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How A Prisoner Funds America


Jean Keating and Jack Smith

CUSIP Identifier

"As it pertains to this matter - I am a man and I'll be happy to give you my NAME when you give me the charging papers. {View the paperwork.}

"After viewing this charge I can inform [you] that the strawman is captured - your move; as authorized agent and keeper of the business records, I am willing to plead the defendant guilty and accept your charges for value and consideration in return for post settlement and closure of account #{ssn without dashes}.

"As keeper of the business records, I hereby plead the defendant guilty and I accept your charges for value and consideration in return for post settlement and closure of account #{ssn without dashes}.
{Written on charging papers...}
I have accepted the charges for value and consideration - now in return please use my exemption and principal for post settlement and closure of this XXXXXXXX case/cause and CUSIP and AUTOTRIS account #{ssn without dashes} as this account is prepaid and exempt from levy.

JOHN DOE by John Doe, agent
VOID Where Prohibited by Law. Good as aval.

Clerke's Praxis' Letter Rogatory
I, John Doe, appoint {Attorny's name} as my fiduciary trustee, case #XXXXXXXX, AUTOTRIS and CUSIP #{ssn without dashes}, use my exemption for post settlement and closure tof this case and account.
John Doe
VOID Where Prohibited by Law. Good as aval.
The Practice and Jurisdiction of the Court of Admirality; in three parts See this item,
"The Practice and Jurisdiction of the Court of Admirality; in three parts" for a
translation of Clerke´s Practice

17 May 05, Jean To Paul On Trading With The Enemy Act

Overview Of Admiralty / Maritime Law, March 15, 2004, Jean Keating March 15, 2004, Jean Keating: Overview Of Admiralty / Maritime Law

Affidavit: Mort Trust 1 Original

Revocation Of Signature For Loan Application

S LV Security Agreement UCC3 Page 2

Supercedes Bond To Pay Our Debts

SAMPLE: The Herein Security Agreement Serves As Notice...

VIDEO: Orlando Florida Seminar
Transcription - Martineau 12-25-04 / (Word doc)


Jean Keating speaks on
Mortgages, Foreclosures, land patents, Ratification of Commencement (Title 28, Rule 17 Real Party In Interest)
Go here and download episode #9 - "Very Special Guest" from 3/30/2009
Jean begins around the 40 minute mark.

Ralph Winterowd Interviews Jean Keating December 12, 2023 / December 19, 2023

Jean Keating's Study Guide

Jean Keating and David Clarence
November 22, 2023 Conference Call

Lewis Mohr comments on Jean Keating Lewis Mohr comments on Jean Keating

Puerto Rico
Portal Electrónico del Departamento de Estado Registro de Trasaciones Comerciales
UCC-1-PR download
UCC-1A-PR download
UCC Change download
UCC Copy download

Not related - just an interesting read

Sam Kennedy's TAKE NO PRISONERS with comments


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NOTICE: If anything in this presentation is found to be in error a good faith effort will be made to correct it in timely fashion upon notification.
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