Preliminary Work I

from the Errant Sovereign's Handbook

Whether your concern is the I.R.S., property taxes or traffic enforcement, there are a couple of preliminary conditions which must he satisfied before all else. The first is repudiating the evidence of Consent to majority rule (voter registration) on the basis of incomplete disclosure (misrepresentation) and mistake. We will do that with a letter which will function as a Writ of Praecipe. Praecipe requires no seal of any "court," nor the signature of any "court officer" to make it valid. It is a simple Writ used by the sovereign to politely command a servant to perform a duty imposed by Law. The sovereign Elector handles all his affairs of Law with Writs and Affidavits. Writ of Praecipe will operate to take action on any public, elective officer so long as the duty commanded by the Writ is one which belongs to that office.

The letter will also function as a legal notice without citing any political statutes to insure there will be no factual basis for any future claim of "defective process." In case you haven't figured it out yet, disentangling yourself from this monster is somewhat like negotiating your way through a (legal) minefield. So don't change the way this letter is written.

Those of you who are not registered to vote and never have been obviously have no need for this letter but it won't hurt to have the information. Those of you who were previously registered to vote but let it lapse also need not bother with this letter, especially if it were in a different state. However, if you are the meticulous sort and want to make it certain, then go ahead and use the letter. Nothing is changed except you will have to put nunc pro tunc immediately above your signature. This is a Latin legal phrase which means, "now as (it should have been) then." You will also have to change the present tense reference to the voter registration to a past tense reference and give the last known year of registration. Those of you who are currently registered to vote, or were at the last election, and desire to "undo" that will need to customize this letter, adding your own name and particulars.

John Doe
c/o P.O. Box 111
Eugene, Oregon CF[97402]CF

April 11, 2005

Office of the Secretary of State for Oregon State Elections Division/Department Oregon State Seat of Government

RE: Notice & Praecipe; Elector Status Change.


You will please take notice that I recently discovered that there are certain political liabilities which attach to the voter registration/roll which, if they had been fully disclosed to me at the time 1 was induced into the Consent Contract, would have dissuaded me from doing so. For that reason and on that basis, I am hereby repudiating the said Consent contract and rescinding my signature from and Declare void any and all forms, cards and Instruments which may evidence the said mistake.

You will also forthwith please remove my name from the voter roll for Oregon State and any political sub-division thereof as well as notify any and all interested parties of this Elector status change. My individual sovereign Consent is withdrawn and reserved until further notice. No answer to this instruction is required, but acknowledgement of compliance would be appreciated. In the event you are unable or unwilling to comply with this instruction, I shall alternatively require of you evidence of your Article VI Oath of Fidelity as well as the policy number and name and address of the underwriter of your Bond.

Respectfully, __________________ John Doe,
Oregon Elector

cc: Lane County Clerk

The c/o postal service address is so they don't mistake you for the political person mask using your name. That box or street number address belongs to the U.S. Postal Service, not to you. It is a kind of "station stop" number along a designated public right of way. I haven't met anyone yet who actually lives inside their mailbox, have you?

The use of "CF" on both ends of the zip code is strongly advised, but remains your option. It signifies that you regard the number as a constructive fraud and that your use of it is in no way to he taken as a Consent to or acknowledgement of it's validity In Law. It is a jurisdictional precaution that costs you nothing to take. The fact is, the zip code is what you might call a numerical designation for a precinct or suburb of Washington, District of Columbia. It is one of the legal devices that can be used to "prove" that you are subject to the purely political statutes of Congress. When you do not qualify your use of the zip code, you're helping Congress to extend and exercise political power over you that it doesn't otherwise have.

Our Constitution, at article I, Section 8, Clause 17, authorizes the exercise of absolute federal authority but only if you live in or on "Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, Dock-Yards, and other needful ‘Buildings’, and only if such ‘Place’ is purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be..." Unless you live in or on such a "Place”, the use of the zip code is a fraudulent attempt to extend federal authority beyond Constitutional limits. Still, it's your choice. If you have some concern about your letter getting to the intended addressee, not to worry, it will get there. Can you imagine any public functionary or postal employee admitting to not knowing where the Seat of Government for the State is located?

The body of the letter requires little explanation. It suggests that you have been defrauded without actually saying so. If there is anything that is most likely to make a public official nervous, it is the idea that you might put a claim and lien against their bond. In most areas of the country, if this happens they become unbondable, and without that bond, they cannot perform any official function without personal liability. There may be a few who try saying that they are "bonded" by "the government”. That is pure horse-pucky. It is common knowledge that "the government" is broke and incapable of "bonding" anyone, unless the "national debt" has been paid off or cancelled and nobody was told about it.

A copy of the letter is sent to the local county elections functionary (usually the County Clerk) as a courtesy so your name can he removed from the local poll and jury lists.

Your instructions are simple. You mail the originally signed letter to the Secretary of State, addressed as shown, using a Certificate of Mailing slip which can be used to evidence that you actually mailed it. If the letter is not returned to you (undelivered) in a reasonable amount of time, it is legally presumed "delivered”. Do the same with the copy sent to the local elections functionary. Keep a third copy of the letter and the two Certificate of Mailing slips in your own files/records. Should it ever become necessary, that is your proof that you have met all the necessary criteria of withdrawing your general Consent to majority rule and re-claiming that aspect of your sovereign Elector status.

It doesn't matter if your letter is answered or not. If it is, put that in your files/records too. There may come a day when you will need that evidence, so don't be careless with that file/record. Think of it the same way you would an insurance policy.

Please note that "Certificate of Mailing" is not synonymous with "Certified Mail". Those are two different services offered by the postal service. If you are not familiar with the Certificate of Mailing and how it works, just ask your nearest postal counter person. S/he will be happy to explain it to you. This concludes the first preliminary step to be taken.

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