. And the reason why I say that is, as evil as the globalists are we can´t assume they´re stupid enough they can´t turn, have an off switch to this mess. Because what I´m trying to describe here tonight is this is a disaster that is so bad that the globalists don´t have any way of shutting it off.

[Jeff] Not so far.

[Bill] Right. But they want to reduce the population and the reason why they want to reduce it is the new world order isn´t about the order of this age, this eon, it´s about the order of the next age. They preserve the ancient knowledge of the Sumerian high priests and the Egyptians and the ancient orders go right back to Atlantis and before. They knew there were periodic galactic and solar cataclysms. They knew there were ice ages, solar storms, they knew that there were events and they would like to amplify those events, gain control so that we wouldn´t interfere with their continuity of their version of society so they would set up seed banks in Sakhalin Island store away the genetics of a certain amount of the population so if they have to they can resurrect the population or create new genetic drone class as they wish just like the movie... Well, people say, oh, that´s scientific fiction, they can´t do that,´ but the Nazis started trying to do the human cloning research back in the 1920s. They were 40, 50 years ahead and those sciences were taken over by the Russians and Americans and they succeeded in doing a very effective and efficient, not only cloning in the sixties but they started creating super-soldiers that were genetically hybridized in the early 1980s. Now, people might find that shocking that they could do that but the fact is we´re dealing with a world where there already has been a bifurcation of our culture. We have a, in a sense, a super high tech culture that´s not just based on money or power it´s based on technology that is so far ahead of the regular culture that people down here say, well, why doesn´t the government do this, why don´t they do that? They´re not concerned about us because they´re concerned about their version and their timeline of the future and they´re not concerned about the population. That´s why they´re not decommissioning, for example, the San...reactor that´s sitting four miles from a subduction fault zone out in California. Now, they´re saying, well, to do the studies to make sure this is safe we want twenty-one point five million dollars from the rate payers...

[Jeff] By the way, the decommissioning of a plant takes years and years and years, costs a fortune and you end up with a huge stockpile of spent fuel rods that are there forever. That´s a dirty bomb waiting to go off again.

[Bill] Exactly. So you lose all the way.

[Jeff] It´s so stupid, it´s incredible. Bill, thank you very much for being here and giving us all your expertise...

[Bill] Well, people can take care and take action. They can do something about it. They need to start thinking about what they want to do now but they should realize the world tomorrow will never be the same after Fukushima.

[Jeff] Thank you, Bill.


Dr. Bill Deagle, MD Radiation 4.04.11 - Free MP3 - Listen audio

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The noteworthy failure of [the] government or any alleged agency thereof to at any time rebut anything appearing on this website constitutes a legal admission of the fidelity and accuracy of the materials presented, which are offered in good faith and prepared as such by Freedom School and any and all [third] parties affiliated or otherwise. THIS IS AN ELECTRONIC AGREEMENT AND IS A LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT, EQUIVALENT TO A SIGNED, WRITTEN CONTRACT BETWEEN PARTIES - If the government, or anyone else, wants to assert that any of the religious and/or political statements appearing on this website are not factual or otherwise in error, then they as the moving party have the burden of proof, and they must responsively meet that burden of proof under the Administrative Procedures Act 5 U.S.C. § 556(d) and under the due process clauses found in the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Amendments to the national Constitution BEFORE there will be response to any summons, questions, or unsubstantiated and slanderous accusations. Attempts at calling presented claims "frivolous" without specifically rebutting the particular claim, or claims, deemed "frivolous" will be in deed be "frivolous" and prima facie evidence that shall be used accordingly. Hey guys, if anything on this site is found to be in error a good faith effort will be made to correct it in timely fashion upon notification. is not responsible for content of any linked website or material.
In addition, users may not use to engage in, facilitate or further unlawful conduct;
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All claims to be settled on the land - Austin, Travis county Texas, united States of America, using Texas Common Law.
All parts of this contract apply to the maximum extent permitted by law. A court may hold that we cannot enforce a part of this contract as written. If this happens, then you and we will replace that part with terms that most closely match the intent of the part that we cannot enforce. The rest of this contract will not change. This is the entire contract between you and us regarding your use of the service. It supersedes any prior contract or statements regarding your use of the site. If there exists some manner of thing missing we do not forfeit our right to that thing as
we reserve all rights.
We may assign, or modify, alter, change this contract, in whole or in part, at any time with or without notice to you. You may not assign this contract, or any part of it, to any other person. Any attempt by you to do so is void. You may not transfer to anyone else, either temporarily or permanently, any rights to use the site or material contained within.

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