Preliminary Work II

from the Errant Sovereign's Handbook

The second preliminary item is one that most, if not all of you will have to deal with. With this one you have a choice of two alternatives, depending on your individual circumstances and preferences. The choice centers on whether or not you want to pull out of the social security program. Whether you do or don't, you will still need to withdraw the general power of attorney aspect of that contract. We will do that in a very similar fashion to pulling the voter registration Consent. Most of you probably are surprised by the power of attorney aspect, right? That's because you weren't told.

Opening a social security account is not very much different than opening an account at a bank or a department store. Unlike those types of accounts, however, the very nature of the social security account, In Law, implies a voluntary transfer of your general and perpetual power of attorney to the government. By opening a social security account, you authorize government to manage any and all of your legal affairs whether public or private in nature. Those of you who had a social security account opened in your name by your parents or someone else before you were of Lawful adult age will find it exceedingly difficult to repudiate it on the basis of incompetency to Contract due to age. That is because, at the time, you were considered under the care and guardianship of a presumably responsible adult. The acquisition of the social security account by your guardian constituted a transfer of power of attorney to the government and thereby made you a ward of the state.

Certainly there are means In Law to challenge that aspect of it but it is not nearly as easy or simple as one might think. You avoid complications by taking the approach of personal acquisition in the usual manner and using the data provided herein for divestment.

Those of you who are seniors and who have been paying into the social security account for many years would be foolish to toss it all away. However, you do need to void the power of attorney aspect of the Contract. Once that is done, the social security program operates much like any other retirement program. The power of attorney aspect is not necessary to the performance of the basic contract by either party! Its only purpose is to extend an otherwise unwarrantable jurisdiction (compelling political authority) over you. It also gives immunity (from you) to those who have been spending or authorizing the spending of those funds on other things than was originally intended. Once you have taken hack your power of attorney (and the immunity), you might wish to try doing something effective about that irresponsible spending, eh? The purpose of this next letter format is to retract the power of attorney aspect without "closing the account" or canceling the entire contract. The retirement program will remain operative.

John Doe
c/o P.O. Box 111
Eugene, Oregon CF[97402]CF

April 11, 2005

Commissioner of Social Security
Social Security Administration
5401 Security Boulevard
Baltimore, Maryland 21235

RE: Notice & Praecipe, Power of Attorney Cancellation & Divestment; Social Security Acct. No. 272-56-1183


You will please take notice that I recently discovered: 1) that there is a power of attorney Consent attached to the above numbered social security account and 2) that there are certain purely political liabilities and obligations attached to said account which, if either of these two facts had been fully disclosed to me at the time I was induced to authorize the opening of said account in my name, would have most definitely dissuaded me from doing so. It is my further understanding that the power of attorney aspect is not and never was necessary to the performance of the contract between the parties to said social security account. For these reasons and on that basis, I am hereby repudiating, nunc pro tunc, the said power of attorney Consent effective the date of opening of said account. Said power of attorney, whether general, limited, or implied, is hereby expressly withdrawn and reserved until further notice.

You will please take further notice that I am most displeased with the gross mismanagement of the social security trust funds by an irresponsible Congress who have depleted the same to a state of insolvency. Prudence dictates that I must therefore and do hereby declare void any and all forms, cards, documents and Instruments bearing my signature which may evidence my Consent and authorization in connection with the said social security account. I renounce all association with the political person bearing my name and disclaim any and all the purported benefits, liabilities and obligations attached to the said person in connection with said account. I will attend to and provide for my own old age support by alternative Private means.

You will also forthwith please notify any and all interested parties of this Elector status change and action as well as direct/order that all forms, cards, documents and Instruments hearing my signature in connection with said account be amended to well and truly reflect this change. No answer to this instruction is required, but acknowledgement of compliance would he appreciated. In the event you are unable or unwilling to comply with this instruction, I shall alternatively require of you evidence of your Article VI Oath of Fidelity as well as the policy number and name and address of the underwriter of your Bond.


John Doe,
Oregon Elector

cc: file

Now, you're going to have to place your state and local authorities as well as the general public on notice of this change so they may have opportunity to adjust to this new state of affairs. The simplest and least expensive way to do that is to have your local County Clerk record into the miscellaneous records your originally signed letter. They usually won't record copies because they have no way to verify a copy as genuine. Since some locales require it, you should wait and sign the letter in front of the Clerk when you take it in to have it recorded. That public record constitutes legal notice to the world at large. In some places you'll get the letter back after a few minutes of waiting. In other places, you will have to wait until they mail it back to you. Either way is okay. As soon as you have the recorded letter back, make a copy of it for your own file/record and mail the original signed letter to the addressee shown in the format, using a Certificate of Mailing, just as you did with the voter registration letter. Nothing more should be required, whether the letter is answered or not.

This concludes the preliminary steps needed to be taken to withdraw your general Consent to majority rule. All that remains now are the more limited Consents by Contract to specific political statutes, which usually will pertain to a license, etc.

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