by Jean B. Keating

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PRISON TREATISE, by Jean B. Keating

OCTOBER 10th 2004

The courts are operating under Statute Law. A “Statute” is defined in black’s 4th edition revised as a kind of bond or obligation of record, being an abbreviation for “statute merchant” or “statute staple.”

Statute –merchant = is defined as a security for a debt acknowledged to be due, entered into before the chief magistrate of some trading town, pursuant to the statute 13 Edward I. De Mercatoribus, by which not only the body of the debtor might be imprisoned, and his goods seized in satisfaction of the debt, but also his lands might be delivered to the creditor till out of the rents and profits of them the debt be satisfied. This was also called a Pocket Judgment.

Statute Staple = A 1353 statute establishing procedure for settling disputes among merchants who traded in staple towns. The statute helped merchants receive swift judgment for debt. Cf. STATUTE MERCHANT. 2. A bond for commercial debt. A statute staple gave the lender a possessory right in the land of a debtor who failed to repay a loan. See STAPLE.

“A popular form of security after 1285 . . . was the . . . ‘statute staple’ – whereby the borrower could by means of a registered contract charge his land and goods without giving up possession; if he failed to pay, the lender became a tenant of the land until satisfied . . . the borrower under a statue or recognizance remained in possession of his land, and it later became a common practice under the common-law forms of mortgage likewise to allow the mortgagor to remain in possession as a tenant at will or at sufferance of the mortgage.”J.H. Baker, An introduction to English Legal History 354 (3d edition 1990).

Recognizance = A bond or obligation of record binding a person to some act as to appear in court and subject to forfeit money if obligation is not fulfilled. Fifa = Fifa, short for the latin phrase fieri facias (“let it be made . . .”) was a court (execution) to the sheriff to levy on (Take) the property of a debtor in order to satisfy a judgment (see judgment and execution dockets, above). The sheriff might typically keep track of fifas in a Sheriff’s Fifa Docket Book. Usually written on a fill-in-the blank form, a fifa names the parties to the court judgment and the value of property to be taken to satisfy the judgment. On the back, the sheriff or his deputies annotate their actions in carrying out the order. The fifas were to be returned to the court which issued them and the actions annotated on the Judgment Docket. Theoretically, the docket books should contain everything that was noted on the fifas.

I have been doing more research on our prison system via the internet and have found out some interesting things, regarding what is really going on in the courtroom. The court is looking for an acceptance and acceptor under 3-410 of the U.C.C. as the Principle has the primary obligation to pay or discharge any instrument presented for acceptance. Since they are presenting a Bill of Exchange [indictment] for acceptance. This is called an acceptance for honor, which involves a negotiable instrument especially a bill of exchange [indictment] that has been accepted for payment. The complaint, information, or indictment is a three party Draft, Commercial paper, or Bill of Exchange under Article 3 of the U.C.C. The Grand Jury Foreman is the Drawer or Maker of the Indictment by his signature, the Defendant/Debtor or Strawman is the Drawee and the State is the Payee and the live man is the Payor. What they are doing in the courtroom is all commercial, this is in conformity to 27 CFR 72.11, where it says all crimes are commercial. What the judge and prosecutor are doing in the courtroom is making a commercial presentment under section 3-501 (1) "Unless excused (section 3-511) presentment is necessary to charge secondary parties as follows":

(a) Presentment for acceptance is necessary to charge the drawer and endorsers of a draft where the draft so provides, or is payable elsewhere than at the residence or place of business of the drawee, or its date of payment depends upon such presentment. The holder may at his option present for acceptance any other draft payable at a stated date;

(b) presentment for payment is necessary to charge any endorser;

(c) in the case of any drawer, the acceptor of a draft payable at a bank or the maker of a note payable at a bank, presentment for payment is necessary, but failure to make presentment discharges such drawer, acceptor or maker only as stated in section 3-502 (1)(B).

If you don't accept the charge or presentment you are in dishonor for no acceptance under 3-505 of the U.C.C. (c) and 3-501 (2) (a), (b). Acceptance is the drawer's signed engagement to honor the draft as presented. It must be written on the draft, and may consist of his signature alone. It becomes operative when completed by delivery or notification 3-410 of the U.C.C.

You are the fiduciary trustee of the strawman which is a Cesti Que Trust; in this capacity you have the responsibility to discharge all his debts, by operation of law. You are also the principal or asset holder on the private side of the accounting ledger; you are holding the exemption necessary to discharge the debt. When they monetize debt they have to have a principal, capital and interest is what circulates as principal and is called revenue or re-venue. Principal is where venue lies. Revenue is a Tax debt or Tax bills. All bills when presented represent revenue, interest, capitol, or accruals circulating from you as the principal, when it is returned back to you as capital or interest it is called income or in-coming. This method of accounting is called the "Accrual Accounting Method" and is represented by debits and credits. Debits are assets Credits are liabilities. The credits and liabilities have to be in balance, this is accomplished through double bookkeeping entries or reverse bookkeeping entry. These bookkeeping entries are the funds referred to in commercial banking. When you are in dishonor they cannot use your exemption to pass the debt or charge through your account to obtain a discharge, so they sell your dishonor, which has a commercial value of $ 1,000,000 dollars for each count. When social security # is assigned or issued a blank bond is issued and when you are imprisoned the bond is filled out. This bond is called a Bid Bond, standard form 24 (REV. 10-98) prescribed by GSA-FAR (48CFR) 53.228(a). This is also called a prison bond. These are also referred to as contract surety bonds. The first, the bid bond, provides financial assurance that the bid has been submitted in good faith and that the contractor intends to enter into the contract at the price bid and provide the required performance and payment bonds. The second, the performance bond, protects the oblige from financial loss should the contractor fail to perform the contract in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract documents. The Third kind of contract bond is the payment bond which guarantees that the contractor will pay certain subcontractor, labor and material bills associated with the project. On April 9, 2002 (12:18 pm) Lehman Brothers Banking Cartel in New York City agreed to provide prison industry leader CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) with a new $ 695.0 million senior secured credit facility, to be combined with a $150 million notes offering. The war on terrorism has created a buzz in the private prison industry . Less than three weeks after September 11th, a New York Post story on the for-profit private prison industry stated, "America's new wall of homeland security is creating a big demand for cells to hold suspects and illegal aliens who might be rounded up." In order to prosper, prison operators need to maintain a steady flow of prisoners and prison dollars. One of the Industries tools for accomplishing this is the American Legislative Exchange Council, a powerful right wing lobby group that helps corporations draft and enacts "model" legislation-- for a price. Industry leaders CCA and Wackenhut have paid tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars in exchange for a privileged position on ALEC's Criminal Justice Task Force (which CCA chairs). ALEC, in turn, not only promotes privatization, but also brags of having helped enact "Truth In Sentencing" and "Three Strikes" laws in 25 states. In addition to investing heavily in groups like ALEC and the Reason Foundation, the industry spends millions on campaign contributions. From 1995 to 2000, CCA, Wackenhut, and Cornell spent $520,000 in Federal elections, and in 1998, the industry spent $540,000 on state elections, where a little money goes a long way.

Corporations work on the Fiscal Accounting Cycle because they operate using commercial debt, we as owner principal’s work on the General Calendar Accounting Year or Cycle. New York City has a $ 6.6 billion dollar deficit, this deficit represents unredeemed debt on the credit side of the accrual accounting system and cannot be executed to the debit side of accrual accounting ledger, except through the principal's exemption. New York has therefore put its bond underwriting business up for bid. This means that New York will issue $ 6.6 billion in bonds and pay underwriters over $30, million in fees in the next fiscal year alone. Lehman Brothers Bank will underwrite New York's $ 6.6 billion dollar deficit. An underwriter is an Insurer or one who buys stock from the issuer with an intent to resell it to the public or an entity or person, especially an investment banker, who guarantees the sale of newly issued securities by purchasing all or part of the shares for resale to the public. The term underwriter derives its meaning from former British Insurance Practices. When Insuring their cargo shippers would seek out investors to insure their property. The insurers would add their signatures and would write their names under those of the shipper; hence the term 'underwriter'. Both in terms of the insurance industry and securities markets, the concept of underwriting have expanded significantly since its inception. West Mutual Shippers Association out of Luxemburg is underwriting Social Security Administration a suretyship contract or Bond. Now you know how they are financing the commodities and securities market and why New York City is called the Great Whore of Babylon in the Book of Revelations Chapter 18 verses 10-24.

The Corrections Corporation of America owns most of your prison systems and sells its stock and shares on the New York Stock Exchange, the major stock holder is the Paine Webber Group. They have a Dunn & Bradstreet rating and are headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee at 10 Burton Hills Blvd and can be reached at 1-800-624-2931. Their Ticker Symbol for their stock is CXW_pb on the NYSE and CXW under business services on the NYSE. In Berlin Germany there ticker symbol is CXW.BE and CXW.DE in Frankfurt, Germany. There is also a Prison Realty Trust [PZN], which is a real estate investment trust [REIT] and is the world’s largest private sector owner and developer. The American Legislative Exchange Council is owned by Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation and receive financial support from all of your major corporations. They are the moving force and promoter of the National Council of State Legislatures who privatize criminal statutes for financial gain and profit. They are promoting public policy in regard to prize and capture law under the War Powers Acts. The Reason Foundation is run by David Nott, the president and is a think tank promoting privatization of penal institutions for financial gain they are located at 3415 S. Sepulveda Blvd., suite 400, Los Angeles, California 90034, 1-310-391-2245. The Wackenhut Corporation is a U.S. based division of Group 4 Falck A/S, the world’s second largest provider of Security Services and is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and is the premier U.S. provider of contract services to the business, commercial, and government markets. The types and techniques of Privatization are:

1. Contracting Out [also called Outsourcing]

2. Management Contracts

3. Public-Private Competition [also called managed competition or market testing]

4. Franchise

5. Internal Markets

6. Vouchers

7. Commercialization [also referred to as service shedding]

8. Self Help [also referred to as transfer to non-profit organization]

9. Volunteers

10. Corporatization

11. Asset Sale or Long-Term Lease

12. Private Infrastructure Development and Operation

Cornell Corrections Inc. [NYSE:CRN] is chaired by DAVID M. CORNELL and their Company’s concept began December 7, 1990, it was a rough business plan, yet the Dillon Read Venture Capitol became there first investor on February 21, 1991 [They are also called Trinity Venture Capital and Shane Reihill is the Chairman and founder. They built correctional facilities in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the other in Central Falls, Rhode Island. They have grown 33-fold in revenues and offenders under contract since that time. They have diversified and are now dependant upon development and have diversified into the three sectors of the business- secure institutional, they go up to maximum security; juvenile; and pre-release. They are the only company really in the business of aggressively growing in each of these three sectors. There institutional revenues are around 42 percent, juvenile revenues approximate 40 percent and prerelease revenues are around 18 percent. These factors represent the outsourcing phase of the prison system. This company is currently operating in five different time zones and is headquartered at 1700 W. LOOP SOUTH, SUITE 1500 HOUSTON, TEXAS [77027] [1-713-235-9366]. Dillion Read Venture Capital a New York based corporation merged with SG Warburg in 1997 creating Warburg Dillion Read. London based UBS Warburg is the investment banking division of the Swiss giant UBS, one of the largest banks in the world. It has some 40,000 employees spread across 40 countries. This bank was started by the Paul Warburg family which owns and controls the World Bank and started the Federal Reserve System. UBS Warburg is located at 141 West Jackson Boulevard Chicago, Illinois 60604.

Privatization is the transfer of assets or service delivery from the government sector. Prisons are nothing but warehouses for the storage of goods and chattel under commercial law. The Warden is a Bailee or Warehouseman [before the term admiral was used He was called Custos Maris “Warden of the Sea”] [In some ancient records He was called Capitanus Maritimarum or “Captain or Tenant in Chief of the Maritime”] who receives personal property from another as Bailment. The Bailer is one who provides bail as a surety for a criminal defendant’s release. Also spelled Bailor. Bailment is the delivery of personal property by one person [the Bailor] to another [the Bailee] who holds the property for a certain purpose under an expressed or implied-in-fact contract. Goods are tangible or movable property other than money; especially articles of trade or items of merchandize. The sale of goods is governed by Article 2 of the U.C.C. “Goods means all things, including specially manufactured goods, that are movable at the time of identification to contract for sale and future goods. The term includes the unborn young of animals, growing crops, and other identified things to be severed from real property . . . . The term does not include money in which the price is to be paid, the subject matter of foreign exchange transactions documents, letters of credit, letter-of-credit rights, instruments, investment property, accounts, chattel paper, deposit accounts, or general intangibles.” U.C.C. 2-102(a)(24). Go to the Paine Webber group on any search engine or go to you will see the 20 largest companies, Aerospace, Food Chains, Credit Card Companies, Banks, Insurance, Media, Auto, Biotechnology, Chemical, Consulting, Construction, Cosmetics, Waste Management, Defense, Retail, Conglomerate, Water, Electricity, Appliance, Electronics, Packaging, Energy, School, Equipment, Finance, Holding, Hotels, Real Estate, Computer, Recreational, Materials, Medical, Mining, Fashion, Motorbike, Paper, Private Person, Pharmaceutical, Post: USPS [United States Postal Service, CNF Inc], Printing & Publishing, Advertising, Restaurants, Healthcare, Services, Metal, Tobacco, Telecommunications, Textile Apparel, Tourism, Transportation, and Staffing. This group is the United States of America and is the largest stock holder in the world in Corrections Corporation of America, that owns and controls the entire world prison system, through you and is funded by your commercial dishonor. Notice that the Postal Service is involved in this. Now you know why the United States of America is the Plaintiff in every Federal Tax Case, they own and run the prison system. Transnational Corporations Observatory, non-profit organization created by Re’gis Castellani in October 1999 in Marttiques [France], maintains a global profile on 10,000 Corporations.

Everything is being run under the Law Merchant under U.C.C. 1-103. Section 1775.04 of Title 17 Corporations: Partnerships of the Ohio Revised Code says “Rules of Law and Equity, including the Law Merchant, to govern.” UCC 1-103 is quoted in the Administrative Manual of the Internal Revenue Service, put out by CCH and says that the law of the Merchant governs all sections in the Internal Revenue Code. Based on the above information it looks like GSA and GAO are heavily involved in the accounting aspect of the Prison System, which explains why they are supplying all the Bond forms respecting the Bid, Performance, and Payment. When your dishonor is sold within the United States it has a six digit accounting # and is called a Cardinal number, when it is sold at the International Level it goes Ordinance or Military and uses a nine digit accounting number. This is where AutoTRIS and CUSIP come in. AutoTRIS is the Automated Forensic Traces Investigation System and was designed in the Russian Federal Center of Forensic Science using a graphical toolkit that was developed at Automation Designs & Solutions, Inc. for other software products. AutoTRIS is copyrighted and licensed to AD&S in the USA and other countries of America. This program is used as a Jail Management System for Inmate Tracking. This system also has a Law Enforcement Module and a Court Management Module for courtroom accounting. Every metropolitan Police Department and Federal Police have this system installed in their Vehicles and is referred to as the Criminal Justice Tracking System.

Xignite, Inc. designs the software that is used in AutoTRIS and is located at 1291 East Hillsdale Boulevard, Suite 211 – Foster City, California 94404- United States of America- 650-655-3700 or call toll free 1-866-XML-SOAP. CUSIP is the trademark for the system that uniquely identifies securities and other instruments of general interest. The Name CUSIP is derived from the ABA Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures. The CUSIP Agency is the organization within the ABA [American Bankers Association] which is charged with the responsibility of developing, enhancing, and maintaining the system and policies necessary for uniform securities identification. CUSIP is the Trademark of Standard and Poor’s, which operates under a license agreement with the ABA. And is located at 55 Water Street, 47th floor New York, NY 10041. Interestedly this is the same address of the DTC Depository Trust Cooperation which is the clearinghouse for all goods, commodities, and securities. It is also called or referred to as the EMCC, MSCC, NSCC, DTCC, GSCC, GCN [the Global Clearing Network] and DCC&S [Defined Contribution Clearance & Settlement]. These are the clearinghouses for all shares and stocks sold through the CCA and the Paine Webber Group, A/K/A the United States of American. I finally understand where the United States of America is located and who they are and why in the Bluebook put out by the ABA [American Bar Association] they are referred to as a foreign country. CUSIP also identifies the issuers of securities and other financial instruments within a standard nine-character framework, and disseminating this information to the financial marketplace. I have a form from CUSIP called a PRIVATE PLACEMENT EQUITY which identifies Mutual Funds, Preferred Stock, Warrant and Rights. How Much do you want to bet that CUSIP and DTC are the clearinghouse for all Arrest Warrants ?, which are commercial checks under Article 3 of the U.C.C. I also have a form called a PRIVATE PLACEMENT DEBT, which identifies for purchase Serial Bonds, Term Bonds, Currency, and Sinking Funds. All Bonds are identified by using a CUSIP nine digit number. I have a 26 Page list with Bonds, Treasury Bills, Notes, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae. They are also offering TBAs which are futures contracts on mortgaged-backed pools. Working with the MBSCC, the CUSIP Service Bureau developed a specialized numbering scheme TBA [The Bond Market Association] mortgaged-backed securities [ Mortgage Backed Securities is ownership position in a group, or pool, of mortgage loans. It is Bonds in which interest and principal received from this pool of mortgage loans are passed through to the Bondholders]. TBA CUSIPs incorporate within the number itself, a security’s mortgage type [Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac], coupon, maturity, and settlement month. For financial instruments actively traded on an International basis, which are either underwritten debt issues or domiciled equities outside the United States and Canada, the financial instruments will be identified by a CINS [CUSIP International Numbering System] number. The CINS number was developed in 1988 by Standard & Poor’s and Telekurs [USA] in response to the North American Securities industries need for 9 character identifier for International Financial Instruments. CINS numbers appear in the International Securities Identification Directory [ISID Plus Services] which is co-produced by Standard & Poor’s and Telkurs [USA].

To show how massive this system is ISID Plus contains over 500,000 global financial instruments and cross references all major national numbering systems.. ISID Plus has been designed to minimize the impact on back-office systems and operations, while facilitating cross-border communications among global custodians, depositories, banks, securities organizations, and exchanges. CINS numbers employ the same issuer [6 characters] Issue [2 characters & check digit] concept espoused by the CUSIP Numbering System. The first position of a CINS code is always represented by an alpha character, signifying the Issuer’s country code [domicile] or Geographic region. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners [NAIC] in October 1988 mandated the use by issuers of a uniform private placement number [PPN] to identify investments in their annual statements filed with the State Regulatory Authorities. Standard & Poor’s CUSIP Service was selected by the NAIC to create, assign, and administer the PPN system primarily for the Insurance Industry.

At the International level there is EPIM [the European Pre-issuance Messaging], which is a central messaging hub linking the parties involved in the Issuance of European Commercial Paper [ECP], including banks, dealers, issuing and paying agents, securities depositories and numbering agencies. EPIM was launched as a cooperative effort by Euroclear, Clearstream International, and DTCC. Omega LLC, a joint venture company owned equally by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation [DTCC] and Thomson Financial, is the leading of complete global trade management services. A unique partnership between the securities Industries leading utility and the commercial sector, Omega is industry-backed and market-oriented. Through its integrated suite of Intelligent Trade Management Solutions SM.

I have the Articles of Incorporation of THE ASSOCIATION of NATIONAL NUMBERING AGENCIES or [ANNA SC] the registered office is located and established at 6, avenue de Schiphol-1140 Brussels – Belgium. The object of ANNA is to maintain and promote the standards of International Standard ISO 6166, as amended from time to time [hereafter “the Standard”]. I bet that this standard # 6166 is the number of a man and His number is 666 and is talked about in Revelations 13; 18 and whose purpose under Article 3 is to carry out any commercial, financial, or civil transactions directly or indirectly related to the objects of ANNA. Under Article 5 ANNA has unlimited Capital through BIS [Bank for International Settlements], CCA, ALEC, WACKENHUT, CORNELL CORRECTIONS, REASON FOUNDATION, DILLION READ VENTURE CAPITOL, SG WARBURG, UBS WARBURG, WARBURG DILLON READ and the PAINE WEBBER GROUP. Under Article 29 ANNA has a list of all public finds, shares, stocks, bonds, and other securities composing ANNA’S Portfolio. I think ANNA is owned by the Order of Jesuits out of Rome Italy, which owns and controls all Prisons, Penal Institutions, and Banks. ANNA also assigns the ISIN [International Securities Identification Number]. The First Character: Category [Equities, Debt Instruments, Rights, Options, Futures, Others]. The Second Character: Group within category e.g. equities into shares, preferred shares etc. The Third to Sixth Character: attributes for further description and grouping.

Why is privatizing prisons so appealing to federal, state, and local governments? As the Nation put it: The selling point was simple: Private companies could build and run prisons cheaper that the governments. Unfettered American Capitalism would produce a better fetter, saving cash-strapped states millions of dollars each year” while simultaneously generating huge profits. The Nation explains this miracle would be accomplished. “Private prisons receive a guaranteed [per diem] fee for each prisoner, regardless of the actual costs. Each dime they don’t spend on food or medical care [for prisoners] or on wages and training for the guards is a dime they can pocket.” Most guards in public prisons belong to the LEOU, which is part of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees AFSCME. I have a pointed question for you, why aren’t we as principals on the Private side of the accounting cycle using our Exemption Priority to discharge all this Public Debt under the Uniform Exemption Act section 3 “Exempt” means protected, and “exemption” means protection, from subjection to a judicial lien, process, or proceeding to collect a debt. The answer is we are all double minded and do not know who we are in a commercial setting. Every individual in Prison is in there, because of Commercial Dishonor. “A person who has doubts is thinking about two different things at the same time and can’t make up his mind about anything” or as the King James version says “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8. Let us regain and claim our honor and status as the Principal with primary responsibility on obligations for discharge on the public and payment on the private. Through our Exemption as Principal, we can use these Standard form 24 Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds Standard Form 25, and Payment Bonds Standard Form 25A issued by GSA under the Comptroller General, to discharge any debts. Bid Bonds are usually purchased by Brokerage Houses, and Insurance Companies.

By legal definition all of your Federal and State “Statutes” are Bonds or Obligations of Record and are represented in the courtroom by the Recognizance Bond, which is a Bond of Record or Obligation for the payment of debt.

A condensed version of what is going on is that the CCA as a corporation, creates or issues stock certificates based on prison population, goods or chattel as they are called in commercial law. The underwriter is the one who buys the stock from the Issuer the CCA with intent to resell it to the public or an entity or person, which is usually an investment banker. The investment banker purchases all or part of the shares of the stock for resale to the public in the form of newly issued investment securities based on the shares of the stock. Brokerage Houses and Insurance Companies Bid on the Investment Securities with a Bid Bond issued by the GSA. The Bid Bond is then Indemnified by a surety company through Performance and Payment Bonds. The Bid, Performance, and Payment Bonds are then underwritten by the Banks as Investment Securities for resale to the public. The Institutional Holders who own most of the Shares are:

1. FMR [Fidelity Management & Research Corporation  3, 084,024 shares at a value of $109,791,254 dollars.

2. Legg Mason Inc. 1,235,563 shares valued at $43,986,042 dollars.

3. Barclays Bank Pic 1, 041,671 shares valued at $37,083,487.

There are seventeen more corporations owning various amounts of shares at varying dollar values. These can be viewed by going to:

The Top Insider & Rule 144 Holders are:

1. Russell, Joseph  V.    64,450 shares as of 2-May-03

2. Ferguson, John D.      40,340 shares as of 2-May-03

3. Quinlan, J. Michael    28,575 shares as of 10-Sep-02

4. Turner, Jimmy          13,817 shares as of 23-May-03

5. Horne, John R.          5,751 shares as of 29-Jun-04

As you can see by the above information, this system permeates every fabric of our society. This treatise represents about 40 hours of brainstorming.

Jean B. Keating

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see Research

see Jean Keating Work Shop Transcript [pdf file]

see Another Jean Keating Transcript [pdf file]

Thursday, 12-Apr-2007 22:01:56 CDT

Jean Keating

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