United States Bankruptcy Fraud, Core Section 3: The Lawyer's Secret Oath.

United States Bankruptcy Fraud, Core Section 3:
The Lawyer's Secret Oath.

The document below is an exact copy of the original paper version (author unknown) that I received as part of the original paper document from which all of this came. I agree that this constitutes yet more legal evidence against the criminals that pretend to be our public servants. However, my viewpoint differs with that of this document's author in two instances:

(1) The author uses the term "lawyer" just about everywhere in this document. I believe that the term "attorney" would be a far more accurate description for the criminals that he uses the term "lawyer" for. My reasoning is that lawyers practice law whereas attorneys practice attornment. By the evidence presented in this document, as well as that presented in the webpages preceeding this one, the law in this country has been usurped to the point where there is no law. On the other hand, attornment is defined in Black's Law Dictionary, 6th Edition, as: "In feudal and old English law, a turning over or transfer by a lord of the services of his tenant to the grantee of his seigniory." If you recognize that the ultimate "lords" in this fraud are the International Banksters and that their agents, so called judges and attorneys, are "lesser lords" in this fraud, then it should be obvious just how applicable the term "attornment" is to the fraud that the below document describes in detail, and just how accurate the term "attorney" is for those criminals who continue to perpetuate that fraud.

(2) The author has described instances where individuals acting alone have prevailed in the fraudulent courts in this country by having become aware of the fraud and having turned it back on those fraudulent courts. I see these instances to be only a temporary situation that will most definitely stop working after just a few times, until there are enough people in this country willing and able to hold these criminals accountable for their crimes. Something like J.A.I.L. is an excellent next step. The judges and attorneys in these fraudulent courts are like very toxic and aggressive microbes that very quickly develop resistance to any kind of cleansing agent that one might want to use to protect oneself from them.

The Lawyer's Secret Oath?

The Lawyers' Secret Oath?

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