Are You A Socialist?

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Are You A Socialist?

As you may be aware, the Coalition's beliefs are grounded in exposing the American political system for what it is—which is—Hard Core Socialist. Furthermore—as socialism is the vehicle for communism—we stand on the principle that America is basically communist.

We make this assertion, not based on what the media and others have got Americans to conceive communism is, but what is applied in America (by fact - in law) found in the document drafted by Karl Marx entitled the Communist Manifesto (1848). Application of its principles is the only way one can understand what communism truly is. Accordingly, one should read it to understand such principles. In relation to this: one must understand that what Russia, China and Cuba lived or live under may just be an extreme version of it.

Of course, as many have not had first hand experience to witness any such governments, we cannot truly say what their versions were and/or are; it must be observed that such governments are more in the realm of severe or extreme fascism.

In other words: you must understand that you should not trust what you see and hear on the television. Such "leftist" ideals have been, and are still being, implemented in America by people that refer to themselves as liberals or socialists. Even these people do not understand that they are actually communists, as a matter of fact and law. The conditioning, or brainwashing if you will, has been well executed.

In actuality: American "communism" is a well devised scheme. The "New World Order" is grounded in communism (see Communist Manifesto -Plank 10); that is to say—the schools are needed to be controlled by the government so that the teaching of God can be readily suppressed. Accordingly, as you are probably well aware, the "federal" government does not allow the practice of honoring God in the Public Schools in America . Note that the Public Schools is where the conditioning for the constructing of Human Resources is done.

In further relation to this: many have seen the Great Seal on the One Dollar Bill. Underneath the seal it states the following "Novus Ordo Suclorum", which means the New Secular Order. Please be aware that secularism is necessary for true communism to be accomplished. Spirituality, or reverence to God and His word, cannot have a place in a socialist or communist society.

In further reference to American money: it is ventured that the phrase "In God We Trust" means that the "New Secular Order" fully understands that God has created people to be natural born sinners—hence such Order may sway people to into materialism, and accordingly—Debt. As you are hopefully aware in the eyes of God materialism is a sin, as is debt. The simple formula is—take God away from people— they can be led into sin—the result: Slavery.

Note that this article just touches on matters that will determine whether you are a socialist. The Capitalists have devised this plan well through the dogma of the Communist Manifesto. That is why that Karl Marx said that socialism is necessary for the execution of communism. The government offering doles (i.e. adult baby-sitting service) is the general foundation for socialism. Socialism is simply—Government Dependency. Through taxation, you are paying for schooling for everyone so that the "Capitalists" may have proficient "Human Resources" to create a profit for them. But please understand—This is just one or the primary facet of the diabolical plan. In American, the mixture of "Capitalism" with "Communism" has allowed the Bankers to make continuous profit from the people. This in turn makes tacit slaves of Americans.

In view of these instant matters: If it makes you feel better—you can use the lesser of the two evils in reference to yourself—you may refer to yourself as a socialist. You may not believe that you are such a person- but living under the America governmental system—that is what you are. Actually, the Coalition rather say that you are a communist. Again, in sense, the two go hand-in-hand. However, please understand that the true communists are the ones that you have elected to govern you—You are the socialist being governed by them.

To help you understand the foregoing synopsis, the following definitions are evidenced from American Heritage Dictionary:

so·cial·ist , n. 1. An advocate of socialism. 2. Often Socialist. A member of a political party or group that advocates socialism.

so·cial·ist . 1. Of, promoting, or practicing socialism. 2. Socialist. Of, belonging to, or constituting a socialist party or political group.

so·cial·ism , n. 1.a. A social system in which the means of producing and distributing goods are owned collectively and political power is exercised by the whole community. b. The theory or practice of those who support such a social system. 2. The building of the material base for communism under the dictatorship of the proletariat in Marxist-Leninist theory.

Note that "socialism" is a social system in which the means of producing and distributing goods are owned collectively and political power is exercised by the whole community. This may seem not to be what is applied in America , but it is to a degree via the public stock system controlled by the federal government. Before the system under the fourteenth amendment governmental system was established, these matters were private and no government intervention.

In the governmental system in America prior to the fourteenth amendment of the United States Constitution, which again installed a new system, the political power in America was grounded in local government that extended outward from the counties of each State—Republican. Now it is inverted Democracy. Accordingly, today's so-called "Democracy" is nothing more than political control by the masses, which is Socialism. In the true Republican system the only people that got involved in State affairs ('State' meaning government) were the ones that were in business i.e. commercial enterprise. The "common law" governed the people in their local—individual communities—there was no State interference in nearly all matters. The part where it states that everything is owned collectively is done through taxation.

The land or property that you believe that you own is in joint-tenancy. If you do not believe this look at your paperwork that has come from the State in relation to your property: it most likely states that you are a "Tenant in Common". A "tenant" is one that does not own what he lives on or in—he is fundamentally a resident (thing) or a serf. The use of the word "common" means that everyone in the state (or the "State") owns your property—that is how it is taxed. Such is the true essence of communism (see Communist Manifesto -Plank 1 & 9).

Granted, one that owns property has the first right of disposal; but this is just part of the illusion that allowed communism to be established in America . The stock market allows one to have a part in owning a part of production (an illusion) of the American "communist" community. Such system operates on the illusion that you own part of a company—but utilizes the funny-money that is put out by the Federal Reserve System, which represents debt; accordingly, the owners of the Federal Reserve continually make money in this endeavor. Another thing to note that is: the federal government taxes your inheritance (see Communist Manifesto -Plank 3). Under the original system of government, the federal government had not the power to do this.

In parallel relation: A person in ancient Egypt was a Vassal, and a person under a feudal system of law is considered a Serf. Ergo: Slave and Dependent, respectively. Americans are fundamentally both. Socialism is the main ingredient for this to be proficiently accomplished.

Now, below is the established rule-of-thumb that may suitably applied to determine the true characteristics of the Socialist Creatures:

1) A socialist is a person who likes to tell other people what to do. Such a person believes he knows better than all others, thus such a person likes to impose his will on other people and works diligently to achieve his goals. He uses others as tools to achieve the goals he desires; in most cases such a person uses people's emotions to get his way and will lie, cheat and steal to impose his unjust will and prejudices. All such actions generally encompass some form of objective to be achieved by such a person.

A person of this socialist variety is inherently an oppressor.

2) A socialist is a person that likes to take from society to benefit himself. Such a person really does not have the fortitude to work hard for what he desires and wants others to provide it for him. As such a person is of a weak minority, he must group with others and harass his society to obtain what he wants.

Thus as a rule, such a person is willing to take from people he does not even know and is a burden to society at large.

This particular variety of socialist is generally used as a tool by the faction that is of the dictatorial variety. Accordingly, the nature of the relationship is reciprocal—that is to say—one will use the other to achieve or receive what the other desires.

The first illustration is the one's that govern. Of course they know better than you or I. They are the one's that govern you and that implement the likes of the Communist Manifesto. One could say that they are the factual communists. The latter—socialists—are the one's that expect government to take care of them. They like to be coddled and told what to do. They do not want to be responsible to God and others for their actions—they want an adult baby-sitter.

In view of this: if you would look at the demographics from any Presidential election you will find that the cities are Democrats (most 'not' land owners). The Rural areas tend to be Republican i.e. The Republicans pay for the Democrats i.e. Both parties fuel one another. The natural system (as was originally established) has ultimately been reversed so that the independent people are now paying for the training, and supporting, the lower classes. Such is general foundation of communism (as set forth in the Communist Manifesto, 1848).

This all benefits the Elite so that they make a more ample profit. Please understand that this is nothing new. In the 1700's Jean Jacques Rousseau stated:

"Under bad governments, this equality is only apparent and illusory: it serves only to keep the pauper in his poverty and the rich man in the position he has usurped. In fact, laws are always of use to those who possess and harmful to those who have nothing: from which it follows that the social state is advantageous to men only when all have something and none too much." -- Jean Jacques Rousseau.

In essence: even though it was before so-called communism was established, Rousseau stated it was bad. This proves that history repeats itself. In this case it just took on a different name.

Simply put: It was government babysitting then—it is government babysitting now. It is all a plan for the "Ruling Elite" to enslave you.

All-in-All, today author radio talk show host Tony Brown summed it up best in his book that is entitled " Empower the People " wherein he stated:

"The Communists are the Capitalists and. . .

the Capitalists are the Communists."

SO—Are you a Socialist? Or, should we say—A Slave.

YES—Ignorance is truly Bliss in the Secular (Socialist) World—And so is Slavery!

But don't worry about it. . . SATAN LOVES YOU!

A quick trip around Hannity's America...
By Sean Hannity, Friday, March 27, 2023

Barack Obama promised change, and many Americans are certain he is bringing it! An Investors Business Daily poll released Wednesday asked Americans if they agree that the U.S. is evolving into a socialist state, and here are the disturbing results: 39 percent — over one third of Americans — said yes! That's up from 25 percent in late August.

Not only that, but talk of the president's radical economic policies is making its way into popular culture. Late-night comedian Jay Leno decoded the president's euphemistic language this way:

JAY LENO, HOST, "THE TONIGHT SHOW": The country of China is going to be doing a Broadway-style play based on Karl Marx's book on communism. A play based on communism. You know, that's where capitalism is replaced by the government taking over control of all private industry. Or as we call it in this country: stimulus package.


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