Commercial Affidavit of Truth

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Commercial Affidavit of Truth

This introduction is written for those that have not known there was something wrong with our country before now. Let's face it we live in a society of deception, fraud, and fiction. Most people would consider this statement to be totally absurd until you begin to look at the legal way that our own government deals with us as human beings on a daily basis. In order to deal with us through our court systems, not common law which deals with human living breathing beings, but through fiction they have to turn us into corporate entities, or corporations. Did you know that income is defined by our own government as corporate profit. Are you beginning to get the picture? Our government deals with us as an all caps person. Example would be JOHN DOE, MICROSOFT, MCDONALDS, or some other corporation. They control us through our court systems, and by the daily fraud that the attorneys carry on to keep the fraud going. Did you know that attorneys in this court system can only handle the cases of corporate entities. That's right only corporate dumb sheep who are on their way to the slaughter. We blindly do business everyday under indentities that are not even our own. We accept them as our own without question and life goes on. The bonds of slavery under this ungodly corrupt system of evil men and women get tighter and tighter. It's time to wake up and put things back the way they should have been years ago. Because this is a system of the UCC, or Commercial presentments, our government makes us an offer we can't refuse and we once again blindly accept it whether it is a tax, an offer, a jail term or whatever they think we will be dumb enough to accept for the corporation.

When this CAT is filed and you tie yourself into a live document you tell them they had better do what they have sworn to do, or they will be the ones facing the verdicts and sentences that their own system has mandated.

I was once told by a UCC man that the only way to beat these people was to do it before you went to court. He was sure right about that. When judges and corrupt lawyers have their way they will make their own rules and once again we get the crumbs. This document does that very thing. This document gives you the standing in court that the Strawman strategy never could. It predates everything that can be used against you. It's time to take this country back and get away from every phony claim that the corrupt corporate politicians think we will fall for. This CAT even gives the attorneys a way to finally choose good over evil. Let's take back our freedom and break the shackles that bind us one download at a time. Spread the word we need doers not talkers. We need people in every state and in every country who finally want to stand up and put their money where their mouths are and get the job done. Are you such a person? Let's see how many hits this site gets. If not go back to sleep. The father will provide the people he needs to get this job done even if it happens to be a donkey.

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