Perception vs. Reality

Perception is reality - we see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe. If you want to perceive the truth, you have to look with and open mind and dig beneath the surface. There is a big difference between what most of us perceive and the reality of today’s laws and who we are.

We perceive that we have laws and they apply to us.
We perceive that the fiction has authority over us.
We perceive that you were born when you record your birth certificate.
We perceive that you have a Social Security number.
We perceive that you have a Drivers License.
We perceive that the government will provide us with a safety net forever.
We perceive that the money is wealth and has value.
We perceive that we have a constitution and that it applies to us.
We perceive that the government issues God given rights.

The reality is that the laws, that Congress makes, only apply to fictions by a presumed contract.

The reality is wealth is from within, not from the money.
The reality is you were born at conception by an act of God as a son of God.
The reality is that the Strawman has the Social Security number.
The reality is that the Strawman has the Drivers License or any other license.
The reality is that the only guarantee in life is in our own shoes.
The reality is that only we are in control of where we want to be.
The reality is that government only issues privileges that can be given and taken away.

The reality is the only way to become independent in this world is by understanding of who we are and whom we can talk to.

You have a remedy when you Demand all of your Affirmative Defenses without prejudice and Without Dishonor in your answer or response

The UCC 1-103 and FRCP 8 (c) have the language that is your affirmative defenses (Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Edition).

1. Are you the debtor? Mistake.
2. Are you bankrupt? There is no money, they took the gold and silver out and put you in involuntary bankruptcy.
3. Are you the Principal or the agent? The principal is a fiction JOHN B. DOE.
4. Are you speaking as the principal or the agent? Under presumption you are always speaking as the agent.
5. Have they misrepresented themselves? Is that a fraud? The whole system is based on fraud.

Read that UCC 1-103 until it makes sense. To learn it takes repeated exposure by repetition for it to make sense and to understand that just by being a Son of God is a remedy in itself. [they are all sons of Cane]

If the prosecution wins, it will not be something he did, it will be something you do to help him, by you still pretending and perceiving you are the same one with the license. They want to take your license administratively but you have to help him to do that. Administrative determinations are not final, but if you acquiesce, or assent tacitly, or comply quietly then you agree, and that is what they are waiting for you to do so they can have their administrative hearing and make a administrative determination and then send you a notice that they have taken your license, and you sit back a say, I knew all along that is what they would do! If you do not stay in honor and refuse things timely then you acquiesce and lose. This is a game and you have to understand the game or you lose for lack of knowledge and ignorance is no excuse.

Law is the law of the land and the constitution and relates to real people living on the land. Statute law or legal is the law of the sea and has the appearance of being the law but it only applies to fictions, so when you are charged (fictions are the only ones that can be charged [their dead]) You are not chargeable they have to make a claim against you (You have a brain and can think and do thing without following a procedure) Fictions don't have a brain so their agents and actors have to follow a procedure, for their principal, that is a fiction. That is why they operate under color of law by appearance only. That is why the courts can't hear constitutional arguments they were not formed by Article III they were formed by Article I as a legislative tribunal to regulate commerce. When they took the silver and gold out of our money it became commercial paper and came under the commerce clause and congress regulates interstate commerce, through these District [of Columbia] Courts in the states; and gives the Strawman service with a private company called the United States Postal Service.

You went to the Federal Court House to see if there was a Claim against you and there wasn't one. Get a certified letter stating that and send a copy to the Prosecutor and copy to the clerk of court with the Notice of Dishonor, in 10 days.

The Constitution is alive and well for those of the Status that it applied to. The Dread Scott Decision explains that there are those that the constitution does not apply too. [To challenge the constitutionality; the Courts are the only ones that can make that determination under landmark case Marbury vs. Madison (1803)] Are you of the same status as Dread Scott? Well your Strawman is of that same status but that is not you. Only landowners could vote under the constitution, but under the corporation you are voting as a corporate common stock holder. Women couldn’t vote because they couldn’t own land. colored people couldn’t vote cause they couldn’t own land. Indians couldn’t vote cause they couldn’t own land.

You couldn’t vote because you can’t buy land with debt money and that is all we have to trade with and that is a fraud and is misrepresented to everyone and has put you in involuntary bankruptcy because there ain’t no money and without real money there is no real law.

Affirmative defense a Generic definition: One which, assuming the complaint to be true, sets up new matter constituting a defense outside the ordinary scope of denial, e.g. Act of God (You were born as an act of God at conception, the defendant was formed on a government form at birth called a birth certificate)

Affirmative defense from Black’s 6th - In pleading, matter asserted by defendant which assuming the complaint to be true, constitutes a defense to it. A response to a plaintiff’s claim, which attacks the plaintiff’s legal right to bring an action, as opposed to attacking the truth of claim. Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and also under most state rules, all affirmative defenses must be raised in the responsive pleading (answer); such defenses include accord and satisfaction, assumption of risk, contributory negligence, duress, statute of limitations, estoppel, etc. See Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 8 (c) or [The same language is in UCC 1-103 and FRCP 8 (c)]

This is 1-103 and this same language is in FRCP 8 (c):

§ 1-103. Supplementary General Principles of Law Applicable.
Unless displaced by the particular provisions of this Act, the principles of law and equity, including the law merchant and the law relative to capacity to contract, principal and agent, estoppel, fraud, misrepresentation, duress, coercion, mistake, Bankruptcy, or other validating or invalidating cause shall supplement its provisions.

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