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Open Records  Government And Computer Manufacturers Caught Installing Hard-Wired Keystroke Loggers Into All New Laptop Computers!

View the contents of those obscured index.dat files and see what information Windows is keeping about you and your Internet activity. All in this free utility! Introducing Index Dat Spy, the quickest and easiest way to view the contents of your index.dat files.

The KeyGhost Hardware Keylogger is a tiny plug-in device that records every keystroke typed on any PC computer.

"MagicJackTM" avoid it like the plague

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...aprophical, prophetical, propaganda, or just plain B.S.?


New Unified Command Plan Spells Out Responsibilities,  Missions
H.R. 645: To Direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to Establish National Emergency Centers  on Military Installations

FEMA Concentration Camps  BACKGROUND      MAP
FEMA: National Level Exercise 2023 (NLE 09)
Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura: Police State
Singapore fighter pilots to train in Idaho desert, story  A   /    B    /    C    /    D

"Armed Revolution Possible, Not So Difficult"

ACLU wants probe into police-staged DNC protest denverpost.com
Troops To Be Used as US Policemen Troops To Be Used as US Policemen
Guardsmen to conduct urban training at  Arcadia, Iowa
DoD Civilian Expeditionary Workforce  DIRECTIVE 1404.10
Veterans a Focus of FBI Extremist Probe

Digital TV: Mind Control by the  Sound of Silence    (a. MORE) (b. MORE)
Domestic Torture via Radiation Weaponry: America’s Horrific Shame
Digital Broadcast  Warning Against Adverse Health Effects from the Operation of  Digital Broadcast
The Ground-Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) System A   /    B
FBI Law Enforcement Bullet FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin April 2008

Death of Free Internet is Imminent- Canada Will Be Test Case

Lessons from Argentina´s Economic Collapse
The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor

"How It All Ends" Expansion Pack: Index

More Americans Believe in the Devil, Hell and Angels than in Darwin´s Theory of Evolution  read about it here

Dr. Jack Wheeler: None Dare Call It Fascism

Open Records  About Open Records
Curses, FOIAed Again
*FOIA Resources*
31 CFR Part 1
Guide to Treasury Records
Social Security FOIA
All The Government´s Information
Bureau of Public Debt FOIA  /  response
Memorandum For The Heads Of Executive Departments And Agencies, signed by  BARACK OBAMA
(Follow up) Obama´s Broken Promise: Federal Agencies Not More Transparent Under Obama Administration

On October 26, 2023, a Denver Post editorial expressed shock that the Obama administration, after promising to be especially transparent, was proposing changes to the Freedom of Information Act that would allow it to go beyond declaring some documents secret and to actually allow government agencies to declare some document “non-existent.”
The Denver Post Editorial: Proposed FOIA rule changes seek to keep citizens in dark

Mansion security report could remain secret  Mansion security report could remain secret, notice highlighted text
sample letter to legislator
on the discharge of debt  on the discharge of debt Microchips Everywhere - a Future Vision  Microchips Everywhere - a Future Vision
Tommy Thompson to get RFID implant
RFID Can Have "Hazardous" Impact On Hospital Equipment
Mexican Embed Chips to Help Track Kidnap Victims  Embedded Chips Help Track Kidnap Victims
(also see  REAL ID)
Legal Research Sources North American Union Fact Sheet  North American Union Fact Sheet Media Democracy in Action Project Censored
Using the Delphi Technique
Lee Iococca: Where have all the leaders gone?  Lee Iococca: Where have all the leaders gone? Photographer´s Rights Page Photographer Rights The Photographers Right
Authors are not affiliated with F S
Law For Photographers PhotoSecrets
Photographers Face Ejection Over Lenses
GAO credit card report  GAO Credit Card Report
The housing crisis hits home. U.S. Heading For Financial Trouble?
The Fannie and Freddie doomsday scenario
Predatory lending industry has a partner in the White House
Cincinnati Group Sues Over Homes
Foreclosure Machine Thrives on Woes  Foreclosure Machine Thrives on Woes
Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt  Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt
When owning isn’t better  When owning isn’t better - The New Yorker  Banks Lose to Deadbeat Homeowners as Loans Sold in Bonds Vanish   Banks Lose to Deadbeat Homeowners as Loans Sold in Bonds Vanish
Mortgage ruling could shock U.S. banking industry
FDIC Gathers List of 90 Banks Nearing Failure
redRESS or REVOLUTION  redRESS or REVOLUTION Changes at a Price  Changes at a Price From the April 2007 Idaho Observer
A Declaration of Independence From Israel  A Declaration of Independence From Israel

Woe unto you lawyers, by Fred Rodell Woe unto you lawyers, by Fred Rodell

Tommy K. Cryer
Tommy K. Cryer<Biographic Summary  Biographic Summary
Tommy K. Cryer, WorldNetDaily: IRS loses challenge  WorldNetDaily: IRS loses challenge
Bufkin Mandamus  Bufkin Mandamus see, more
Taxes for Revenue Are Obsolete  Taxes for Revenue Are Obsolete The Federal Reserve System   The Federal Reserve System World´s Largest English Language News Service  World´s Largest English Language News Service
Dome home  Dome home
F S is not affiliated with manufacturer.
On State Citizenship  On State Citizenship Plan to use US...   Plan to use US...
INCLUDE, INCLUDES, INCLUDING  INCLUDE, INCLUDES, INCLUDING Nancy Grant Press Release  Nancy Grant Press Release Persistence of Myths  Persistence of Myths Could Alter Public Policy Approach
Parker v. District of Columbia  Parker v. District of Columbia Police State USA - Florida Student Assaulted by Police  Police state USA: Student assaulted and tasered by police    video   ...rest of the story

Many live and die with injustice  Many live and die with injustice
Cops Caught Beating Motorists
VIDEO story
Martial Law: A License to Loot, a Permit to Plunder
The Police State Road Map
Texas Rules of Civil Procedure  on-line
How Television Controls And Programs Minds How Television Controls  And Programs Minds
Who do you trust, me or that gadget?
Anti-government trends 2006 Anti-government  trends 2006 Ten Minute Mentor
By Rush Limbaugh  By Rush Limbaugh Practical Legal Education Practical Legal Education,  part one 33 Senators Voted Against English as America´s Official Language, June 6, 2007  33 Senators Voted Against English as America´s Official Language.
Immigration Data
The Most IMPORTANT Video You´ll Ever See Part  1 of 8
2 of 8
3 of 8
4 of 8
5 of 8
6 of 8
7 of 8
8 of 8
VIDEO: Demographic Problem Demographic Problem

With 1 in 5 Americans out of work,
Obama issues over a million green cards.
Timeline of Population Control County Officials Claim Courts Are A Private Enterprise  County Officials Claim Courts Are A Private Enterprise Legal Opinion Liberty Dollar Raid  Legal Opinion  Liberty Dollar Raid Richard H. Timberlake, Jr., PhD, Opinion Liberty Dollar Raid  Gestapo raid...
Commentary on the raid
A few thoughts on the "Liberty Dollar"?
U.S. Plans To Screen All Who Enter or Leave Country  U.S. Plans To Screen All Who Enter or Leave Country House vote on illegal images sweeps in Wi-Fi, Web sites  House vote on illegal images sweeps in Wi-Fi, Web sites 4 States Pledge to Enhance Driver´s License Security
Real ID information
The Earth is NOT Moving! The holy grail of data its Domesday, online.  The holy grail of data its Domesday, online.
Direct to book
Reference Material
Exposé by Pharmaceutical Company  Whistle-Blower? FBI Prepares Vast Database Of Biometrics  FBI Prepares Vast Database Of Biometrics
Biometric database to be  formed in Israel
Israel Pushes Biometric Database Initiative
FBI´s Hoover planned mass U.S. jailings  FBI´s Hoover planned mass U.S. jailings: report
War, circa 2008, so?  War, circa 2008, so? (ongoing)
Bush Administration´s 935 Lies to Iraq War
search at relating database here
Stopping The Next Pearl Harbor...
10 False Flags that Changed the World
America In Distress, Jon Roland  email from Jon Roland
Stanley Hilton INTERVIEW  Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?  Why Did The Chicken  Cross The Road? They Rule
 Google’s Gatekeepers  Google’s  Gatekeepers
 A Paper Trail for Voting Machines  A Paper Trail for  Voting Machines  Food Allergies Stir a Mother to Action  Food Allergies  Stir a Mother to Action
 Mr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde - Which is FEMA?   Mr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde - Which is FEMA?
Rex 84: FEMA´s Blueprint for Martial Law in America
FEMA Camps  FEMA Camps
Halliburton Confirms Concentration  Camps Already Constructed
NWO´s plan for America:  Death Camps?

FEMA Concentration Camps  BACKGROUND      MAP
Judge: Man can´t be forced to divulge encryption passphrase. New Generation of Homeless Vets Emerges  New Generation of Homeless Vets Emerges Prosecutor Quashes Charges Against Judge  Prosecutor Quashes Charges Against Judge
How Democracy Produced a Monster  How Democracy Produced a Monster Naomi Wolf - The End of America Naomi Wolf:  The End of America
Give Me Liberty
Living democracy Living democracy
Living democracy The chief enemies of republican freedom are...
Naomi Wolf on the Colbert Report
545 People Responsible For America´s Woes  545 People Responsible For America´s Woes
Charley Reese is not affiliated with Freedom School.
Cell phone towers of doom.
Find an Antenna
911 now pinpoints some cell phone callers
Civil Rights Groups Sue Over Government´s Cell-Phone Tracking
Cell Phone Spying: Is Your Life Being Monitored?
List of Reported Telemarketing Numbers
Phone Number Comments
Do Not Call Registry gets glowing reviews
  FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo mapping  FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo mapping...
Mac Notebook Catches Suspects In Laptop Theft
Computer scientists scour your holiday photos  Computer scientists scour your holiday photos
FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo mapping  Speak to me nicely and I´ll tell you who you are
1 in 100 US adults incarcerated Report: 1 in 100 US adults incarcerated
Prison Nation
Prison Facts
Prison Population Hits All-Time High
Slavery and Involuntary Servitude
Foreign Companies Face Risk of US Court Corruption
RIGHTS and WRONG Independent truckers see end of the road  Independent truckers see end of the road 900,000 Names on U.S. Terror Watch Lists  900,000 Names on U.S. Terror Watch Lists
Airline passenger bill of rights struck down
Rahm Emanuel Speaks VIDEO
SMIAC Report  SMIAC Report
Microsoft´s Top 5 internal e-mails The $2 Trillion Nightmare - New York Times New York Times  The $2 Trillion Nightmare
Row over Madoff ´fraud´ blunders
Open Letter To Rogue Cops
Overcharged: Pumps Cheat Drivers Overcharged:  Pumps Cheat Drivers UN rejects water as basic human right UN rejects water as  basic human right. Women’s attractiveness judged by software   Women’s attractiveness judged by software.
New technology... measures smiles.
Logo Can Make You ´Think Different´  Logo Can Make You ´Think Different´
Fresh scent may hide  toxic secret
poll  Poll shows that Americans are unsure about their economic future
relating video here
Every Click You Make  Every Click You Make
FBI´s Net surveillance proposal raises privacy, legal concern
FBI Targets Internet Archive With  Secret ´National Security Letter´, Loses

‘Freedom’ is just another empty word

Researchers say notification laws in US not lowering ID theft

Google blog  We knew the web was big...

satellite enters orbit  Google-focused satellite enters orbit

film-style ratings  Web sites could get film-style ratings

Uproar in Australia Over Plan to Block Web Sites  Uproar in Australia Over Plan to Block Web Sites
Security Absurdity
UK Banking Law Blames Customers For Insecure OS
Only Eight Percent of Americans are ´Very Confident´ Their Personal Data is Safe
 Want To Rule The World   Want To Rule The World  Bush Beats Truman Record for Boos   Bush Beats Truman Record for Boos
Email tells delegates to applaud -- and stay out of politics at RNC convention Email tells delegates  how act at RNC convention  Lawyer is found in contempt  Lawyer is found in contempt Jeremiah Wright  Jeremiah Wright, patriot
US veterans sue over ´poor care´  US veterans sue over  ´poor care´ Pastors Must Be Ordained By The IRS  Pastors Must Be  Ordained By The IRS

Hospitals to Patients:  Pay Us Now, or We Won’t Treat You
Japan Hunger Becomes A Dire Warning For Other Nations  Japan Hunger Becomes A Dire Warning For Other Nations
Tensions rise as world faces short rations
food rationing  Food Rationing Confronts...
Breadbasket of the World
Egypt shuts off cell anonymity
Behind the food riots a debate on how best to farm Behind the food riots  debate on how best to farm.
Causes of the world food crisis
Summit targets global food crisis  Summit targets global food crisis
Nano-foods future or fiction?
Nano-foods: The next consumer scare?
Drug-Infused Nanoparticles Stop Cancer From Spreading
Solar Revolution and the End of Big Energy And the winner is...  And the winner is...    Gas Price´s Unlikely Victims
The Energy Non Crisis by Lindsey Williams  The Energy Non Crisis
Pentagon Scientists Fear Brain-Modified Foes  9/11, Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics   9/11, Deep State Violence and the Hope of Internet Politics Banned in America - articles
Slavery to Slave - America and the United States  Slavery to Slave - America and the United States US Special Forces counterinsurgency manual FM 31-20-3 - Wikileaks What Ever Happened to (the Good Kind of) States’ Rights?   What Ever Happened to (the Good Kind of) States’ Rights?
Printer dots raise privacy concerns  Printer dots raise  privacy concerns How You Became A Commodity-  The Creation of Constructive Trusts Unrepentant on Facebook? Expect jail time   Unrepentant on Facebook? Expect jail time
Synthetic Environments for Analysis and Simulation  Synthetic Environments for Analysis and Simulation
Government weighs the worth of human life
Private Spooks in American Politics Relatives of televangelist prosper
Discover the British Library´s award-winning  Turning the Pages Dogs rescue baby girl  Dogs rescue baby girl Lawmaker Defends Mexican Insult  Lawmaker Defends Mexican Insult
Amateur videos capture  controversial NYPD actions Now the citizen snoope  Now the citizen snoope Dr. Deagle Interviews John Bancore
   The Temples Of Baal Pennsylvania rocked by  ´jailing kids for cash´ scandal Crime to Be Poor  Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor?
Who was Thomas Paine Who was  Thomas Paine    What Would Patrick Henry  Say Today?
Top Censored Media  Stories of 2023 50 Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Are Almost  Too Crazy To Believe Thy Weapon of War
Middle Class in America Is Shrinking      

- - - concerning Walter Burien - - -
Colin Powell leaks real reason for SSN  Colin Powell leaks real reason for SSN Transcript: Powell on Fox News Sunday  Transcript: Powell on Fox News Sunday 6/17/2001 Walter Burien  CAFR - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
CAFR Network

Concerning the 13th Amendment
Laws of Virginia 1819  Copy of 1819 book showing original 13th amendment, ver. A Laws of Virginia 1819  Copy of 1819 book showing original 13th amendment, ver. B The "Missing 13th Amendment" and "Titles of Nobility"
The "Missing" 13th Amendment 13th Amendement Facts  13th Amendement Facts On the 13th Amendment  On the 13th Amendment
excerpts from Executive Legal Adviser, from the editors of Texas Lawyer
Guns in the workplace  Can Guns Be Kept out of the Workplace? Trademark Protection Problems  Trademark Protection Problems Employee Termination Mistakes  Employee Termination Mistakes
Patent Pirates  Patent Pirates Patriot Act  ...on the Patriot Act Texas Family Code  Employers and the Texas Family Code
Trends in Immigration Law  Trends in Immigration Law Business Be Prepared  Business Be Prepared Protection Against Retaliation  Protection Against Retaliation
Executive Legal Adviser, EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
May / June 2006  May / June 2006 July / August 2006  July / August 2006 September / October 2006  September / October 2006
May / June 2007  May / June 2007
Executive Legal Adviser, The Reading List
May / June 2006  May / June 2006 July / August 2006  July / August 2006 May / June 2007  May / June 2007

Privacy: Agencies Struggle to redact Personal Data from Online Public Documents
Texas Attorney General Helps Protect Texans From Identity Theft
Judge lets privacy advocate keep Social Security numbers on Website  Judge lets privacy advocate keep Social Security numbers on Website
Tech Staff Admit They´d Steal Secrets If Laid Off  Tech Staff Admit They´d Steal Secrets If Laid Off
I Want to Believe...
Solar Mythology - Origins of Religious Belief  Solar Mythology - Origins of Religious Belief God Is Real  God Is Real the Freeman Perspective with Michael Tsarion  the Freeman Perspective with Michael Tsarion
"Dark Space Waits for the Light to be Born"  COLDIMENSION    

Theodore Roosevelt´s ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907, ´In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person´s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn´t an American at all . We have room for but one flag, the American flag.. We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.

Wikipedia is a US Gov´t Fraud
How US Agents Can Embed in Wikipedia, Plant Propaganda, Delete Facts, Deceive and Attack Citizens - Wikipedia and the CIA
Now Proven by Research on Wired News!

A History Timeline of Population Control

An Educational Question An Educational  Question

Revolting Judges by JUNE WISNIEWSKI
Fearful of a growing backlash from the public against arbitrary, prejudiced, and even malicious judgments that are protected by judicial immunity, judges have banded together under government sponsorship to devise means of defending themselves from aggrieved and increasingly militant pro-se litigants.

The Anti-Government Movement Handbook is a training manual for judges and court staff against pro-se litigants, published in 1999 by the National Center for the State Courts (NCSC) in Williamsburg, Virginia. This book, along with Dealing With Common Law Courts: A Model Curriculum for Judges and Court Staff, published in 1997 by NCSC, was developed from an Institute for Course Management (ICM) course on dealing with common law courts, held in Scottsdale, Arizona, February 5-7, 1997.
The Author: June Wisniewski is a legal researcher and journalist in Reno, Nevada, and can be reached at renojune@judicialterrorism.com. She has written a number of articles on judicial subjects and is author of the book, The Coffin Chasers: An Aggrieved Litigant´s Journey Through the Corrupt World of Probate. The source of this article is the January 5, 2001 issue of the Idaho Observer (). The text has been modified by reformating and other nonconsequential editing and is noted as such at the request of the author. The subject matter is the basis of another book by Wisniewski, Unequal Justice: The Inside Story of the National Judicial College.
In 2006, the American Bar Association issued a manual, Countering the Critics; Q&E Guide, that instructs judges on how to respond to complaints about the lack of accountability and other "hot-button" issues they are likely encounter from critics of the American court system.

NOTICE: Unless otherwise stated, Freedom School Is Not Affiliated With Any Of The Above Presented Entities.

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