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Introducing - Personal Edition

Yes, personal edition! Be the first one in your neighborhood to have a copy of the best resource available for those who are willing to do what it takes to preserve freedom and liberty in the world today! Over six years in the making and available now!

You can order your copy today with a donation and receive the complete website on a DVD / microSDHC card which looks, feels and operates just like the one on the Internet (yes, the one you are visiting now.)

Having on a DVD / microSDHC card will allow you to view items without Internet access; external links will require Internet access to complete.

Something for Consideration...

If you don´t know who you are, someone else will define you.

If you don´t know your rights, then you don´t have any.

Consider: You know more than you think you know and less than you ought to know. (And it never hurts to have ready reference.)

Knowledge is important and regardless of what may happen, it is to your benefit to know how to take care of oneself & family and be prepared.

Why order today?

  • Over 7,200 items on the website and they are on the DVD / microSDHC card.
  • Over 10,800 links to other websites with important information - external links will require Internet access to complete.
  • PLUS, a huge library of select e-books of various subjects, and while they may be located on the Internet they are not on the website - they are readily available on the DVD / microSDHC card!
    (Saves download time, doesn´t leave a download record, and doesn´t use up bandwidth or hard disk space,
  • PLUS, PLUS, a special area [a-cereal-box] that´s not promoted on line - available on the DVD / microSDHC card!
  • Basic full website -- close to 4.2 GB in size on the DVD -- with relating extras, over 10 (ten) GB on the microSDHC card.
  • Just like friend Alex Jones says to do with his DVDs, if you care to do so -- you are authorized to duplicate and distribute copies (without corruption or monetary gain) to your friends, neighbors, any one you think might wake up by having this information.
  • Consider, if ´they´ do flip the switch and shut down the Internet - at least you will still be able to study and learn about things that may serve to keep you from harm. No guarantees - just remember this... Ignorance is curable!

He who has the most confidence controls the event, the people or the situation. Think about it.

Presented here are some articles that seem to support the notion that the Internet may soon be limited / regulated / censored, or even shutdown!

Consider - making Freedom-School ´go viral´ could make the difference between sovereignty (freedom) and servitude in the uncertain times ahead! --- up and running since July 2003!

And, as you may suspect, there is a cost to this - read on...

Countless programming hours have gone into making and maintaining (webmaster´s labors are without nominal compensation.)

A large amount of money has gone into maintaining the website online. While there have been donations over time they have been less than what was needed. Please notice that there is no charge for anything on this website as it is a free speech site.

OK, here´s the deal...

We don´t have a firm notion as to the worth of this DVD / microSDHC card. Some say that the information contained is priceless! Those who have used it realize its worth! There are production and delivery costs to be considered. DVDs / microSDHC cards will be produced on demand and content may be updated and is subject to change without notice, release dates will vary. All orders are considered to be unencumbered gifts unless expressly agreed to be otherwise.

Right now we are going to leave it up to you -- how much is it worth to you? What is it worth to have a copy of the finest and best resource available?

Please Notice: We generally turn-around orders within 24 hours of receipt, however, in these troubled times we will strive to remain doing so - and we may not be able to do so. Rest assured, we will get orders out as soon as we are able.
Thank you in advance for your condsideration and patience.

Use this button and consider what you can afford --- $30 / $40 / $50 / $100 ... {more}.

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You may desire to send your order using regular mail.
Be sure to tell us your shipping address AND your DVD or microSDHC card preference. (DVD is the default.)

Use this mailing address:
c/o Post Office Box 40352
Austin, Texas state uSA 78704-0352

If you choose to send cash be sure to wrap it in foil or dark paper

Money Orders work well.
Please leave the ´Pay To´ space blank.

If you desire to use a check - please make it out to:

" Omega Gold - Freedom School "

[ "Omega Gold" is the private company handling orders and fulfillment. ]

Please Notice: We generally turn-around orders within 24 hours of receipt, however, in these troubled times we will strive to remain doing so - and we may not be able to do so. Rest assured, we will get orders out as soon as we are able.
Thank you in advance for your consideration and patience.

Current release: June, 2023

Thank you for your support


(Are you aware that the FBI wants records kept of Web sites visited?)

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